Emperor of Steel

Chapter 90 - The Lich's Identity 2

“Kue, I didn’t know that you were hiding in here.”, spoke someone.

On a hill overlooking the Dark Moon Magic Tower, a wizard with grey robe smirked while looking at the Magic Tower which was engulfed with darkness.

“If he barely survived, would he hide like a rat and yet dare to steal the blueprints of a new Gigant that I developed in my Magic Tower? I’ll erase every trace of you right now from the world.”

With his teeth sharp as ever, he raised his right hand to the sky.

“Dark Hole!”

As he shouted the spell, a dark energy resembling an abyss appeared at his fingertip.

The dark energy began to grow until the size of a human head.

The wizard in grey robes moved the dark energy ball to the Dark Moon tower.


The moment the dark energy hit the magic tower, everything within a 30-meter radius of the energy quickly broke down the tower and sucked the dust created by the collision.

Not just the magic tower, but also the people who were in it, disintegrated right away and died.

There was no way he could get rid of it if he hadn’t gotten that thing he needed. The wizard in Grey robes teleported himself to the main entrance of the Magic Tower.

From there, he planned on destroying the tower gradually.

“What, what is it?!”


The guards of the Magic tower, who were shocked by the sudden explosion, found a wizard with a grey robe and pulled out their swords.

“You dare to point that sword at me, die!”

As the grey robbed wizard raised his hands, dozens of dark bullets formed around his hand and attacked the soldiers.



“Step, step back! We’re no match for him!”, shouted one of the guard.

Only then did the soldiers learn the grey robbed man’s identity and tried to pull back.

However, the dark flames caused by the man in grey robes destroyed them to the bone.

He raised his left hand to the sky after cleaning up the bothersome guards.

The dark energy began to form at the end of his left hand. Right then, around 20 people appeared in front of him.


“How dare you come in here and act like this?!”

The ones who appeared were Meister Johas and the other elders of the Dark Moon Magic tower.

Everyone who had been either asleep or studying felt that something wasn’t right and rushed to see what was happening.

“The kings have made an appearance.”

Seeing them, the man in grey robes laughed at them.

“How dare you!”

Johas stopped an elder’s attempt to tackle him.

Johas looked at the man with the grey robe’s face and the energy at his fingertips. With a cold tone, he asked,

“Aren’t you Pierre, the elder of Veritas Magic Tower? When did you learn dark magic?”

The dark moon regarded the Veritas Magic Tower executives as one of their main enemies.

“Come on, tell us. What did you learn? Have you thought about what the world would think if this came out to the world?”

The Veritas Magic Tower, one of the two magic towers which were leading the white magic of the world.

If it was known that the elders of the same tower were learning dark magic, the magic system of the continent would be overturned.

“Huhuhu, do you see Pierre in these eyes?”

At that very moment, the face of the grey-robed man began to shiver, and his face wasn’t that of Pierre.

Johas and the other elders were shocked at what they witnessed.

The moment the man transformed, the mana waves began to change bizarrely.

The wave was definitely not of white magic, and no warlock could relate to it either.

No, it was the kind of mana that wasn’t possible for a human being.

“You, what is your identity? Are you the demon summoned by the hypocritic nobles of the Veritas Magic Tower, or…”

Johas couldn’t help but gulp. An elder who was right next to him suddenly cast magic on the grey-robed man.

“Die! Black Spear!”

The elder was a 7 circle warlock, a war-centered person. In classification, he was a war mage.

He specialized in attack magic and defense magic, mainly physical damage, and his attack could cause enough damage to an opponent, even if it was the devil himself.

In fact, in the past, he had defeated the demons that were called upon by Summoning Magic.

However, the Black spear didn’t go anywhere close to the grey-robed man and just disappeared.

“Oh, oh my! That is Anti-Cancel which specializes in dark magic!”

The Anti-Cancel was a high level 9 circle white magic.

‘There is no wizard within the top 10 Magic Towers who could perform that. Then, is he?!’

While he was thinking about the identity of his opponent, the grey-robed man raised his right hand and pointed to the elder who had just attacked him.

The elder suddenly began to vomit blood and melt like a candle.

“Oh? Oh!”

Although they were trying to hold onto their anger at the grey-robed man for trespassing into their magic tower, the eyes of Johas couldn’t hold himself back anymore, at least not after they just witnessed their junior die.

It was the same with the other elders.

“You, I can never forgive you for what you did!”

“You will have to accept your fate, kua!”

The grey-robed man threw the dark energy that was in his left hand toward Johas and the elder who was running toward him.

As the enormous magic that blew up the magic tower went closer to them, Johas went all out to place a defense magic.

“Shadow Shield!”

At that moment, a shadow began to swell at his feet and blocked the front of Johas and the elders.

It wasn’t just that.

Judging from its thickness, it wasn’t just one layer of shield that Johas had developed. It was two to three layers of Shadow Shield.


The moment the dark energy hit the Shadow Shield, the sound of a raging storm rose everywhere.

At the dark energy which crushed and absorbed all in its surroundings, the Shadow Shield of Johas withstood.

The shock waves, which came from the collision of the two magics, raised the dust in their surroundings.

The collision of those two powerful magic didn’t last long.

However, for those who had witnessed it, it felt very long. Suddenly, they heard the suffering of someone who had fallen to the ground.

“Kuak! Kuuk! Kauk!”

It was Johas.

Despite being an 8 circle magic warlock, he was pushed back.

The elders around him couldn’t help but be shocked after seeing Johas.

“Meister, Meister!”

“Everyone attack!”

When Johas was defeated, the elder attacked the supposed Pierre at once.

They each attacked the grey-robed man with their own dark magic.

“Hahahah! Oh my, I will kill all of you at once. And then make you all into a Lich!”

The grey-robed man was strong.

Six 7 circle warlocks and fourteen 6 circle warlocks weren’t defeated at once.

However, he was alternating between white magic and dark magic to make fun of them.

As soon as more than 10 people had died, the color in Johas’s face turned blue.

‘It can’t be! That guy is…’

Johas was convinced of who the grey-robed man was.

A hypocrite who trampled on the warlocks years ago.

Fallen beings touched by the power of darkness always had dirty desires.

Even if the enemy was right in front of his eyes, Johas’s eyes were filled with fear rather than anger.

‘If things go on like this, then everybody is going to die! We need to take some measures to prevent that from happening!’

The grey-robed man was frightening.

Every attack he did against the elders was an 8 circle magic.

Not only was he good at white magic, but his dark magic was at the highest level as well.

His fear was making him regret that he hadn’t mobilized forces from the very beginning.

“Kaaak! How can such a monster…”

“No, is he a dragon?”

The elders, who went against the grey-robed man, felt the same shock and fear.

If they only looked at the grey-robed man’s skills, it reminded them of the time when the dragons weren’t extinct.

A race of dragons blessed with mana.

A dragon could use a 10 circle magic, and An Ancient Dragon could use magic around 12 circles.

There were warlocks who could perform dark magic freely like a black dragon.

As human beings were filled with pride and desire for power, the dragons soon entered the path of extinction.

The last dragon, Tiamet, sorrowed by the destruction of his race, passed on the power and magic to descendants of certain humans.

Tiamet’s descendants were later called Dragonians, and the verbal magic of the dragons continued through them.

“I played properly, so should I finish it now?”

The grey-robed man looked at the elders that surrounded him and began to perform magic.

Dark energy rose near his left hand.

The elders were frustrated with the difference in power. They were frightened of what was about to happen.

“Kuh, if you can stop this, I’ll let you all live!”

At those words from the grey-robed man, Johas yelled to the elders,

“You can’t just die like this! Let’s all bring our strength together!”

They weren’t just words.

Dark magic could actually be gathered to create a more powerful magic.

The elders looked at his direction after listening to his words. They approached him and placed their hands on his shoulder. They began to recite a special spell that had a seal.

Feeling the power of the elders which entered him, Johas manifested the most powerful magic he could unfold.

“Chaos Strike!”

There was a black light in the right hand of Johas and a white light in the other.

As they were gathered, the two lights shuffled, releasing a terrible energy.

“Die, you monster!”

Chaos strike, which had emerged from Johas, flew toward the grey-robed man.

The grey-robed man just smiled and shot the dark energy, which was at his hands, toward Johas.


When the two magics collided, ferocious shockwaves and explosion happened, like the sun had exploded in the sky.




The elder’s including Johas spat out blood on the floor and fell down.

Their bodies were messed up, and the black circle on their hearts had stopped because of the shock.

“Kuku, you thought you could stop my Black Abyss with that little magic trick of yours?”

“Alas! My ancestor!”

Pierre looked down at Johas and his desperate expression with a smile.

“It is the end now.”

As soon as his words ended, dozens of dark bullets moved from his hand and flew toward Johas.