Emperor of Steel

Chapter 73 - End of Count Monarch 2

Chapter 73: End of Count Monarch 2

“Ahm! No news as of yet?”

Early dawn, on the gates of the north of Lamer City.

Soldiers, guarding in the front, yawned in tears and asked his colleague next to him,

“I heard the knights talking about it yesterday, however, it is still out of our region.”

“Yeah? I thought that since it was Cain who was leading the army, they would have already moved into the Rakan territories.”

The city of Lamer didn’t have the news about what had happened in the Yottern canyon.

The iron mage who was in charge of communicating the news was taken captive, and the other surviving knights didn’t return yet as they were scared of the punishment that they would be given.

“Whatever, they just need to come back after winning as fast as possible.”

“I think so too. If they take too much time, I’ll probably end up forgetting how my wife’s naked body looks like.”

As the other soldiers were all away for the war, the work on the leftover soldiers increased.

The gate guards, who currently stationed, it was their fourth shift by then, and they were alternating every two shifts.

The soldiers were beginning to chat with nonsense just to drive away their drowsiness.

“But the war won’t come here right?”

“Don’t talk with that stuff and just look straight ahead. It is a war that we can never lose even if we want to. To put it simply, our Gigant riders can win the war even while sleeping, it’s like eating cold soup right away.”

“I guess so.”

At the very same moment, a group of people was coming towards the gate from the thick fog.

At first, they wanted it to be the next shift that arrived in the morning, but it wasn’t.

“Open the door! We have come to support the city of Lamer at the orders of the Count!”

The two startled men went and brought a dozing officer from his post, he looked over from the gate.

The officer, who tried to wake his eyes up, looked at them with a bewildered face.

“What kind of nonsense is this? I never heard anything about reinforcements coming in.”

“I haven’t heard of any castle orders either. But look at their clothes and the symbol on the Gigants, it looks sure.”


The officer climbed down from the gate and looked down.

The soldiers’ clothes, the flags, and the crest on the chest of the Gigants were obviously the ones which belonged to their Count.

“Where did you come from?”

“There is no need for you to know, open the gates! It is 1 o’clock now, we are in a hurry!”

As the officer was thinking, a man dressed in a colorful armor, like a higher ranked knight came out and asked,

“You in a hurry? What the hell are you even doing here?”

“What? You haven’t heard about the report yet? Our army has lost in the Yottern Canyon! The enemy is coming this way!”

At those words, the guards could feel their drowsiness sink away.

“Lose, lost?! How in the hell…?”

“The nobles have supported the Rakan Viscount! So quickly open the damn gates! The enemy might have already come a long way!”

At those words, the officer replied,

“Wait a minute. After contacting the residence of the Count and confirming…”

“Are you really going to do that now?! Don’t bother! If you can’t open then I’ll have to do it myself!”

The knight leading the group gestured to the back.

Gigants which were in the trailer got up and moved.

“Uh? Uhuh?”

The Gigants who got up from the trailer ran straight to the gate and began to hit it with their bodies.

Thud! Thud!

After several hits, the gates weren’t able to sustain such force and opened.

“Wah! Avoid them!”

“Ring the bell, quickly!”

However, even after the orders from the officer, the bell didn’t ring.

The arrows flew from the archers and to the soldiers who were on the gate.

“The wall is broken! All of you enter!”

At the command of the Knight, nope, Luke, the Gigants, and the soldiers entered the city of Lamer at once.

They were the forces of Rakan and not the aides for Count Monarch.

The Rakan lord disguised himself as the aide of Monarch, till they came to Lamer.

They had met ways with numerous soldiers of the Monarch territories on their way who were patrolling, but they were able to pass through them because of the disguise and proper excuses.

‘Hoop! Just wait a little more time, greedy pig Count!’

Luke led the disguised Rakan army straight to the Count’s manor which was near the northern gate.

Their goal was two-fold.

One was to defeat the Gigants of Monarch and his knights, which could pose to be the biggest obstacle for them in occupying the city. And the other was the capture of the Count.


The Rakan army which ran through the city, divided into two groups as they neared the residence of the Count.

Among them, the troops led by Rogers went into the knights’ headquarters which was right next to the permanent residence.

They entered while smashing the front door.

“What, what was it?

“Who the hell would do this?”

The knights, who were awakened by the sudden sound at the early dawn, stepped out of their quarters rubbing their sleepy eyes.

They found that several Gigants were getting crushed along with the building.

“Do not crush the Gigants, just take down the building! We just need to make sure that no riders can get to them!”

Rogers was smashing the pillars which were next to the Gigants, with his Gigant’s huge sword. He wanted to get the task down as quickly as possible.

“This, a mess! A surprise invasion!”

“Get to the Gigants, quickly!”

Many Gigants and troops were evacuated for the battle with the Rakan, however, seven Gigants were left back for the purpose of protecting the city of Lamer.

The knights hurried and tried to get into them.

However, Rogers had no plan of letting them do that.

He kicked on the debris, the stones, and mud hit the knights.



The soil and gravel stopped the knights, they were rolling on the ground with broken limbs or blood on their heads.

The Rakan Gigants finally succeeded in smashing all the pillars of the Gigants.

Orrrr? Thud!

The building collapsed as its pillars were destroyed and came falling down.

“Ah! This can’t be!”

The knights of Monarch who fell on the floor watched the scene unfold.