Emperor of Steel

Chapter 672 - Battle in Pamire Mountains 4

Chapter 672: Battle in Pamire Mountains 4

“All Attack! Don’t leave a single one of them behind, and tear them up!”

As soon as Lenuk found the Symphonia forces blocking the road, he ordered for an attack.

It was intended to cool off the grudge which had been plagued into his head because of those enemy troops.


Kuek! Kwoooo!

The monsters in the lead were screaming on top of their lungs at the order of attack and charged at once.

The fastest flocking ones were the goblins and Kobolds which were quick on their feet.

The ones who jumped ahead would run even without concerning the barbed wire which was laid down.

It wasn’t because they didn’t feel pain.

It was because they were brainwashed and unable to make their own judgments to decide their actions.

The recklessness resulted in enormous sacrifices.

Kuak! Kuakkk!

Kiiik! Kiakkkk!

The kobolds and goblins wrapped with the barbed wire struggled in pain, but the more they struggled the more they got tangled in it and couldn’t get out.

The ones who followed them stepped onto the monsters or jumped into the trap.

However, the barbed wire was built by Symphonia to stop their movement.

Moreover, the Symphonia army made sure that the monsters didn’t pass over the barbed wire.

“Sh*t! Stop them from rushing in!”

When Marquis Rogers gave the orders, the archers standing on top of the mountain trees, poured in their arrows.

Goblins and Kobold who couldn’t walk past half the barbed wire area fell down with the arrows.

And instead of them, the medium-sized ones like trolls and Orcs began to appear.

The orcs stumbled over the barbed wire, but the Trolls and Ogres seemed different.

They just smashed past the wire or ripped out the entire barbed wire and moved forwards.

However, the trap laid in the ground couldn’t be ignored.


The ogres who got stabbed by the sharp stake in the pit, fell.

The injury wasn’t serious enough for the monsters to die, but such a heavy body couldn’t move with an injury on legs.

The leading Gaius and Warrior class Gigants in the back threw in the spears and rocks towards the staggering monsters.

Kwang! Kang! Puck!

The artillery too began to fire.

The shells which flew in struck the crowded monsters which were in a narrow space.

The screams of the monster echoed through the mountain path.

“Kuak! What the hell are they doing?!”

When Lenuk saw the monsters not being able to move forwards, he clenched his fists.

“The enemy built the trap very cautiously… In addition, the fallen monsters are turning into obstacles for us.”

“Shut up I hate hearing all that! Get rid of those which can’t move! And how the hell are those archers shooting arrows from the top? Get rid of them quickly!”

At Lenuk’s yelling, the subordinate warlocks seemed upset.

“What if we fire a magic attack and then end up creating a landslide? If the road is blocked, we will end up making more time.”

“Shut up! Can’t you use an attack that won’t cause a landslide?! Sweep them all away by using some lightning magic!”

At Lenuk’s cry, the warlocks attacked the top of the mountain’s trees with lightning magic.

Grrrrng! Kwang! Kwang!


“Magic attack! Everyone get down!”

As dark clouds suddenly formed in the sky and lightning fell, the soldiers hurriedly bowed down.

The peak of the mountain had no place to hide.

Nevertheless, casualties were extremely rare. It was because they had anticipated and responded to the attack.

“The words of the War Mages were right. Lightning falls in the highest place!”

“It was good to have a long spear around!”

The officer yelled as the soldiers sighed in relief.

“Stop talking and locate the guys who used the magic attack and let the artillery units know!”

It would be easy to shoot the arrows, but it would be difficult for the archers to accurately find the warlocks as the monsters were guarding them.

“Yes, we will do it right away.”

The archers quickly signaled the artillery with flags. And shortly thereafter, the shells fell like rain onto the place where Lenuk and his men were.

“Kuek! Those men…!”

Thanks to the shield magic, Lenuk and the warlocks weren’t hurt at all.

But the attack was enough to rile him up.

“I will never let these people just die so easily!”

Lenuk sharpened his teeth and declared punishment.

Although he was the commander of a large monster legion and had to keep calm, he was erupting like a volcano.