Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2147 - 2147 Seclusion

2147 Seclusion

“If you have servants, they can help you deal with many things,”

Princess Scarlet Rainbow said, “For us, we might be in seclusion most of the time. Outer sect disciples also get a spirit herb garden. Although it’s not big, we need someone to take care of it. It’s best to leave it to the servants.”

“If there’s any news or trivial matters, you can leave it to the servants. For example, the servants can collect the 1,000 Essence Spirit Stones distributed by the Essence Spirit Pavilion every year.”

Su Zimo flipped through the ancient book in his hands and pointed to one of the pages. “It says here that the Essence Spirit Stones distributed by the Essence Spirit Pavilion each year can also be withheld temporarily and stored in the Essence Spirit Pavilion.”

“I can collect everything at one go only when I need it.”

Princess Scarlet Rainbow asked, “What will you cultivate with if that’s the case?”

Su Zimo smiled and did not explain.

Back on the Dragon Abyss Star, the dragon girl he encountered gave him a storage bag with 10,000,000 Essence Spirit Stones—it was enough for him to cultivate for 3,000 years!

At the very least, he would not lack Essence Spirit Stones for the next thousand years.

He was the Green Lotus True Body and there was a high chance that some phenomenon would be leaked when he cultivated. It was inconvenient to have servants by his side.

Princess Scarlet Rainbow persuaded him for a while more but Su Zimo rejected her politely and went straight to his residence.

There were tens of thousands of outer sect disciples in Heaven and Earth Academy.

Even so, the treatment of every outer sect disciple was better than inner sect disciples of other earth or black-grade sects!

Su Zimo’s residence was located at the foot of a beautiful mountain peak. Beside it was a waterfall that fell from the skies, forming a lake shrouded by clouds. The surroundings were filled with lush greenery.

In fact, there were even squirrels and mystical demon beasts such as cranes roaming in the vicinity.

The demon beasts were not afraid of humans. Even for ferocious beasts, they did not attack cultivators with identity badges of the academy.

The residence of outer sect disciples was not simple either.

There was a gigantic courtyard, rooms for cultivation, pill refinement and weapon refinement as well as a resting place for servants…

Outside the residence was a huge medicinal field where spirit herbs and immortal herbs could be planted at will.

Su Zimo entered the courtyard and injected Essence Qi into his identity badge.

The patterns on the identity badge suddenly shone brightly and entered every corner of the courtyard.

Thereafter, the glow on the identity badge gradually faded.

It was recorded in the sect manual that if someone stayed in the courtyard, there would be a distinct barrier and restriction. Without the owner’s permission, cultivators of the same sect would not be able to barge in.

Su Zimo entered the cultivation room and assumed a lotus position, letting out a long breath.

Ever since he ascended, it was only at this moment that he had truly settled down. He no longer had to flee everywhere or worry that a calamity would descend upon him at any moment.

As one’s cultivation grew, the difficulty of cultivating would increase as well.

If nothing unexpected happened in the next thousand years, Su Zimo had a chance of breaking through to the Level 7 Earth Essence realm or even cultivating to the peak of a Grade 7 Earth Immortal!

Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom, library.

The plain-robed woman had already returned from Coiling Dragon Mountain Range and was flipping through an ancient book.

Before long, hurried footsteps could be heard coming from behind her.

Without turning back, the plain-robed woman could guess who it was.

In this library, this particular younger brother of hers was the only one who could be so unruly.

“S-Sister! I heard that there’s news of Su Zimo?!”

Before he arrived, a voice sounded, breaking the tranquility of the library.

Frowning slightly, the woman turned around and saw a man with sharp brows and starry eyes striding over. There was a sharp glint in his eyes and he had a domineering aura!

It was the most famous monster incarnate of Divine Firmament Mainland in the past 100,000 years, Prince Yun Ting!

When Yun Ting saw the anger on the woman’s face, he quickly realized something and smiled embarrassedly, whispering, “Sister, don’t scold me. I’ll just lower my voice.”

Loud voices were not allowed in the library.

Yun Ting had been lectured by his sister many times because of this.

However, when he heard the news of Su Zimo this time round, Yun Ting was so excited that he forgot about it and ran over excitedly.

The plain-robed woman’s expression softened as she sized up Yun Ting. She nodded and said, “You’ve gained quite a bit from this seclusion. You’ve broken through to the Heaven Essence realm.”

“Of course. Don’t you know who I am?”

Yun Ting raised his head and said proudly, “What’s Su Zimo’s cultivation realm now? He must be many realms behind me by now, right?!”

“He’s a Grade 6 Earth Immortal now. In terms of cultivation speed, he’s slightly inferior to you,” The plain-robed woman said.

Yun Ting chuckled. “A Grade 6 Earth Immortal? His cultivation speed is already very fast. However, against an opponent like me, he has no choice but to submit in the future.”

“I’m not finished yet. You have nothing to be proud of,”

The plain-robed woman said, “The reason why you cultivated faster than him is because you only specialize in the Sword Dao and inherited two secret classics of the Sword Dao. You possess such opportunities as well as the endless resources of our Immortal Kingdom.”

“As for him, he can only depend on himself and was hunted constantly with his life in danger. Your starting points are different. It’s hard to say who’s better.”

“If it was in a different environment, he might not be inferior to you.”

Yun Ting was indignant and was naturally upset. Just as he was about to argue, the plain-robed woman continued, “Furthermore, there’s no need for cultivators to compete in cultivation speed.”

“Also, you’ve cultivated too quickly in the Earth Essence realm and your foundation is unstable. There’s a high chance that this will be a hidden ailment in the future.”

Yun Ting said, “That’s right, there’s indeed no need to compete in cultivation speed. However, if I fight him again, he won’t be a match for me.”

“That’s not for sure,”

The plain-robed woman shook her head. “If you guys battle in the same cultivation realm, the outcome between you and him will be indeterminate.”


Yun Ting waved his hand. “When I was a Grade 7 Earth Immortal, I defeated all the Earth Immortal experts of the four immortal sects. Although I did not take part in the fight for the Earth Ranking, if I claim to be the second strongest Earth Immortal, who would dare claim they’re the first?! What rights does Su Zimo have?!”

The plain-robed woman smiled and recounted the events of the Immortal Sect Selection.

Yun Ting’s eyes lit up when he heard that. There was no fear in them. Instead, the fighting spirit in his eyes intensified!

When the plain-robed woman saw that, she nodded to herself.

Her younger brother’s defeat in the Emperor’s Tomb back then did not affect him. Instead, it tempered his Dao Heart even more!

The main reason why Yun Ting did not take part in the fight for the Earth Ranking was because he was already publicly acknowledged as the number one Earth Immortal in the entire Divine Firmament Mainland!

When he was a Grade 7 Earth Immortal, he could sweep through the four immortal sects.

Who would be a match for him when he cultivated to become a Grade 9 Earth Immortal?

However, at that moment, Yun Ting felt a sense of regret.

If he had known earlier, he would have suppressed his cultivation realm and made a breakthrough later.

That way, he could fight Su Zimo again at the 10,000 Year Meet!

Right now, he had already cultivated to the Heaven Immortal realm and could no longer take part in the fight for the Earth Ranking at the 10,000 Year Meet.

Suddenly, Yun Ting burst into laughter. “It’s fine, I’ll wait for him at the Divine Firmament Immortal Meet! At that time, I’ll fight him for the Heaven Ranking!”