Emperor of Steel

Chapter 80 - Emperor's Conspiracy 5

Chapter 80: Emperor’s Conspiracy 5

Thud Thud Thud!

The next day, the emperor was heading somewhere as soon as he had gotten up.

His footsteps wandering around the palace stopped at a prayer room which was deep in the Imperial Palace.

“I will say my prayers, which you need to make sure that no one listens.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

The knights called for the royal knights and stood outside the place.

Rudolf looked around and opened the door to the prayer room.

The prayer room was dedicated to the emperor, and only he had the permission to enter.

Statues made of ivory from the southern continent were placed in the front, on the left and right sides of the wall were hanging lanterns painted with gold and pearl powder.

On the table in front of the statue was a candle burning with a mild scent. Each time it was smelled the spirit felt purified.

As soon as Rudolf closed the door, a man appeared from the shadow of the statue.

“You have come?”

Surprisingly, however, the emperor had bowed his head to the man who had appeared in the black robe.

Even though he did bow over to the shadow, the shadow soon spoke loudly at him for bothering him.

“Why did you call me? That too when I was busy?”

“I have a question to ask. Is the curse on the bloodline of Rakan still maintained?”

Rudolf asked, with an annoyed voice the shadow spoke,

“Each time the descendants of Rakan had been born, I went and cursed them, each time. What do you mean by asking such questions?”

“Some time ago, Rakan and Count Monarch went into war, and surprisingly, Luke, the young Lord defeated 4 Gigants. A rune knight who can use magic.”

“Is that true?”

The voice asked with a little shiver in its voice.

“There are a few rumors in the Rakan. Is the curse still intact on the body, then, isn’t this a bit strange?”

“It is definitely strange. I put a dark magic curse on him as soon as he was born…”

The shadow was a warlock.

A warlock of enormous power, someone whom even the emperor was scared of.

Besides, the time he was alive was very long.

Rudolf once again looked at the shadow, which was an undead monster.

“Anyway, if the curse on him has been released, can’t you just place it again?”

“However, I need to head over to the Volga Republic now.”

A short while ago, he was in the Volga Republic. As he got a signal from the Emperor, he came back in a hurry.

The emperor stood up with lively eyes.

“Are you in the Volga Republic? What did you find in there?”

“Kukuku, there is a bag of valuable stuff which was removed from the Magic tower.”

He was looking through the Volga Republic to catch the warlock who had stolen the object which belonged to the Veritas Magic Tower.

“What went wrong at the Veritas Magic Tower?”

“You don’t need to know. I have to go and get things done.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t help you. But as soon as you have come back, make sure to check about the curse which had been released.”


At the very moment, the shadow, the man in the black robe teleported himself using magic.

And Rudolf didn’t miss the meaningful smile that the shadow had before he vanished.

It was an obvious ridicule.

It was of a man and his magic tower, laughing at the fact that the Emperor, who couldn’t support his own empire in the absence of that individual.

The emperor’s face showed signs of shame.

“Dammit! That f*cking monster! I will smash that Veritas Magic Tower, that thing which he values much more than his own life!”

Tremendous anger steamed out of the body of the Emperor.