Emperor of Steel

Chapter 91 - The Lich's Identity 3


The dark energy, which the grey-robed man released, disappeared at the sudden order from someone.

At the very same moment, a man, an elf with silver hair appeared in front of Johas.

“Sir Erenes!”

Johas and the remaining elders, who saw the elf, felt a little hopeful.

Erenes couldn’t help but feel sad after looking at them. He looked at the grey-robed man and smiled vainly.

“It has been a long time.”

“You know me?”

“Of course, how can I not recognize your nasty soul just because you have the face of someone else?”

“Huhuhu, an elf who looks at only the truth is surely different. Rumors about you being aren’t plain lies I see.”

The grey-robed man couldn’t help but laugh at Erenes who identified him in a moment.

“Please be honest. Did you leave your past body behind and become a Lich?” asked Erenes.

‘I knew it…’

At the words of Erenes, Johas nodded as if he knew about something.

Mana and the terrifying mana waves and those skills were all impossible for anyone other than a Lich.

What was more, the Lich knew how to handle dark magic and white magic, which meant that he was a skilled white wizard in the past.

And with the knowledge that Johas possessed, there was only one person in the Rhodesia continent who had fallen and became a Lich.

“Why don’t you just take off that mask now, Arsene? Or do you want me to take it off for you?”

The grey-robed man or Arsene laughed erratically at the words of Erenes and removed the disguise magic.

His hair began to fall out of his body, and the tangled Lich’s body began to show his bones as his flesh began to dry up.

The warlocks were shocked at what they were witnessing.

“Unbelievable! He is a Lich!”

“Arsene? Is he that guy from the Veritas Magic Tower?”

“Oh, my God! There were rumors that he had touched darkness in his later years, but to become a Lich…”


Some of the greatest wizards of the ancient times were afraid of death and touched the forbidden realm of immortality.

In exchange for immortality, eternal life could be gained at the cost of gaining an ugly flesh that no one could even look at.

Nevertheless, those who practiced such wicked practices and tried to fulfill their greed were all known to have lost their lives and gained punishment.

But even under those circumstances, a Lich managed to survive over hundreds of years!

In addition, the identity of the Lich was none other than the enemy of the Darkness Magic Tower and Saymon, Meister Arsene.

“Has it been 500 years already?” asked Arsene.

Erenes immediately answered his question.

“We met two years before Saymon’s death so five hundred and thirteen years.”

The two had met after a long time.

It was when the Allied forces of humans went against the Devil King’s dark legion in the Libiya Kingdom that they had met.

The representative of the human wizards during that time was Meister Arsene of the Veritas Magic Tower, and Erenes went to help Saymon.

The war had ended with the death of Saymon, Arsene intercepted Eugene and touched the power of darkness.

The hero who had fought against the dark legion, the reason why he decided to change his magic was because of his greed.

To possess the Veritas Magic Tower and his desire to control the continental magic system with the Veritas Magic Tower in the lead.

His greed eventually made him a monster known as a Lich.

“Do you know that a Lich can never escape the anger of El Kassel?”

At the question of Erenes, Arsene laughed out loud.

“Kekkk, Veritas. Magic Tower… I can. do anything. for it. And. I am. invisible. for this. world. I am. scared of. no. God.”

“If so, then I will be the one to punish you instead.”

The confrontation between the two in the past lead to the victory of Erenes.

Arsene, the wizard of 8 circle at that time, barely managed to run away from their fight.

513 years have passed since then.

Arsene was now a Lich. He even learned powerful dark magic along with white magic.

The Lich was confident that he wouldn’t lose this time.

“Kuuk, you. think. of me. as the. Arsene. of the. past. Don’t. misunderstand me!”

The body of Arsene soared high into the sky.

His body began to gather the energy of Abyss much deeper than the darkness.

Erenes too soared into the sky. And the elemental magic, which was the highest-ranking one was expressed.

“I speak to the elements of flame and the wind, purify the unclean presence right before my eyes!”

At the words of Erenes, fire and wind appeared simultaneously and united together forming a fire tornado.

The tornado of flames moved toward Arsene.

“Huh, elemental magic!”

Arsene defended Erenes’s magic with one hand, and with the other hand, he fought with dark magic.

Kuaang! Kung!

Bang! Bang!

The fight between them was so terrifying that it looked like the sky was collapsing.

In the enormous confrontation of the mana waves, Johas and the elders opened their mouths at the spectacle.

‘Oh my god! We were all just frogs in a pond.’

Johas realized his arrogance.

Everyone was fascinated and watched the fight between the two.

“The fastest lightning, destroy this unclean being!”


A spear of lightning fell on the body of Arsene.

At attack which happened in a moment caused the torso of Arsene to turn into ashes.


Due to the fatal wound, Arsene crashed into the ground.

As half of his body disappeared, he looked up at Erenes and said,

“Kuk. I lost. Today. But soon. You. Fairy bastard. I will. Get. Rid. Of. All of. You!”

Arsene cursed at them and ran away.

“Catch him!” shouted the elders.

Arsene fled, at which the elders tried to follow him.

Erenes blocked them.


“You need to kill him right away when you have the chance!”

A man with unimagined skills and power. If they couldn’t catch him when he was wounded, they would never be able to catch him.

Erenes bowed his head and said,

“The fundamental of a Lich was Life Vessel. It is just like removing the shell, the resurrection cannot be stopped.”


Only then did the elders and Johas realize that the injured one was a Lich.

“And he is injured, but can you follow him and manage to kill him… kuak!”

While Erenes was speaking, he began to cough black blood.

The injuries that Erenes had suffered from the fight weren’t seen till then.

“Uh, Sir Erenes!”

Johas, who was shocked by seeing the blood, rushed over to support him.

Erenes began to use healing magic on himself after helping the others and spoke with a pale face,

“That guy will definitely come back once again. And he is more likely not going to be alone.”

Johas and the elders went stiff upon hearing those words.

They weren’t even able to stop a single Lich. What would happen if a dozen of them come their way?

It would be just a matter of seconds for the Dark Moon Magic Tower to be wiped out.

Erenes looked at the darkened faces of the warlocks and looked into the sky.

“Will the battle that had been stopped 500 years ago start once again?”

The fallen star would be resurrected again, and one of the people, who played a major role in the past war, Arsene, had appeared.

Erenes’s heart began to beat faster after realizing that a series of things that were signaling the beginning of a dangerous war that would shatter the continent were taking place.

‘In such case only elemental and spirits need to be…’

Ancient elves knew how to use spirits in addition to magic.

The spirit users who used spirits with respect to the contracts with them were so strong that neither humans nor elves could be a match.

But at one point, the connection between the Spirit World and Rhodesia continent got cut off.

They were two completely different worlds now.

The elves could no longer make a contract with the spirits because they gradually lost their power since they were pushed down by greedy humans and became a minority race.

Now, Erenes was seeking to connect with the spirit world for the survival of the other races, and the whereabouts of the Earth’s Tears, the key to opening the door to the other dimension, was known.

They had doubts, but what if Princess Reina didn’t know the whereabouts of the object?

‘There is no future for elves.’

Erenes couldn’t help but shake off the bad thoughts from his head. He had no other choice but to pray that Reina possessed the Earth’s Tears.