Emperor of Steel

Chapter 71 - I Am the Young Lord 3

Chapter 71: I Am the Young Lord 3

“What? Are you running away?”

Luke looked at Mileon in a pathetic manner.

He couldn’t let him get away though.

Even if he was scared out of his head, it would be more difficult for Luke if his true skills and abilities were revealed to the entire world.

The residents, who were watching from the walls of the manor grounds, didn’t know about magic, so they could be deceived with proper explanations, but the party that directly fought with Luke would be hard to deceive.

He might have figured out much. If not, then he would do so in the future.

‘I can’t just let him get away!’

Luke on his horse, chased Achilles.

He deliberately pursued at a slow pace to get him as far away from the manor grounds as possible.

Once the manor grounds disappeared from his sight, Luke narrowed the distance between Achilles and captured him with Black Bind.

“What, what is this? What are these black vines?!”

As the vines began to pop out from the ground, they wrapped around Achilles. Mileon tried to cut them off.

However, Achilles couldn’t get out no matter how it tried.

“What happened? Why is it not moving!”

‘Huh, did you really think that you could get away? That too from the dark magic which is powerful than the higher demons.’

The Black Bind trapped its caster’s targets and at the same time absorbed their power.

Even in the case of a Gigant, it wouldn’t be able to move because Black Bind had absorbed all the Gigant’s mana, the main source of its power.

In the process, however, Luke had encountered an unexpected crisis.

‘Hu! My Mana is suddenly…!’

All the power absorbed by the Black Bind would go to the caster, Luke. So the huge mana flow from the Gigant flowed straight to him.

‘No, it is dangerous to suddenly absorb such large amounts of mana!’

Luke realized that and tried to cancel Black Bind.

However, the black circle, which had been moving, stopped!

“Oops! The curse has been triggered again… ahk!”

As a large amount of mana hit the black circle, the suspended curse circle began to move again.

Luke fell off his horse because of the pain he was experiencing in his heart.

However, the pain was like someone was holding his heart really tight. It was as if someone was tearing his heart open.

“Kaaa! Kaaaahk!”

‘What? What is it with that guy?’

After opening the hatch and exiting Achilles, Mileon looked puzzled after seeing Luke rolling on the floor.

However, in a second, with a sneaky smile, he pulled out his sword and approached Luke.

‘If I kill this guy right here, it will be a victory for the Count Monarch!’

Mileon raised his sword high.

However, Luke was trying to get his stationary black circle to move with a huge amount of mana.

“Die, you monstrous young Lord!”

With sluggish words, Mileon’s sword struck Luke’s chest.



The sword bounced!

“What the hell just happened?”

Mileon was flustered because of what happened to his sword.

Kang! Kang!

And every time his sword bounced off, the heart of Luke would hurt more.

But right then, at some point, Luke’s body swelled.

Ddddd! Dududdd!

His body began to expand and grow. He was outgrowing the clothes he was wearing.

The man, who had followed Mileon, was a young man. However, he was now a ferocious muscular warrior.

‘Is this guy a real monster?’

Looking at Luke’s transformation with shock, Mileon got up from the ground and clasped his sword.

No matter how he moved his sword, there was no way he could stop Luke’s aura.

At that moment, Luke opened his eyes and grabbed Mileon’s sword and his wrist.

“Kaaaak! My, my hand!”

‘Dammit, this really needs a lot of practice.’

At the moment of crisis, Luke had began to use the Build-up ability of the demon.

As soon as the power engraved in Luke’s brain was activated, the black circle would stop, and his body would begin to change. He began to change the mana that collided in his body with the Magi built in the black circle.

The altered mana, or rather, the Magi, was absorbed into the black circle, creating a chain of four to five circles in a row.

If Luke hadn’t absorbed the Magi from the demons, his body would have managed to form only four circles.

Luke, fortunately, overcame the unexpected crisis before him.

“Hhhheee! Please, please let me go!”

Mileon, who was caught by Luke, squirmed.

Luke showed him his trademark cold cynicism.

“Such shameless man you are. You are begging for your life from the same man that you just tried to kill.”

“Uh? Ahhh! Ahhh!”

As soon as Luke’s eyes flashed, Mileon’s body began to stiffen.

It was Petro, the demon ability that would turn any opponent stiff.

Mileon turned into stone before he could do anything.

Luke threw Mileon, who turned into a lump of stone, like he was garbage.


The moment Mileon’s body hit Achilles, his body broke into numerous pieces.

Luke touched his hands and went back to his original form.

“It is all done. But what about this?”

Luke looked at Achilles.

Because of the Black Bind still around it, it didn’t break.

Luke would be able to use it once its core was replaced.

“To throw it away is a waste… It’ll be a bother to explain how I captured it though…”

After thinking for a while, Luke came up with a simple explanation.

“Okay, let me use that.”

Gigants were indeed a machine that was based on Golems.

Properly handled Marionette magic could control it.

“Or maybe I can control it. I can ask Rogers or Philip to teach me.”

Luke decided to place Achilles into the subspace for the time being and return to the manor.

“Look there! Young Lord is coming back!”

“Oh, young Lord!”

Hans and the people who were around the other broken Gigants cheered upon seeing him.

They were all worried as they had only seen their Lord go on the back of a horse, but he now came back.

“Cheers to the young Lord!”

“Long live the second Rakan!”

‘What? I am the second Rakan?’

When Luke heard the shouts and cheers of the people, he got confused.

He used magic and aura to fight the Gigants, and just a while ago, he used the abilities of the demons.

He didn’t understand why they were cheering for him as the Second Rakan, a warrior!

In fact, if one thought about it, it was natural for them to behave like that.

For them, in order to protect their town and their lives, Luke alone fought with four Gigants valiantly, and after a fierce struggle, he defeated them and chased after the last one.

As he entered the gate, the cheers grew louder.

In particular, the elderly ones shed tears and knelt for him.

‘Ahh, why are they doing that?’

“Why did you do that, young Lord? I don’t like you doing that.”

At the question of Hans, Luke replied roughly.

“Ah, I missed the guy who ran away a while ago. If I didn’t fall down, I could have caught him.”

“Hahaha! That doesn’t matter. He was taken down by the young Lord, so he won’t think of coming back.”

Hans spoke with a heavy voice.

“This old man is really impressed because the Young Lord has fought so bravely and with such amazing skill…”

“It was just my luck. I was so nervous that my feet and hands felt tangled up. In addition, my magic luckily hit the Gigants.”

Hans nodded and was convinced by Luke’s excuse, but his eyes were still the same.

“Hahaha! When this gets known, everyone will see our Rakan estate in a new light.”

‘Isn’t that bad?’

As a result, the old man seemed to boast Luke’s achievement and hoped that people would recognize them more.

And it wasn’t just Hans, all the other residents did that too.

‘I can’t do much about this. I just need to lay down since the blood of that stupid ancestor of mine, that warrior, has awakened.’

Luke decided to go back into his manor.

There were many things that he wanted to do, but he wanted to rest first.