Emperor of Steel

Chapter 78 - Emperor's Conspiracy 3

Chapter 78: Emperor’s Conspiracy 3

Green land at the end of the snow-capped mountain.

In the middle of the lush green grass with trees and bushes was a small villa.

The owner of the villa was a thin, middle-aged male elf with a white bow.

Standing on the balcony, he was looking up at the stars in the night sky when he suddenly bent over and coughed.

“Cough! Cough!”

“The wind is cold, please come inside.”

A cold, beautiful female elf, standing behind him said.

“Huhu, you think the cough of the winds isn’t nice. I should have died by now.”

Seemingly, he looked like a middle-aged man. However, he was actually over 1000 years old.

He was Erenes, an elf who had lived far longer than an average elf was supposed to, which was supposed to be 400 years.

All the elves, even the other fairies on the continent, were all avid admirers of the prophet.

The female elf was looking after the supposed sage, who was residing deep in the Volga Republic. She shot a cold look at Erenes and asked.

“So, you don’t die because of your cough?”

“Cold is a source of all illnesses.”

“Only stupid beings catch summer colds. Is this the path that you need to take to be a sage?”

As the female elf spoke coldly every time, Erenes’s already wounded expression had deepened more.

“Erwin, you are turning as cold as ice. That is probably why you can’t hear the words of God.”

“I don’t wish to be a prophet.”

“Ahh, my heir, talking this?!”

“Wasn’t it you, master, who has chosen me to do this, knowing that I don’t want it?”

At the response of her disciple, Erenes couldn’t help but frown.

“Ah, this is unbelievable! I don’t want to speak another word. Now you are going to complain? To show such an image of yours… are you not going to get inside the house?”

“Then, why isn’t the teacher inside the house?”

“Oh my, to listen to this…”

Erenes pounded his chest out of frustration and briefly looked up at the night sky.

Erwin, who saw him, spoke again,

“You haven’t looked at the astronomical system for a while. What is the wind telling?”

“The cut off wind blows once again.”


“The star which fell 500 years ago has re-emerged… The continent will be shaken once again.”

Erenes, whose eyes were looking for something that he missed, entered the villa. He pulled out an old golden staff from his dresser.

“Teacher, that is…”

“The God’s staff, Absolute. The legendary item that El Kassel had when he destroyed the Devil and created the World.”

Erwin, who could only look at what his master had said, looked surprised.

Along with the division of the world, the most tremendous treasures have disappeared long ago.

“Sure, this is just a copy of it.”

“… Teacher.”

She was a little disappointed at the satirical answer that her master threw at her. However, Erenes threw the staff at her.


Erwin struggled a little and caught it.

The serious voice of her teacher entered her ears.

“Go to the South.”


“Out there you will meet the cut off wind.”

Erenes threw a serious glance at Erwin, who didn’t understand what her teacher was talking about and shook her head.

“That wind will turn into a storm and sweep the continent.”

After hearing those words, she burst out.

“Ah, this! At least speak in a way that I can understand! Who am I going to meet, and what am I going to do!”

“That, even I don’t know. I am saying what I hear. Anyway, go to the south, and you will find the answer by yourself.”

Upon hearing the words of Erenes, she could not help but just sigh.

“I understand. I will go.”

She shook her head, and yet she accepted.

As she was packing her bags and her belongings, she spoke to her teacher, who was still there.

“Sylvia came yesterday, and the dark elves would be bringing princess Reina over here.”

“Yeah. Once she arrives, they will ask about the whereabouts of the Earth’s Tears.”

“Okay, I’ll get going now. Have your meals on time and take good care of yourself.”

Erwin bowed to her teacher and then disappeared.

Her full name was Erwin Lesa.

100 years ago, she was the genius mage who had revolutionized the magic world by making artificial magic stones.

She was entering the world once again after distancing herself from it for decades.

To once again create a storm that would sweep the continent.