Chapter 70: I Am the Young Lord 2

“There is the lord of Rakan Viscount.”

Mileon stopped his Gigant on the hill when he saw the lord.

A small manor at the center of the lordship, which was surrounded by a low wall. Perhaps that was the permanent residence where the young lord was staying.

“Just as I thought, there is no Gigant with them.”

“There are people on the wall, aren’t they? Do they want to face us? I don’t think that everyone out there is insane enough to come out and fight.”

“Kukk, that is true.”

Mileon smiled and talked with a voice full of arrogance.

“Whatever, let’s smash it and take the young Lord and then enter the Devil’s hill that is south from here.”

“Why to the Devil’s hill?”

“Isn’t he the descendant of the warrior who killed the Devil?”

“Giggle, that is true.”

“Oh, oh, devil king Mileon! Lord of Darkness?!”

Mileon was laughing with his men.

The riders on the back looked at the lord of the viscount and spoke in a mysterious voice.

“Captain Mileon, a black horse is running this way. What do you think?”

As the subordinate spoke while looking ahead, they did indeed see the horse which was running toward them.

“Could he have lost his mind? He is plain ignorant!”

Their purpose was to capture the young Lord of Rakan from his manor.

Once they grabbed the young Rakan lord, their battle would end right away.

Destroying the manor and the lordship was a second story.

The young man, who came with a horse, pulled his sword at the Gigant’s gloves


“Ah! That bastard!”

A Gigant’s gloves were invulnerable to moderate attacks, so they pretended to not even see the sword.

However, when the paint was peeled off with the sword, the cut seemed rather ugly. Mileon, who saw the cut, stared at the young man with eyes open wide.

The young man, who stopped in front of them, shouted loudly.

“This is my warning to the invaders! Get out of my land right away!!”

“What? My land? Then… Don’t tell me you are…?”

“Yes! I am Luke de Rakan, the owner of Rakan Viscount!!”

The young man, or Luke, made enough impact to scare the invaders.

“Catch him!”

“Catch him first and then check him!”

Mileon and the other riders reached for their target.

But Luke moved away from them.


At that moment, the ground became slippery like ice, and the four Gigants that ran at him fell down.

“Oh shit!”

“Get that brat first!”

Thud thud!

Du Du Du!

The four Gigants got up and scattered to surround Luke. They tried to gradually narrow their distance between Luke and them to catch him.

“Huh, slow!”

Luke escaped a Gigant’s hands by cutting the ankle joint of the Gigant.


“Idiot! If not this, then you’ll surely fall prey to an agile Gigant…”

The rider opened his mouth while looking at Luke.

Suddenly, a Gigant’s right ankle squeaked and black oil began to flow out from it like it was bleeding.

“Ah! The joint lubricants!”

A Gigant’s joints were covered with oil like a human’s cartilages. It was because they too were moving parts, and a lot of wear and tear happened there.

As the lube ran out, an awkward sound, stiffer and slower movements than before, would start.

“Ah, shit! He is an Expert!”

The riders could see the purple aura that was attached to the sword that Luke was holding.

After passing through the Gigants, Luke once again attacked the Gigant who had a broken joint.

“Dammit, think you’ll be able to hit me again?!”

The broken Gigant rider brought out his big Gigant sword.

Luke moved his upper body to escape from the big sword, and this time, he cast magic on the knee joint of the Gigant’s opposite leg.

“Fire Ball!”


The Fire Ball that left Luke’s hand penetrated through the Gigant’s knee glove and caused a massive explosion.

The Gigant’s thick gloves and powerful frame could easily ignore the magic of a 2 circle Fire Ball.

However, the previous explosion was powerful enough to be considered as a 5 circle Fire Explosion.

As a result, all the magic stones, which were controlling the movement of the Gigant’s knee joint, were destroyed.

“Ahh! Ah, no!”

The Gigant, whose legs were broken, slumped and fell forward and never again could it even crawl.

“What, what? How can a 2 circle…”

“Be careful! That rune knight isn’t a full pledge wizard! Just do your best to avoid his magic!”

Unlike the riders who were perplexed with the situation, the people on the wall, who were seeing the situation unfold, screamed.

“Wah! Young Lord defeated a Gigant!”

‘Oh, oh, young Lord!’

Hans nervously watched as the fight unfold while clenching his fists.

‘Dammit, how is a rune knight doing magic?’

Circle magic—the higher the circle of the magic went the more outstanding the magic of the person casting it was going to be.

However, it didn’t matter much if one was a general wizard, but for a rune knight to have such magic was something that no one could understand.

Rune knight was someone who was able to use both the sword and magic, but because they had to manage two things, one of their skills usually lagged behind.

‘But this guy isn’t just using magic. He had strong magic! How were such skills not informed to us?’

That wasn’t just that.

Luke had turned out to be something scarier than what Mileon had thought.

In other words, the boy knew everything about a Gigant.

It was almost like he knew about how to dismantle a Gigant. He knew how it moved, and when to break it to stop it from moving.

On top of that…

‘Even if Gigant reacts faster than golems, it will only move if the rider does. It can’t react right away like the reflexes of the human body.’

With such a gap, Luke could read and react to his opponent’s movements and intentions.

‘In the past, a higher demon was so much faster than this, and I was able to catch one. To think that I’ll be hit by such dull people is just insane!’

Luke was neither afraid or nervous because of his past experience.

As the swords fell, he would use fly magic and drive between them without getting hit.

“Fire Arrow!”


The Fire Arrow from Luke’s hand hit the crystal in the Gigant’s eye.

The crystal was the part that illuminates the outside landscape on the cockpit of the screen.

But the soot, which was released from the Fire Arrow spread to the crystal, leaving no image on the screen of the rider.

“Oh! I can’t see anything!”

“Idiot! Do not open the hatch!”

Despite Mileon’s warning, the rider with a blind Gigant opened its hatch.

He wanted to see Luke with his own eyes, and Luke was waiting for that very moment.

“Wind Cutter!”


The rider, who was cut by the sharp wind blade, died.

The dead rider’s Gigant sat down on the ground like a puppet whose string had been cut.

When he saw that scene, Mileon couldn’t think of anything, and the other 2 Gigant riders went into a frenzy.

“What the hell?! Why hasn’t anyone told us that Rakan’s young Lord is this strong?!”

Before they began, no one from the Count’s men told them that they had to watch out for the Rakan’s Lord.

They said that he was learning a little bit of fencing, and his skills were told to be inconsistent, so they thought that it was like catching a small boy.

And that information came from Goth.

But just now, Luke went against 4 warrior class Gigants!

“Kyakk! Dammit! Just die, die quickly!!”

Mileon, who lost his reasoning, pulled his sword and swung it randomly, forgetting that his mission was to capture Luke.


“Uh! Be careful, captain!”

“Danger, dangerous… ah!”

The more restlessly he attacked, the more he missed Luke.

In addition, he accidentally knocked down his allies and crushed them, which only increased the confusion on the battlefield.

“You really like trying hard, do you?”

The moment Luke scoffed at him, Mileon’s heart went cold.

‘Can’t… Can’t! I can’t contain such a monster!’

There were those who could take down both a Gigant and the knight who were in it.

That person had to be a 6 circle War Mage and an Expert knight with different skills. The damage a person like that could do to said Gigant depended on the circumstances.

And such people were referred to as the ‘Destroyer’.

Mileon was sure that Luke was a Destroyer, so he decided to sneak out and flee.

“Cap, captain!”

“Take us too!”

Thud Thud!

The subordinates, who were defeated, begged. However, Mileon just ran away pretending like he never heard them.