Emperor of Steel

Chapter 74 - End of Count Monarch 3

Chapter 74: End of Count Monarch 3

While the troops of Rogers went for the knights’ headquarters, Luke and his troops broke the main gate of the residence.

Surprised by the sudden attack, the guard of the residence hurriedly rang the bell. However, they were unsuccessful in stopping the forces of Rakan.

“Uaaaah! Gig, Gigants!”

“Get lost, you idiots! I will not show mercy for anyone who stands before me!”

Mir, who was leading the Gigants, moved its hands wildly.

The rider who was in Mir was Victor.

His hands were there to take vengeance. They were unstoppable.

He was doing it for the humiliation that Princess Reina had suffered and the Volga refugees. His actions weren’t surprising.

“I am seeing a lot of commitment here, right?”

“Is that surprising? One would do that if they truly loved their land.”

Luke responded while staying on the shoulder of Sting II, which was being controlled by Philip. They understood the feelings of Victor.

“Anyway, the soldiers of the Count will be coming soon. If the count decides to come here with his men, then it will turn into a bloody mess.”

“That is hard.”

Luke wanted to cut down Monarch.

However, it wasn’t the time for that yet.

There was no law that stated that a lord wasn’t supposed to be killed during a war.

However, in order to control the estates in the future, it was known to be beneficial to keep the lord alive as they knew various information about the land such as its administration, finance, and military.

‘On top of that, this Monarch is going to be the collateral of the Imperial family. The Emperor won’t stay still if it is handled poorly.’

It was better to avoid any clashes with the Emperor for the time being. The Baroque’s Imperial family had a very strong power, and Luke’s power had yet to be developed.

‘And if we think about the bad things that he has done till now, a simple death isn’t going to cut it.’

Luke thought to himself and entered the residence…

To catch the Count Monarch with his own two hands.

“What the hell is this?”

The Count, who was barely awake from his sleep because of the noise that disturbed him, screamed.

“Your Majesty, outside…”

A servant, who heard his shout, entered and tried to tell him what was happening.

Right then, Goth jumped from the door and said,

“This, this is bad, Your Majesty!”

“What that hell is even happening?”

The Count, who was still not aware of the situation outside, looked very unpleasant because he was woken up unexpectedly since he had no intention of showing his naked body to his servants apart from his women.

However, after listening to the words of Goth, he was forced to stand up.

“Ra, Rakan has invaded us!”

“What did you say?”

Something that the Count would have never even dreamed of.

When he was in shock, Goth moved close and pulled his arm.

“We don’t have the time to be shocked. You have to evacuate as quickly as possible!”

Both sides of Monarch’s territories were in a fierce battle.

The bodyguards of the Count could barely hold their enemies off, but it seemed like the Count could have enough space to move past the Gigants of Rakan.

“Dammit, that, that Cain! What the hell did that guy even do?!”

They haven’t been in touch with Cain.

At first, they had regarded it as a simple communication problem.

They had never even anticipated that they would lose to Rakan.

And for such a disturbing situation to happen right in front of his home!

“We don’t know the exact details, but from the current situation, Cain is likely to have been defeated by the Rakan army. So, you need to evacuate from here, as quickly as possible!”

At the repetitive words from Goth, the Count was now aware of his situation and put on some clothes.

However, the Count went into the library instead of going outside the building!

“Count, where are you going?”

“Safe, safe!”

The Count just couldn’t give up his vault, which had all of his precious belongings, even when trying to run away.


Hurriedly pushing the desk to the side, he lifted the wooden door.

The vault had an iron door.

“Count, there is no time for this. The shouts are getting closer. It will be easy for them to get here. You need to evacuate!”

“Shut up! If you want to avoid meeting them, then just run away!’

Monarch yelled at Goth with red eyes and opened the door of his secret vault.

“Uh, I don’t care!”

Goth fled away first as he could not wait any longer.

Not knowing that he was gone, the Count began to take out the jewelry, gold bars, and bills out of his vault.

“Kuuk, how long will it take to recover all this…”

The Count had put the last bill into his pocket.

That was when he saw a Gigant burst out from the window of the room.



Inevitably, Monarch was crushed by the ruckus made by the Gigant.

His greed had given him one last chance to see his money.

“Ahh, my feet might slip!”

Philip, who was riding Sting II near the residence, fell back when he saw that people were running out.

The soldiers might not know, but they were all unarmed people.

Also, there were pretty maids, and he could never hurt them.

“Yeah, the mansion has been ruined. I don’t want to use it for useless things…”

Lingering on his thoughts, Philip went to help his allies with his Sting II.

He had no idea that the Count Monarch was already dead because of what he did.