Chapter 68: The Outbreak of War 5

The army of Count Monarch had completely entered the canyon.

There were no signs until then, the knights and the soldiers were completely vigilant.

They looked forward to seeing the exit of the canyon, hoping to depart the canyon as quickly as possible.

So they didn’t know that the Rakan Viscount had hills under their territory.

Swooong? Kwang!

Shoong? Kwang! Kwang! Bang!

Suddenly, rocks and blocks of wood flew in like the shells from the hills.

The ten Gigants for ambush was throwing rocks, and their goal was to hit the trailers holding the Gigants.


“What, what was it?”

“The enemy is on the hill! The enemy has appeared!”

That was when the Monarch soldiers discovered the existence of Rakan.

Whether they were yelling or not, the ten Rakan Gigants continued to throw rocks at the trailers.

“This! Protect the trailer!”

“Riders get on the Gigants quickly!”

Cain realized their purpose and ordered the knights.

He himself ran over to his own Gigant.

‘Hell, has been hit!’

What was the easiest way to defeat one’s opponent?

Skill-winning battles with sharp huge swords and powerful Gigant? Or was it aiming at the core of their strength?


It was to prevent the riders from boarding their Gigants.

A Gigant without their rider was just an expensive can. Thus, since the Gigants were the rulers of the battlefield when such acts were done, they would turn weak.

In particular, those who had no Gigants or power obstacle use such tactics.

Of course, there have been counters for such tactics.

Alternating between numerous Gigant to reach one of theirs, the riders entered the cockpit of the Gigant which were in the trailer.

But the Monarch army was very proud of their Gigants and never used them for outside combat.

Nevertheless, everyone was quick to their tasks.

Some of the riders who were in the trailer successfully opened the hatch and boarded into the cockpit.

“Damn those cowards!”

“I am going to make them bleed like hell!”

The riders of the Monarch had no thought that Rakan would do such nasty tricks.

So, they pulled mana from the crystal ball.

But, nothing was moving even after the huge sounds.

“What, what is this?! Why isn’t this moving?”

“Is it broken?!”

Flustered riders came out of their Gigants. And when they tried to speak to the wizards, stones came flying towards the trailer.

“Dammit, damaged!”

The rider wrapped his hands around the wizard’s waist and jumped off the trailer.

Kwang! Kwang!

The moment they jumped out, the rocks flew in over the Gigants hatch.

When the first strike came in, the hatch crushed inside the Gigant.


If the hatch was broken or crushed, it wouldn’t open well. So they had to tear it open completely.

The rider stomped the feet in anger.

‘What? Why aren’t any of the Gigants moving?’

Because of the continuous tossing of the rocks, Rogers knew the answer to the question.

His operation of aiming for the Gigant was successful.

But he never assumed that all the Gigants would stop working.

Some of the riders were already in the Gigants, and some riders quickly escaped from the rocks and log attacks.

There was still time, however, none of the body moved from the trailer.

“General! What are those guys doing?”

Philip was on Sting II, and asked as he had the same thought,

“I don’t know either. Anyway, it seems like we have overpowered the Gigants.”

“Tch, I was hoping for some epic war between big swords…”

“This isn’t a Gigant arena, even if you didn’t have any fun, winning the war is the most important factor.”

Rogers, who spoke back to Philip, drew out his weapon and shouted,




From the canyon, the 10 Gigants in the Rakan territory began to push forward.

Their numbers weren’t that large, but the army which had been shocked with the turmoil wasn’t able to respond at all.

Cain got into the knight class Gigant and almost threw up blood.

No matter how much mana he tried to induce into the crystal ball, the Gigant did not start.

‘It was fine when I checked it in the morning, why now?’

However, it was a problem with just one Gigant, it was with all the 42 Gigants in their army.

Unbearable at the non-functioning of them, Cain yelled out to the Iron Mages who were outside.

“Wizard Robinson! What the hell is this?”

“That, I too am looking into…!”

The 5th circle wizard, Robinson, the chief Iron mage was also confused.

To know the reason, he would have to open the Gigant and then look inside, but that couldn’t be done in a battle.

“Make it move right now…!”

Cain was trying to make it move.

Suddenly, a huge sound began to come from the canyon, and the Gigants of the Rakan began to descend.

“Dammit, knights go forward! Block them until the Gigants get fixed!”

To fight a Gigant, the knight has to be an Expert.

Because they can’t go against the Gigant’s sword, he has to use the sword.

Among the knights which were brought in for the war, less than 20 of them were Experts. In addition, there was no way one could be sure of them stopping the Gigants because they had been from the energy drain for the past three days.

However, now wasn’t the time for them to cover.

Cain who jumped out of the hatch of his Gigant pulled out his sword and ended up giving Robinson an ultimatum.

“I am giving you 10 minutes. If you don’t fix it in 10 minutes, I’ll use this sword to blow up all the wizards in here!”

Cain, with his sword, rode on a horse and ran forward with his men towards the Gigants.

“Kyaa, my lovely treasure…”

While Cain was moving, Sebastian who was far from them, laughed seeing the scene.

His surroundings were full of huge stones.

Sebastian, liked the magic stones much more than any jewels, as he was a spiritual demon.

Especially on the Earth, there were a lot of huge magic stones, which were very rare to see in the Devildom. That too, in a steel giant which looked completely useless.

So, Sebastian went undercover an hour back and pulled out the magic stones which were supposed to be in the core engine of the Gigants.

As the ability of the demons wasn’t recognizable by the humans, specifically in the case of Sebastian who was a notorious thief, his stealth was unrecognizable.

If the wizards of the Count were properly paying attention, they would have noticed that the core magic stone had been missing.

However, in the past few days, they had been so concerned with their own health, that they didn’t care about the mana flow in the Gigants.

Whatever be the case, Sebastian made the Gigants of the Count impossible to move.

If Cain knew about it, he would have probably vomited blood, however, Sebastian didn’t know of it. No, the more unhappy the other side felt, the more happy Sebastian was feeling.

“How many should I give to the master? Then he would give back my body, right?”

There was no definite way that the treatment might change in the future.

Judging for himself, Sebastian left the place with a sack filled with magic stones.

While the greedy wicked demon stepped out, 80 knights led by Cain clashed with the 10 Gigants of Rakan.

At first, knights seemed to dominate.

However, their opponent was the Gigant, the ruler of the battlefield.

In addition, there were knights and other beginner knights of the Rakan who were assisting their own Gigants.

In the end, the Monarch knights didn’t even manage to last 10 minutes.

Most of them were stepped on or trapped under the foot of the Gigants, and the Expert Knights who had huge swords were also taken down.

There were just a few knights left, including Cain.

The other wizards surrendered the moment Rakan knights had gotten close to them, and the soldiers abandoned their weapons and surrendered.

The wizards weren’t loyal to the Count as they had been hired for money, and the normal soldiers didn’t care who won the battle.

The biggest reason they had surrendered was because of the lack of energy.

In any case, the Rakan territory had won with an unexpectedly easy victory.

And obtained a huge group of prisoners.

Excited about the victory, they never imagined that anything unexpected would have happened in the Manor.