Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1645 - Burying the Heavenly God Emperor!

Chapter 1645 Burying the Heavenly God Emperor!

The Human Emperor looked at the Heavenly God Emperor and said indifferently, “Seems like too much time has passed and you’ve already forgotten the lesson of the ancient war.”

The gaze of the Human Emperor’s Essence Spirit shifted and landed on Su Zimo. “Young friend, can I borrow your true body?”

Those words caused an uproar!

The living beings of the ten thousand races looked at Su Zimo with envious gazes.

Even the Emperors present turned fervent.

What the Human Emperor meant was that he wanted to make use of Su Zimo’s Green Lotus True Body to fight the Heavenly God Emperor.

This was an unimaginable opportunity for Su Zimo!

Among the many experts present, the most suitable body would definitely be the body of the Palace Guardian.

No matter how strong the Green Lotus True Body was, it could not compare to the body of an Emperor.

It was clear that the Human Emperor wanted to give Su Zimo an opportunity!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he blurted without hesitation, “Alright!”

In a flash, the Human Emperor’s Essence Spirit disappeared from the spot and turned into a streak of light, entering Su Zimo’s consciousness not far away.

In his consciousness, Su Zimo’s black-haired Essence Spirit did not resist and handed over complete control of his Green Lotus True Body.


The Heavenly God Emperor roared in laughter with a fearless expression. “Even if you’re an Emperor Essence Spirit, how much combat strength can you release by controlling the body of a Mahayana Patriarch?” “Human Emperor, since you’re so confident, I’ll let you die here today!”

Before his sentence was finished, the blood qi in his body surged as he wielded his spear and charged towards the Human Emperor in huge strides! Naturally, the Heavenly God Emperor was experienced to be able to cultivate to this point.

Right now, the weakest link of the Human Emperor was the Green Lotus True Body!

As long as he fought in melee combat and severely injured the Green Lotus True Body, the Human Emperor would only have a single Essence Spirit left and would not be able to cause any waves!

“God race, I’ll take you down first today!”

The Human Emperor’s tone was cold as he entered the consciousness of the Green Lotus True Body. After experiencing it for a moment, he extended his arm and beckoned in the direction of the Palace Guardian.


The Palace Guardian’s palm loosened and the Human Emperor’s Brush transformed into a jade green light that returned to the Human Emperor’s palm instantly.

The Human Emperor channeled his Essence Spirit and waved the Human Emperor’s Brush. Almost in the blink of an eye, six blood scars appeared before him! Kill!

A bloodied ‘kill’ character appeared in midair, condensed without dissipating and filled with a chilling killing intent!

Supreme divine power— Killing Word Art!

Earlier on, even when the Palace Guardian tried his best, he could only complete five strokes of the Killing Word Art.

But now that the Human Emperor wielded the Green Lotus True Body, he wrote a bloodied ‘kill’ with a wave of his hand!

The world shook continuously!

The entire void was sliced into pieces by that single word!

Before the Heavenly God Emperor arrived before the Green Lotus True Body, the supreme divine power of the Killing Word Art had already descended and enveloped him!

The Heavenly God Emperor gasped and his pupils constricted.

At that moment, he felt the aura of death, as though he would die the next moment!

It was way too scary! When released by the Human Emperor, that supreme divine power was much stronger than he had imagined!

Without hesitation, the storage ring on the Heavenly God Emperor’s finger flashed and a gigantic golden shield appeared before him.


The Heavenly God Emperor channeled his divine power and the gigantic golden shield shone with a bedazzling divine light!


A loud bang sounded when the bloodied ‘kill’ character landed on it!

Immediately after, the indestructible golden shield was sliced into a pile of scrap metal by the ‘kill’ character!


The Killing Word Art penetrated the Heavenly God Emperor’s body and sliced his divine body into pieces. Blood splattered everywhere and broken limbs scattered onto the ground!

The living beings of the ten thousand races were shocked!

The Heavenly God Emperor whose combat strength was equivalent to comprehending six supreme divine powers could not even withstand a single move against the Human Emperor!

Furthermore, this was despite the fact that the Human Emperor had lost his physical body and was now at the Mahayana realm, making use of Su Zimo’s Green Lotus True Body.

“The Heavenly God Emperor died just like that?”

“The Human Emperor is way too terrifying!” “He’s not dead yet! His Essence Spirit escaped!”

A commotion broke out from the crowd. On the battlefield, the moment the gigantic golden shield shattered, the Heavenly God Emperor sensed danger and his Essence Spirit escaped first to survive.


The Heavenly God Emperor released Blood Rebirth to reconstruct his divine body.


The Human Emperor said indifferently.

That single word seemed to contain an extremely powerful divine power. The flesh of the Heavenly God Emperor seemed to be sealed completely and its glow was dim. Its blood qi was weak and could not be condensed!

“You’re far from being able to challenge me!”

In a flash, the Human Emperor charged towards the Essence Spirit of the Heavenly God Emperor.

“Hell Witch, Golden Crow! What are you guys waiting for?!”

The Heavenly God Emperor shrieked in a hurried voice, “The Human Emperor’s cultivation realm has fallen and his body is weak. This is a rare opportunity! Even if you guys don’t kill him, the Human Emperor won’t let you guys off!”

The expressions of the Hell Witch Emperor and the others darkened as they exchanged glances with shimmering gazes. All of them were top-tier Emperors who were decisive to kill.

In the blink of an eye, they made their decision!


They could also tell that the Human Emperor was at his weakest currently.

Although the Human Emperor’s divine power was unparalleled, the Green Lotus True Body was the weakest link for him. As long as they could get close to him, they would definitely be able to kill him!

When the Heavenly God Emperor saw the Human Emperor chasing over, he did not dare to take the latter head-on and fled into the distance hurriedly.

At the same time, the Heavenly God Emperor channeled his Essence Spirit and released a supreme divine power!

“Darkness Devour!”

The Heavenly God Emperor already sounded hysterical by now.

There was no way he could escape after being targeted by the Human Emperor.

However, by releasing that supreme divine power, not only could he hide his tracks, he could even delay the Human Emperor’s pursuit.

He would be able to escape after the Hell Witch Emperor and the others attacked!

A pitch-black power descended and darkness descended, engulfing towards the Human Emperor as though it could devour everything and destroy all life.

In that darkness, there was no light and no direction could be determined.

No gaze or spirit consciousness could travel through the darkness. The Essence Spirit of the Heavenly God Emperor vanished into the darkness instantly without a trace—even his aura vanished completely!

The Human Emperor’s expression was unchanged as his eyes lit up. Gazing at the incoming darkness ahead, he changed hand seals repeatedly and pointed forward, shouting softly, “Eternal Virtues!”

A ball of light burst forth from the Human Emperor’s fingertip.

Initially, it was extremely tiny. However, it intensified and released a bedazzling glow that spread towards the darkness ahead!

Against the power of the supreme divine power, the darkness power melted and dissipated instantly like snow meeting a blazing sun.

The Essence Spirit of the Heavenly God Emperor was exposed once more! The Heavenly God Emperor had a horrified expression and turned back instinctively. His vision was blinded by a boundless brilliance!

The next moment, the Essence Spirit of the Heavenly God Emperor was devoured by the light and perished on the spot! No matter how strong his Essence Spirit was, it could not defend against the power of supreme divine powers!

The Heavenly God Emperor was buried by two supreme divine powers of the Human Emperor!