Chapter 67: The Outbreak of War 4

Thud. Thud.

The soldiers were walking down the set route.

It had been three days since they had eaten, and they fainted because of dehydration and exhaustion.

Whenever the soldiers fell, the cart would come and load them into the luggage compartment.

The cart was already packed with exhausted patients.

“Kuk! What the hell is this situation?!”

After seeing the soldiers, Cain burst out in anger.

Count Monarch hadn’t even tried to help, and one-third of the soldiers were already exhausted and had fallen down.

The wizards, who were protecting the strong knights with mana were a little better, but they weren’t in their normal state either.

There were dark circles under their eyes.

“General, why don’t we report back to the majesty and slow the army down a bit?”

At the end of the lieutenant’s words, Cain shook his head firmly.

“We can never do that. I’d rather die from a fight. How can I say that I got exhausted because of diarrhea and go back?”

His pride was strong, and that was the reason why a knight could never step back.

“However, if things keep going as it is, the soldiers would fall down. Even though we have the wizards and the knights, we won’t last long.”

If their suffering continued a few more days, then most of the wizards and knights would fall too.

If their core source of power fell down, they wouldn’t be able to operate their Gigants. They would be defeated even before the battle begins.

“… First, let’s go to the border of Rakan and then decide.”

In the end, they followed Cain’s decision.

The next morning, Count Monarch’s army had finally arrived near the Yottern Canyon.

After marching a kilometer away from the canyon, they would be able to reach the border of Rakan.

“Everyone, cheer up a bit. Once we go through the canyon, we will give you some rest.”

At the shout of Cain, the soldiers began to use their full power.

“Sir, why don’t we send the searchers?”

The lieutenant approached and asked.

If an army was about to enter a suspicious terrain, it was always advisable to send in soldiers to scout the surroundings, so they could strategize what to do next. There could be traps, ambush, dead ends and so on.

“There is no way that the path is cut off, and do they have the guts to come into our region and ambush us?”

“Even then, we will never know…”

“Well, do you want to go?”

At the sharp words of Cain, the lieutenant went silent.

In fact, he too was tired and exhausted. However, as an expert, he had to rely on his skills and strength.

“If you don’t want to do it, then just be quiet.”

When the lieutenant failed to speak, Cain looked around and made a decision.

In fact, the other knights, who had heard their conversation, just didn’t want to scout.

‘We can’t send a scouting party anyway since the soldiers aren’t well. Besides, we are in a canyon and not some place we aren’t aware of…’

So the lieutenant also decided to not scout the place.

There was no sign until they had entered the canyon and more than half of the troops had entered.

As a result, they felt at ease.

‘Is the Rakan too scared to face us at our region?’

There were people who were watching over the army of the Monarch.

They were on the hill that was in the Rakan territory.

Among the soldiers who were hidden with various camouflage, Rogers, Philip and Victor were there.

Philip looked at the Count Monarch’s army with a ridiculous expression.

“Didn’t they eat any breakfast? Why do they all look so weak?”

Many of the marching soldiers had a pale complexion and were exhausted.

In addition, the riders on the horses were tired and were dozing off, and the wizards were seated in the trailers.

“When they entered the canyon, they skipped the search, something seems to be wrong.”

Rogers, who was next to Philip, mumbled while closing the telescope.

One of the basic strategies of war was to scout the surroundings before passing through a canyon.

And even if they used an alternative way to scout using their Gigants, that would at least allow them to be alerted if there were enemies nearby.

Moreover, even if they could sense any good mana or energy from the canyon, it was usually a necessity to scout the area.

However, everyone in the Monarch’s army looked helpless that it seemed like they had lost their common sense as well.

“I can’t understand. Cain couldn’t have been this poor in decision making.”

Victor, who had joined the Rakan army to help them, shook his head in doubt.

While being with princess Reina in Lamer, he heard a lot about Cain.

As the Knight General of Count Monarch, he was the highest among all the Experts.

In addition, he had 30 consecutive victories in the shortest period in the Gigant Arena of Lamer.

But no one thought that he would be so bad at ploys and tactics.

“Tch, I had a hard time getting camouflaged thinking that they would scout.”

“It is better to be prepared than to get caught. Don’t feel down.”

Victor patted Philip’s shoulder and boarded Mir, his Gigant.

Rogers, who got into his Gigant, communicated with him using a crystal ball.

-Mission: Aim at the enemy’s Gigants. Stop them from boarding it!