Chapter 69: I Am the Young Lord 1

Kung Kung kung!

There were four Gigants crossing the wasteland of North into the Rakan.

“I think we have entered the land of Rakan by now?”

“Maybe the Rakan would fight with the Gigants.”

“Tch, if Rakan has been defeated in there, it is just less work for us.”

“That is true.”

Those Gigants, driven by the riders, with no trailers, belonged to the Count Monarch for infiltrating Rakan land.

These groups were sent by the Goth, without letting Cain know.

Originally, only a small number of knights had been dispatched to look into the enemy estate and search for the Shadow Knights.

However, when the war broke out, they decided to infiltrate the enemy from the back or to intentionally take over the Rakan manor in advance.

It was because they didn’t want the other nobles to intervene in the war because the opponent was weak.

Goth got permission from Count Monarch, organized the Gigant riders and divided them into separate groups and infiltrated the north of the Rakan.

And when the war broke out, he ordered them to head into the Rakan territory.


“It is nice that Mileon could get back this time.”

“Huhu, I don’t know how many nights I could get sleep because of that.”

The leader of the four groups of Gigant was the rider of Achilles, Mileon.

He lost the credit the Monarch had on him because of the defeat he faced last time in the Gigant Arena in the hands of the Black Knight.

So when Goth was picking up the riders, he volunteered by putting the other works aside.

‘It was the Rakan who had taken the black knight?’

The main reason why he volunteered for the operation was that he learned of the news that the Black Knight, who defeated him, belonged to the Rakan territory.

According to Goth, the young Lord is likely to stay in the manor.

Since he didn’t have much fencing skills if he went into the battle and died, everything would be over.

If the young Lord remained in the manor, the knight, and the Black Knight was likely to be there.

‘Kukk, I’m going to trample him and kill him.’

The Gigants of the Rakan would have been placed to prevent an attack from the front.

This meant that the black knight, the lord’s designated knight would be Gigant-less.

In such a state, he could never beat Achilles.

“The permanent manor is almost ahead. Speed up!”

Mileon, imagining the brutal revenge scene looked back at the following Gigants.

At the orders, the 4 Gigants began to run at high speed.

Luke stared at the board in the office room of the manor.

On a large map of the situation board, the figurines of knights, Gigant knights, and the infantry were placed by giving one a glimpse of the current deployment of the forces.

Iron Mage Todd, approached Luke, who was watching the Yottern Canyon.

His friends Humphry and Gordon had followed Mute to support the Gigant forced, but Todd decided to remain here and conduct the communication magic.

“What is it?”

“I just got the news that the ambush happened and the battle has started.”

At those words, Luke nodded and asked Todd who’s face showed nervousness.

“Do you think we will win?”

“I… I don’t know.”

Todd wanted to say that they would lose, but he didn’t want to say things that would make him hated.

Luke smiled and spoke,

“From what I see, we will win.”

“Although the Monarch army had been taken by surprise, aren’t they high on power?”

Todd knew too.

The fact that Count Monarch and Rakan’s power difference was like an adult and a child.

“Huhu, that is true. But since I never lose when I use my hands.”

At the words from Luke, Todd couldn’t understand anything.

‘Isn’t the young Lord a little weird? Or did he have some kind of medicine overdose?’

Soon the lordship could be ruined too.

Whether he was weird or not, Luke looked out the window and opened his mouth.

“We might not suffer too much…”

If Sebastian did good work, then they might win.

What Luke worried about the most was the power and force of Rakan not to deplete.

Even if they were going to win the war with knights, riders or wizards, there was always a damage that was taken by the winning side too.

They couldn’t recruit people with their money, and not many were willing to come to the remote Rakan for the war.

‘If this war is won, then it would change everything.’

Luke was looking outside the window waiting to hear about the outcome of the battle.


Suddenly the bell from the watchtower of Lord’s began to ring.

‘What is up?’

Butler Hans ran into them as the doors were widely opened to see what Luke was doing.

“Something huge has happened! Four Gigants have appeared in the North.”


Luke was surprised.

He did anticipate the case where the enemy would bypass, and prepared for it. Deploy canons or gunpowder.

However, four Gigants had come in from the North.

“Did you check it?”

“The first one had a boar symbol drawn on the chest.”

“Dammit, that Monarch! What hell are they planning to do in the estate…?!”

Luke shouted, however, he didn’t have the time to get angry. The enemies Gigants were going to reach the lordship.

The only power Luke could currently use while being in the Manor was to deploy a few soldiers.

Rogers led most of the power to fight the battle of life and death on one side.

Anyway, as the situation reached such point, Hans and the other old knights of Volga gathered around.

“Young Lord, what do you think? Do we need to evacuate him first?”

There was a wall, but the power to fight the Gigant wasn’t there.

In order to reduce the damage to the people, it would be right to evacuate as Hans has said.

“After the evacuation, bring a few in. Strong and fast man.”


At the instructions of Luke, Hans ran out.

After a while the watchtower began to ring a different sound, maybe it was the sound for the evacuation.

Luke looked at Todd.

“If you flee, you die.”

“I won’t run away.”

Even when bound by the mana oath, everyone thought about running away when they face a crisis.

“I need to believe them.”

When they came out, they saw the villages running to the wall with a pickaxe, kitchen knives, and stuff.

“What happened? Why haven’t they been evacuated?”

At the question from Luke, the soldiers next to him spoke,

“Huhu, we can barely eat and live, where else do we have to go?”

“So you want to die fighting with the Gigant?”

“A person dies once, not twice. Although the Rakan family had no power, you have cared for the poor like your family. When people starved, you starved with us, we work together and we live together.”


“It would be a sin to ignore the crisis upon the Rakan family which took care of us.”

It wasn’t sure if the old man spoke on part of the entire village, but Luke was impressed with them.

‘The Rakan family had been great.’

That was why the people were coming out bravely to defend their homes and protect them.

‘Is it really the Rakan family? That Rakan guy really thought his generations all that?’

Luke had thought that Rakan was just a dumb guy who ruined his revenge, but there was some similarity with him.

They both were hostile because of the different lives they had.

‘Oh my, Rakan. I will protect your people and your family. Using all my strength and knowledge!’

Definitely to defeat the Count’s Gigants!

When Luke set his mind, Hans brought in a black horse.

“Here you go, young Lord. But, what do you plan on doing…?”

Luke took over the horse and laughed.

“We need to draw the Count’s Gigants away. As far from the manor as possible.”

“Uh? What, what do you mean!”

Shocked Hans tried to stop, but Luke ran away with the horse before Hans could do anything.

As Luke approached the gates, the people who recognized him shouted,

“Wahh, young Lord!”

“Young Lord has come to protect us all!”

Luke spoke to them loudly,

“Open the gates??!”

The gates were opened by the people not knowing what was happening.


As the massive gates opened, Luke went out.

He was able to see the dirt rising from the Gigants which were approaching.

“They have come till here. Now you will be the sacrifices for my people!”

Luke spoke fiercely to the Gigants.