Emperor of Steel

Chapter 79 - Emperor's Conspiracy 4

Chapter 79: Emperor’s Conspiracy 4

The victory of the Rakan Viscount in the territorial war turned out to be a huge shock to the entire Empire.

All the nobles were sure that Count Monarch would be the one going to win, and some of the merchants, who were quick-paced, lined up to sell military supplies to the Count Monarch.

The most surprised of them was the Imperial Emperor, Rudolf.

“What was that? Rakan has won the battle?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Count Voltas answered with a sorry expression.

“Maybe, by any chance, were there any nobles who have intervened in it?”

“No, that isn’t the case. Everyone was watching it, and none of the southern nobles have helped the Rakan Viscount.”

“Huh! Then how did they manage to win?”

The power difference between the two estates was very well known by the Emperor.

It was well known that the difference between the two territories was almost 20 times.

Which was why he could not help but wonder how Rakan had managed to fill the gap in power and win.

“According to the report from the inspector, who had gone into the site where the Count lost, while they were vigilant, it was stated that the surprise attack of the Rakan Viscount was advanced and successful.”

The reports handed by Voltas contained many more details.

Rudolf, who took a look at the report, couldn’t help but feel that such things were ridiculous.

“That Cain, did he ever hold a sword?”

“That isn’t it. As a result, he has worked five years on the border with the Northern Volga Republic.”

“Then why did he lose? Did he suddenly get dementia or lose his mind?”

“I am afraid since we weren’t involved in the war, we could not tell.”

“Tch, that retard acting like idiot… The leadership in a war should never be given to a man with only strength. He found it hard to even defend. By the way, what happened to Count Monarch?”

“The Rakan’s forces have stated that he had run away somewhere with his money and treasure.”

“Find out where that man has gone to and get that money too. He is an imperial collateral. That incompetent man is no longer needed to be alive.”

“I’ll take care of that.”

Voltas bowed to the Emperor and opened his mouth again.

“However, there is an interesting rumor that had been going around about the war.”

“Yeah? What is that?”

“It isn’t about anything else. The Lord of Rakan has defeated four Gigants, which had attacked his manor, all by himself.”

“What? Was that real?”

Emperor Rudolf was rather surprised at what he heard.

Voltas was surprised as well when he heard of it, he was sure that it was just a rumor.

Upon hearing those words, Rudolph spoke with strong disbelief,

“You told me that the Lord of Rakan could barely handle a sword! Now you are telling me that he is an Expert with magic? That he is a Destroyer class?”

“I couldn’t believe what was told, so I checked it over as many times as I could. However, it seems that the rumors involving the Lord hold some truth, the descendant, the second coming of Rakan.”

“If that is so, we have all been tricked till now!”

“It is very likely that they had planned it.”

If Rakan had hidden something like that, the Baroque had to definitely uncover it.

They hadn’t forgotten the grudges of their ancestors, and the Rakan would work without any break to reclaim the lost glory of their family.

Then did Count Monarch apply for the war without knowing about any of that beforehand?

Voltas then said,

“If the Rakan’s lord is left like it is, there is a high possibility that they could grow stronger in the southern territory. We need to step on them before they get any bigger.”

Even if the Rakan Viscount was on the side of the nobles, the empire’s southern side was dominated by nobles outside the imperial family.

To prevent anything like that from happening, they had to do something to Rakan.

“Do you have any suggestions?”

At the question of Rudolf, Voltas answered almost immediately.

“Send over an army in advance.”

According to the Imperial law, a nobleman must serve in the Imperial Army for two years once they turned 18 years old.

It was a kind of a nobility obligation, and Luke was no exception.

“Originally, he was supposed to go next year, and he can take the Lord’s title only if he succeeds to become an adult.”

Which was why Luke was still being referred to as the young Lord by his family retainers.

“Apart from having the young Lord be granted the title of Lord a year earlier, he will also be taken into the army a year earlier too.”

“And get him killed on the battlefield?”

“Nobody can predict what will happen on a battlefield.”

Count Voltas bowed.

“That is a fine suggestion.”

The border with the Volga republic was messy.

And if he was sent over there, to a place which is surrounded by war, he was surely going to be killed.

“Okay, send the decree to Rakan. Congratulate them on their victory in battle as well.”

“I will send good words to the Minister of Internal Affair.”

“By the way, is the process of the Arthenian Empire going well?”

Voltas immediately answered Rudolf’s question.

“I have contacted two strong pope candidates and sent them offers, but both of them rejected it.”

“It is not going to be easy, huh? And the measures?”

“I still plan to stay in touch with them. They might not need our help now, but one day they will need us.”

“Huh, you are right. Keep knocking on their door till it opens.”

“I will keep that in my mind, your majesty.”

After that, Emperor Rudolf left his office after talking for hours with his trusted Voltas.