Emperor of Steel

Chapter 77 - Emperor's Conspiracy 2

Chapter 77: Emperor’s Conspiracy 2

As soon as the news of Reina’s kidnap was heard, Luke headed straight for the Castle.

He looked around the castle and her room, but he wasn’t able to find any clue.

His frustrated heart spoke out to Sebastian who was at his feet.

“Master, this is the work of the dark elves.”

“Dark Elf? Why do you think so?”

“The air in the room has the scent of sleeping essence, used by dark elves.”

Luke too knew that the sleeping essence was used by the Dark elves.

The sleep essence was their own powerful secret, it was enough to take down a Sword Master in one shot, however, after an hour, the trace of it being used disappears completely.

So, no would know that they had infiltrated.

After hearing those words, Sebastian spoke again with a snort,

“Huh, dark elves sure are excellent, but they can’t fool a great thief like me.”

Sebastian was an olfactory demon, a cat demon, and an expert in making drugs, he could defeat the dark elves in that matter.

“Then, I know where they went.”

“Umm, the scent is going to the north. They have gone in the North direction.”

From then, Luke began to chase after the dark elves along with Sebastian.

“I didn’t know why they had kidnapped her.”

But if they hurt even a finger on her, he was sure that he would kill them all.

And on the fourth day of his pursuit, he was able to find them on a riverside.

“Why are you taking her back to the Volga Republic? What is the meaning of this? Everyone knows that there is no place for the royals to return there, why?”

“Kill him!”

The dark elves, three of them, excluding the one holding Reina, attacked Luke.

The two spread out, and one of them pulled out a dagger and attacked him from the front.


A blue shield had appeared in front of Luke and bounced the attack by the dark elves.


Another attack with a dagger had come and it was blocked by a sword in the right hand.

“He is a Rune Knight! Be careful!”

Hyrun was the captain of the dark elves.

He saw Luke used magic and sword at the same time and hurriedly warned his subordinates.

“Be careful in a sense, but can you even stop my attack?”

This time Luke didn’t even wait to attack the dark elves.

Kang! Kang! Puong!

The fight between the three dark elves and Luke carried out a while.

The dark elves attacked Luke in various ways, very quickly.

They tried to poison, to confuse, and used dagger with poisons. They didn’t work, and later pulled out a bow that was on the back.

However, no assault worked on Luke.

It was because Luke had a battle against the dark elves in the past, he knew about their patterns, how they try to penetrate the defense and to use their attack patterns as well.

At that moment, the cold eyes of the dark elves began to show emotions.

‘What is he? How does he know of our attacks from one to ten!?’

The original dark elves were involved in invasion, assassination, and kidnapping.

But that didn’t mean that their attacks were weak.

Although they preferred stealth and taking the opponent by surprise in face-to-face combat, they could handle an Expert very well.

In particular, these dark elves were specially chosen.

They would have been able to deal with the advanced Experts all alone, but their plans didn’t work well today.

“Hide in the forest!”

Hyrun, who was holding onto Reina, ordered the others.

The others immediately scattered and hid into the forest.

“Huh, it’s not like I didn’t assume that you’d hide in the forest!”

Luke had a very good plan. The cat demon, Sebastian was excellent in stealth and transformation along with being great in theft.

“Over there.”

Luke threw Dark Blitz in the direction Sebastian showed.

The surprised Dark Elf relocated to avoid the attack from Luke.

But, no matter where they were hiding, magic attacks constantly followed them.

“Huhuhu, so any of you thinking about fighting once again?”

Hyrun looked very surprised at the question from Luke who had Sebastian next to him.

“Are you a warlock?”

“Why would you be curious about it?”

“Depending on your answer, we chose to either fight or cooperate.”

If there was a wizard with a demon next to him, it was 99% likely to be a warlock.

But there was that 1% chance, and they had to check.

“Why? If I am a warlock then I’m on the same side as the Dark Elves?”

Luke laughed with that statement.

In the past, when he was heading to the Golem legions, warlocks and the dark elves were all gathered for him.

However, not all warlocks and Dark Elves had come.

Many of the warlocks went hostile and some impersonated Saymon, and most of the dark elves divided themselves into 12 tribes.

“Erenes, was it? There was an old elf who asked me the same question in the past, and it wasn’t a funny situation.”


The dark elves were startled at the name that came out of Luke’s mouth.

“Did, did you just say Erenes?”

Asked by Hyrun.

“Yes. He was a proclaimed high Elf. You know him?”

“Yes, of course. If you know Erenes, then you aren’t our enemy.”

Said Hyrun and put Reina on the floor.

“We can’t fight the one who knows him. I’ll go back right now, but will find you later.”

With that, four dark elves disappeared into the darkness.

Luke could have chased them if he wanted to, but he chose not to.

His purpose was to rescue Reina safely and also not to kill the dark elves.

He approached Reina and untied the ropes.

“Princess, are you okay?”

“Luke, lord…”

Reina’s eyes moved in tears as she had been released.

“You are fine now. I can assure you that.”

“Huh…! thank you, thank you so much, young Lord.”

Luke hugged her gently, and she did the same.

He looked at the north, the direction the dark elves had disappeared into.

‘Erenes, are you still alive?’

Although he wasn’t sure before, the elf was a colleague and advisor in the past, who offered little help.

Luke thought that he had been dead, but it didn’t seem to look like it.

‘If he sees me revived as a descendant of Rakan, would he laugh at me?’

If he still the cheerful person he was in the past, he might end up rolling on the ground with laughter while having tears in his eyes.

No, he could probably try to kill Luke.

He would have been very disappointed with Luke, who had died very easily in the past without putting up a good fight.

With a bitter smile, Luke stared at the northern sky.