Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2145 - 2145 Outer Sect Disciples

2145 Outer Sect Disciples

The Immortal Sect Selection continued and it was Prince Yun Lei’s turn.

Although all four immortal sects wanted him, he pondered for a long time and chose Mountain Sea Immortal Sect.

For Prince Yun Lei, it did not matter which immortal sect he chose. The only thing he had to take note of was to avoid Heaven and Earth Academy.

That was because Su Zimo had joined Heaven and Earth Academy.

If he were to join the academy as well, he would be suppressed by Su Zimo for a long time to come.

That was difficult for him to accept.

Prince Yun Lei did not realize that he had subconsciously believed that he could not surpass Su Zimo.

Without anyone interfering, the Immortal Sect Selection was successfully completed and ended quickly.

The four immortal sects left Coiling Dragon Mountain Range with the disciples they recruited this time round and returned to their sects.

Although the Immortal Sect Selection was over, many of the cultivators that lingered around Coiling Dragon Mountain Range were still unwilling to leave and discussed things.

It was almost certain that before long, everything that happened in the Immortal Sect Selection would spread through the entire Divine Firmament as quickly as possible!

A Grade 6 Earth Immortal who ascended from the lower worlds killed more than a hundred Execution Guards.

Two of the four great fairies gathered and almost fought.

The Painting Immortal might already have a Dao companion.

Once spread, every piece of news could ignite Divine Firmament Mainland.

Many cultivators of Heaven and Earth Academy were on a gigantic ship that traveled through the clouds.

The ship was around 30 feet long and had three levels. Each level was exquisitely decorated with an ancient charm. There were all sorts of items in the cabins.

Standing on the deck, Su Zimo welcomed the breeze and recalled his experiences of the past 3,000 years since his ascension, feeling sad.

Both the Human Emperor and Die Yue had once said that the environment of the upper world was extremely cruel.

However, Su Zimo had not expected it to be so vile.

Even with his talent and methods, he barely managed to survive till this point and had encountered countless dangers.

If it was anyone else, it would be even more difficult.

Many of his old friends in Tianhuang Mainland had already ascended but he did not know where they were.

Su Zimo could not help but feel worried.

It was especially so for ascenders with meek personalities such as Xiaoning, Tao Yao and Little Fox—who knew what sort of hardships they would experience in the upper world.

Of course, even if he was worried, there was nothing he could do about it.

According to their different physiques, cultivation techniques and races, ascenders would ascend to different places.

Even in the Heavenly World, it was difficult for Su Zimo to find old friends who had ascended within the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain of the Nine Firmament Immortal Domain, let alone the entire upper world.

The Divine Firmament Immortal Domain was way too huge.

Given Su Zimo’s movement technique, even if he did not encounter any danger or obstacles, it would take him dozens of years to cross the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain.

Searching for someone in the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain was even more difficult than searching for a needle in a haystack!

If nothing else held him back in the lower worlds, the Martial Dao Prime Body would soon ascend as well.

“What are you thinking about?”

Right then, a crisp voice sounded from the side.

Without turning back, Su Zimo knew that it was Princess Scarlet Rainbow of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom.

“Nothing much,”

Su Zimo replied casually.


Princess Scarlet Rainbow continued, “You ascended from the lower worlds. Why are you so powerful?”

“Right, what was the divine power of the pair of golden wings you released previously? How was it so fast that you disappeared in a flash?!”

“Also, do you know Myriad Transformations? How can you change your appearance casually?”

“The flame secret skill you released was also very powerful. I’m well-versed in many secret skills of fire too. You should know that the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom was founded on the Dao of fire, right? In this aspect, even the four immortal sects can’t compare to us.”

“If you want to break through in the Dao of fire, we can find an opportunity for you to head to the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom with me. I’ll take you to the library in the palace to take a look.”

In the past few days, Princess Scarlet Rainbow would run to Su Zimo’s side and chat with him.

Su Zimo was extremely frustrated but he could not say it explicitly. He did not chase Princess Scarlet Rainbow away and merely replied occasionally.

Compared to Prince Yuan Zuo and Princess Meng Yao, while this princess of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom was talkative and curious about everything, she was much better than the other two.

There was no condescending aura around Princess Scarlet Rainbow.

Although she knew that he was someone who had ascended from the lower worlds, there was no contempt in her eyes.

Su Zimo gradually adapted to the nagging of Princess Scarlet Rainbow. Slowly, he could contemplate his own thoughts while listening to her ramble without being affected.

Although he was out of danger, the uneasiness in Su Zimo’s heart did not dissipate.

He could not understand why Prince Yuan Zuo would appear at the Immortal Sect Selection!

From the looks of it, Prince Yuan Zuo clearly knew his whereabouts.

Furthermore, Prince Yuan Zuo knew what he looked like after transformation.

How could this be?

“Everyone, Heaven and Earth Academy is up ahead,”

Right then, Yang Ruoxu’s voice sounded.

Su Zimo snapped out of his stupor and put aside the doubts in his mind for the time being.

Prince Yuan Zuo was probably the only one who could clear those doubts!

Su Zimo looked over.

At the end of the horizon, a series of mountain peaks appeared. Some of them towered into the clouds, towering and upright with countless vegetation and flowers growing on them.

Amidst the flowers, majestic palaces rose one after another.

If they were slightly closer, everyone would be able to hear a series of shocking explosions.

On the many mountain peaks, thousand feet long waterfalls poured down one after another. Similar to galactic rivers, they flowed into the lakes below, causing huge splashes that sounded like thunder!

The galactic rivers fell and mist filled the air, forming auspicious clouds that floated among the mountains like a paradise.

Su Zimo’s eyes were filled with shock.

Even though he had seen many sects and paradise lands, they were far inferior compared to the scene before him.

Compared to the scene before him, the Feng Shui terrain of Astral Sect seemed a little shabby.

More importantly, after entering this place, Su Zimo could clearly sense that the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi here was several times richer than outside!

In other words, if he cultivated here, his speed would be many times faster than outside.

“It’s no wonder why the four immortal sects and three Immortal Kingdoms are able to nurture so many paragons and monster incarnates. With such a cultivation environment and Feng Shui, one can cultivate with half the effort.”

Su Zimo sighed internally.


Yang Ruoxu looked at Su Zimo and the others. “From this day forth, you guys will be outer sect disciples of Heaven and Earth Academy. This is where the outer sect of the academy is located.”

Su Zimo was shocked.

Despite the scene, this was merely a cultivation ground for outer sect disciples!

What sort of a paradise awaited inner sect disciples and legacy disciples?!

Yang Ruoxu continued, “I’ll send you guys here. After you head down, an outer sect steward will receive you. There, you can collect your outer sect disciple badges.”

“Of course, you guys can also choose some servants in the outer sect to help you deal with some trivial matters.”

“Every outer sect disciple can choose ten servants. As for anything else, the outer sect steward will tell you.”