Emperor of Steel

Chapter 72 - End of Count Monarch 1

Chapter 72: End of Count Monarch 1

Luke decided to sigh to relieve himself of the fatigue, but he still hadn’t accomplished everything.

Reina had gone to the manor after hearing about the news.

“I heard it from somewhere young Lord! That you did a very good job?”

At the moment, Reina was encouraging the Volga refugees who were busy building their own towns.

Upon hearing the news about the Count’s Gigants which had appeared in the Lordship province, she hurried back, but the battle was already over.

Although she hadn’t witnessed it in person, the stories of the residents and from the butler, Hans made Luke a successful warrior.

“Did you use the Devil King’s power?”

Reina looked around a little and asked, Luke smiled while shaking his head.

“If that was the case, then wouldn’t I be called as the Devil King’s descendant instead of the Warrior’s descendant?”

“Oh my, then you used all your strength…”

“When one uses a special power, dealing with a Gigant is quite easy.”

Luke tried to make it look simple, however, Reina wasn’t buying it.

Surely the skills Luke possessed were very good, however, for her, it was impossible for a man to fight against a huge steel body.

She looked at Luke’s face and said,

“I feel like I saw the Young Lord currently.”


“In the future too, I hope I see the Lord work for the well being of the Rakan Viscount. I’ll look forward to it.”

“Ah, yeah. Thank you.”

Listening to the words of Reina, Luke laughed.

By the time Luke was having a pleasant talk with Reina, Todd was receiving messages over the magic communication from Yottern Canyon.

“What? You are saying that the Count’s men attacked the lordship?”

Rogers sounded shocked at the victory that was announced.

“Yes, Captain. Young Lord had gone out alone and defeated four Gigants!”

Rogers’s eyes went wide at the news.

“Is that really true?”

“It is the fact, the residents of the area had checked it with their own eyes. How would they even lie?!”

Todd was very excited when he was talking about every single detail of the battle Luke had with the Gigant.

While he was explaining the situation, all the other people around Rogers gathered near the communication crystal.

“Yeah, we knew that the young Lord was learning magic, but we never thought that he would be able to use a 2 circle magic.”

“Actually, as I watched the young Lord by staying next to him, he is a magical genius who is born every 100 years.”

At those words of Mute, Rogers added,

“Rather than that, I am surprised and thrilled that the young Lord showed such ability when fighting against the Gigants. I just recently taught him the Gold Sword, but he already used the aura!”

Rogers spoke, which made Philip and Victor’s eyes wide open.

“You taught the Gold sword to the Lord?”

“I don’t get it, when?”

Rogers just shrugged at the questions.

“Before the Volga refugees had come in, I had a match with the young Lord. I told him not to talk about it to anyone, but there was a lot of difference at that time.”

“Ha! For such a great thing!”

There would be no knight in the Rakan knights who wouldn’t have cared about the accomplishment of their Young Lord.

A while ago, he seemed to be very interested in being a wizard rather than a swordsman, the passion of the knights ignited.

But now, the young Lord was an Expert and a 2 circle wizard.

“Shouldn’t everyone postpone their emotions for the other time to deal with the urgent matters in our hands?”

Rogers clapped his hand to liven up the atmosphere.

If the story passed on, there were chances that it would reach the wrong ears.

The reason why he used the crystal communication was to inform the lord of their victory, however, there was something more important than that.

“You need to go to the young Lord quickly and get him.”


Todd bowed his head and disappeared to somewhere, and came back with Luke.

Luke asked him once again about their war.

“The battle was victorious?”

“Yep! We were able to defeat many enemies without taking much damage. This is the victory to the Young Lord.”

“Well, for our glory. What is the important thing?”

Luke asked Rogers who was on the battlefield, and then explained what happened,

“I want to go like this and attack the city of Lamer.”

“Lamer city?”

Luke’s eyes raised a little.

“That is right. There has been very little damage. In addition, the Gigants and the combat supplies used by the enemies are in our hands. I think that capturing Lamer would be easy.”

Shortly after the battle, the opinions began to emerge.

Originally, the plan was to end the war there itself and to get the apology from the Count.

However, because the battle was very easy, everyone wanted to attack the city of Lamer, the heart of the enemy.

Originally, the city of Lamer was part of the Rakan family land, and now it was possible for them to capture it back from the Count Monarch because they felt that they could take down the Count.

“Wait, no damage to the allies? How did you get the Gigants of theirs, that too intact?”

“That, actually…”

Rogers talked about what he had found during the battlefield cleanup.

Luke wasn’t able to hide the absurd expression which was on his face.

“What? The core of the Gigants was missing?”

“Yes, even when we asked the Iron Mages who have been captured, they didn’t seem to have any idea. It was like they were being haunted by ghosts.”

Quickly, the shock was erased from Luke’s eyes.

After hearing the word ‘Ghost’, he came to understand who might have done that.

“How do you plan on using the enemy Gigants with their pivotal part missing?”

“We are going to switch our core engines with theirs, and our Gigant equipment too.”

“Hmm, you plan to disguise that.”

Luke was thinking about something.

“Nice. Get ready to move to Lamer right away.”

“Thank you for your permission, Lord!”

“On the other hand, I’ll be coming there too. I need to catch that pig with my own hands.”

“Hahaha, I understand.”

The communication using the crystal ended with that.

When Luke entered the room, he looked around to make sure no one was there and opened his mouth.


“Yep, you called for me, master?!”

He appeared, and Luke was as cold as ever.

Sebastian crouched with some magic stones held in his hands.

“Master, I did my job perfectly just like my master has told me. And brought treasure that you might like…”

“Where are the remaining ones?”

When Luke asked the unexpected question, Sebastian began to sweat.

“That, that…”

“Right away, return everything back to where they belong. No, just leave them nearby.”

“But master, this was very hard…”

“Do you want to live a tough life and die?”

Shocked with the cold response of Luke’s, Sebastian replied bluntly,

“I will do it right away!”

With those words, Sebastian disappeared like a lightning bolt.

Luke smiled a little, went to the Manor workers, gave them some instructions, armed himself, and headed for the canyon.

When Luke arrived on the back of the horse, it took an overnight, and the knights were preparing for their advance to Lamer.

“Have come, young Lord.”

“You have all done well. By the way the Gigants of the Count? Didn’t you say that they can’t be moved?”

In the eyes of Luke, Gigants with the crest of the Count could perform a basic movement.

Knowing the reason, Luke pretended that he did not know, and Rogers replied to him,

“All the disappeared magic stones and cores were in the supply box in the cart or the parts box. Perhaps the mages forgot to check them.”


“Yes, they were very flustered about it… in fact, they couldn’t think properly as there was an epidemic or they had a hard time coming here.”

“Even then, isn’t it strange that all the 42 Gigants core was missing?”

Luke intentionally asked, but Rogers spoke like it wasn’t a big deal.

“It’s often the case that happens when the Gigants are suddenly brought to war. And some of the greedy Iron mages could have taken them out too.”

“In other words, their military was missing.”

“Uh, we should be careful not to let that happen to us.”

Except for the Gigant, whose hatch had been crushed, which couldn’t be used at all, the rest of them were given over to the Rakan Knights.

They are not professional Gigant riders, but they have been training with the Gigants for a while, so they weren’t entirely comfortable with it.

They couldn’t be placed for the front line in the battle, but they could be placed in full-scale support in the back.

“Then, let’s leave. By now, the losers would have told them, so they’ll probably be shaken. We need to finish before they have the time to respond.”

“Understood, young Lord.”

Luke began the march to Lamer, leaving only a few soldiers to watch over the prisoners.

With all the trailers and the wagons taken over from the Count’s army, they were able to move quickly.