Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3957: Ultimate Move

“Boom!” The saints’ power poured into the cauldron, immediately activating it.

The aura of a dao lord erupted from this cauldron and could crush everything as if they were dried branches. The stars above exploded into dust.

“My god!” Not to mention regular cultivators, even the ancestors found it hard to stand straight.

A true flame soared to the sky and turned its path into the void, culminating in a massive black hole.

“The true flame of a dao lord…?” The ancient beings started trembling after seeing this.

A few embers fell off and instantly burned a bottomless hole on the ground. This only scared the spectators even more. They knew that the embers alone could incinerate them.

The cauldron’s peak state has been activated, forcing most cultivators on the ground. Some tried to get up but it was useless. Its suppressive nature fully immobilized them.

The two saints were roaring and channeling everything into the cauldron, going as far as using their lifespan.

This was a ridiculous price to pay even in the case of victory. Nonetheless, they wanted to use the cauldron to its fullest potential.

“Pop!” Suddenly, a figure appeared in the aerial inferno, looking like the ruler of the myriad dao.

“Vajra Dao Lord!” He was recognized by the astonished spectators.

His presence froze both time and space. He seemed to be coming from a distant era, looking dominating and capable of eliminating all things.

The hidden ancestors found it hard to breathe, wanting to retreat before this dao lord aura. They thought that death was inevitable in a direct confrontation.

“Forefather!” Many from the holy ground were moved to tears and got on their knees.

“A full-strength blow.” One hidden master took a deep breath.

Prideful Heavenly Sovereigns still shuddered when facing a full-strength blow from a dao lord weapon. They needed a dao lord weapon on top of possessing high mastery with it in order to survive.

At the same time, the power of the tribulations only grew. Cracks appeared as the barrier was on the verge of collapsing.

“Now!” Vajra Saint shouted after seeing this development.

By this point, those who were ready to die for Sacred Mountain couldn’t move an inch due to the weapon’s suppression. Moreover, it also frightened the majority and took away their courage.

“It’s over…” An ancestor on the side of Sacred Mountain lamented.

A high elder thought that this next attack would be able to break the barrier. Li Qiye would either die from the attack or the tribulation.

“Die!” Vajra Saint roared and unleashed the technique.

“Boom!” The end of the world reared its head. Everyone momentarily lost their vision since everything turned dark. All of the southern West King seemed to be moved from its original position.

“What the hell is going on?!” Those not close to the battle screamed in horror.

Silence and peace returned after the blast. Nonetheless, the participants were still at a loss for words; their eyes looked empty and confused.

After a while, they finally tried to find Li Qiye and only heard crackling noises from the rampaging lighting bolts. The tribulations seemed to have lost control. If these lightning bolts were to get out, they would massacre the region.

However, the main focus was the destruction of the barrier. This didn’t surprise the crowd too much.

“Is he dead?” Someone stared at the aftermath.

“Has to be.” Even Li Qiye’s supporters lost hope. Vajra has taken over the holy ground now.

“Victory is ours!” Those on the side of Vajra started cheering. They could see a bright future ahead.

Celestial King Li and the others heaved a sigh of relief. It would be ludicrous for anyone to survive that attack.

“I can see something, over there!” A keen-eyed spectator could see the scene inside the tribulation.

Lightning bolts were still dancing and wanting to destroy everything. However, one man stood there with a saber possessing a faint glow.

This feeble light stopped all the lightning bolts in an effortless manner.

“Im-impossible!” Vajra Saint bellowed after seeing this.

Who else could it be but Li Qiye? Everyone felt the same shock to see him alive, even his supporters.