Emperor of Steel

Chapter 675 - Red Hawks Flying in the Sky 3

Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa!

Numerous ships which were receiving a good wind moved ahead to the northwest.

In the case of the large Barbarossa flagship, the battleship which was in the center, they could move a lot faster by the self-sailing magical steam engine.

However, they didn’t opt for it.

It was because they speed up, the transport ships and the supply ships would end up falling behind.

And once they reach a fixed point, they have to move together.

It was when Fernando was standing in the lead and enjoying the blowing wind.

The Duke, Nathan went up to him and asked.

“Your Majesty, we are entering the waters of the Symphonia Kingdom, we need to be careful.”

“Tch, I know that. Send in our scouts to all directions and tell them to find out the whereabouts of the enemy, and look closely to see if there is anything we aren’t aware of.”

In the previous battle, the Grenada Navy, despite having a dominant force, fell into a trap that the enemy made and were defeated.

After biting the bait, the fleet ended up getting hit by the torpedoes, and the land squad, isolated on the Touled Peninsula surrendered without even a proper fight.

So, this time, they first sent in the fast scout ships in advance to make sure that the Symphonia men didn’t dig a new trap.

Fortunately, the scouts who returned back reported that nothing was out of the blue.

“I know we’ll have to face a whole new one! This time, I will be striking them with overwhelming power and destroy the coast!”

The main point of the operation was to reduce the capabilities of Symphonia.

A large fleet of 1,300 ships and more than 100,000 land troops, were expecting to annihilate the Symphonia Navy and the coast.

That was why when they entered the Symphonia waters, they were cautious.

Suddenly, a sailor who was on the mast yelled.

“The enemy is seen! The enemy fleet has emerged!”

And the words of the sailor were right.

When Fernando checked with the telephoto item, he saw fifty ships on the horizon.

Among them were several ships that were stolen by the Symphonia Kingdom in the past.

It was obvious that they purposely put them at the fore in order to disgrace the Grenada army.


Fernando, who recalled the shame of the past, grinded his teeth and gave orders.

“Send in the 1st fleet to attack!”

The royal 1st fleet was Grenada’s elite navy, consisting entirely of battleships.

They alone could crush down the entire Navy of the Symphonia Kingdom.

In response to Fernando’s orders, Duke Nathan immediately asked him to hold back.

“Your Majesty, sending in the 1st fleet is like sending in an Ogre to catch a single Kobold. How about we send in the noble lords fleet.”

“Well, then do that.”

When he thought over, it felt like following the words of Nathan seemed better. Perhaps since he was an expert in naval battles.

It felt better to leave the navy matters to an expert than to go ahead with his stubbornness.

When Fernando accepted it, Duke Nathan quickly gave orders to the raiding fleet.

And around 300 large and small wooden ships on the right side of the fleet, took lead.

Although the size and performance of the ships were incomparable to the regular navy, the pirates were more terrifying in terms of fierceness.

“Wohoo! They are like a swarm of moths.”

Marquis Volant, who was leading the battleship, looked at the enemies through the photo item and smiled.

It was because the enemies took the bait.

Well, even if he was in that position, he wouldn’t have hesitated or moved away from approaching the enemy.


When he looked at the item, Volant ordered his lieutenant.

“Let’s go ahead as planned.”

“Yes, Commander.”

More than 500 fleets, including the battleship, waited until the fleet of riders approached with a formation.

Then, as the enemies entered into the gun range, they began to fire at once.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Bang!

Some of the leading pirate and noble ships were struck by the shells and began to break down. The small wooden ships which were hit twice or thrice sank right away.

Nevertheless, the pirates didn’t seem very shocked or troubled.

It was because each group had a lot more ships, and the damage seemed very insignificant when compared to the total number of fleets.

In addition, the raiders’ ships were specialized in looting, and it didn’t contain guns, so there was no way they could stop it.

“If His Majesty manages to seize the enemy troops, he said that he would grant up their enemy ships! Since His Majesty said that he would give us special rewards, we need to catch those Symphonia men!”


“Charge! Charge!”

Like pirates, they shouted and raised their morale.

However, it was when they wanted the distance between the fleet to be narrowed down to 100 meters.

The ships of Symphonia Kingdom which were fiercely bombarded turned their ships and began to flee at once.

“Wh-what are they?”

Pirates who never thought that the Symphonia Navy would flee were shocked.

But that was just for a while.

Blinded by the rewards they would get, they screamed and pursued the enemies very fiercely.

“Hahhha! Stand there, you cowards!”

“You fools! We are the men of the sea!”

The pirates booed and swore from behind, but the Symphonia Navy didn’t respond at all.

For the sake of victory, the level of humiliation they were facing seemed fine.