Emperor of Steel

Chapter 669 - Battle in Pamire Mountains 1

Felipe, the capital of the Libiya Kingdom.

In the central office, which was on the 5th floor of the palace, was a man in a colorful robe, looking out of the window.

The city had lost its old vitality and color and seemed very gloomy and sad. However, the man seemed to like it.

Behind him was an old man with a gloomy expression, kneeling.

“Master, it was said that the fleet of Grenada Kingdom has left. According to the report of Elder Kazel, who went along with Margareta, it was said that the stupid man Fernando has left with a fleet of more than 1300 ships and is very likely to invade the Symphonia Kingdom with luck on his side.”

“Kukuk, resentment is one hell of a scary emotion for any man.”

“And the army of monsters, which had been marching since a month ago, is also crossing the Pamire Mountains through the wasteland. However, it seems like the troops are also moving for the first time since the monsters were dispatched, and the warlocks requested additional reinforcements.”

“Lenuk, that bloody stupid good for nothing bastard! I taught him to control the monsters with magic, but he couldn’t even do that one thing right?”

Arsene looked nervous.

Taming a monster or an animal could be done with a skill called Taming.

Shaikan used the power of the Dragonian to tame the monsters like his own men.

However, warlocks didn’t have the ability or the power of a Dragonian.

So, Arsene developed a monster brainwashing magic that could replace the Dragonian power and passed it onto Lenuk and other warlocks.

“It isn’t easy to cross a mountain with such a large army, even if it is a monster army. Still, he might be able to enter into Symphonia and launch an attack at the same time as when the Grenada fleet strike, so please believe in him and watch him with generosity.”

“Kul, he’ll have to pay a price if he can’t do that.”

Normally, Arsene was ferocious. However, after taking over Shaikan’s body, he turned cruel.

Now he didn’t back out from killing an Elder of Veritas Magic Tower if he didn’t like him.

Just killing the man was already fortunate.

If Arsene decided to absorb the soul of the man, he wouldn’t even be able to enter Devildom.

This was why Zemerton, who reported to Arsene, was a lot more careful.

After Nestar and Albert, he didn’t know who of the 5 elders in the Veritas Magic tower squad would be the next to be killed.

‘Did the blood of the Dragon change the character of ancestor?’

Zemerton thought so, but the truth was different.

It wasn’t because of the Dragon’s blood or power, but it was Arsene’s mind. The shame of losing to Luke was deeply embedded in his mind, and it made his personality take a turn for the worst.

When Zemerton was in thought, Arsene asked, “What happened to the undead production brought in from Hells Island?”

“Currently, we have completed the first stage, and we had finished 80% of the second stage. Everything will be ready within a year.”

The Veritas Magic Tower hideout in Hells Island was smashed by Luke.

The island was attacked before they could send the undead, and the damage it took wasn’t small.

However, the 1st fleet of Grain Chamber brought in a significant number of warlocks and undead monsters.

The undead monsters, which was moved from the island, were in the final stages, and they were kept in a hideout that was in the Libiya Kingdom.

“That is good to hear. However, we never know when the 2nd hideout will go public, so tell them to hurry up.”


If he could, he wanted to go and do the work by himself.

That would cut down the time by half.

However, currently, Arsene was the King of Libiya Kingdom. There would be hundreds of spies from the other nations watching him.

Anyway, the location of the second hideout could be revealed, and if that happened, Luke or the Holy Empire wouldn’t stay silent.

‘There is something more important to me than the undead production.’

It was to absorb the Dragonian’s ability fully as his own and restore the power he lost.

If he didn’t rush off things, he would end up getting hit by Luke once again.

“By the way, is the improved zombie poison spreading well?”

“We have been infecting the villages and cities, but the results are likely to appear after 6 months or one year.”

At present, the warlocks of Veritas were shockingly in the process of making the entire population of Libiya into the undead.

Originally, it was their plan to make the people in the Southern Continent into the undead, but his mind changed after taking over Shaikan’s body.

The current process was only 50% done, and the improved zombie poison was being spread in the estates and cities in the inland regions where people wouldn’t step outside.

It seemed easy to infect them.

They just had to release the poison into the water wells.

However, the process of turning people into the undead through the water source seemed tough.

In order to achieve the maximum effect, it seemed advantageous to turn them into the undead slowly and then release them into other nations.

And then, the Death Knight and Lich, who were completely finished, would take a stand.

Arsene improved the zombie poison that was used in the Holy Empire.

Normally, it would enter the host’s body, but the moment the warlocks chanted the words, the venom would activate right away.

“If the 30 million undead army with a Death Knight and Lich jump out suddenly, there will be no nation that can prevent that! Kuakkk!”

Arsene’s mouth formed a cheerful smile.

Even the Holy Empire, the strongest on the continent, wouldn’t be able to stop the 30 million undead army.

The power of a Death Knight and a Lich at the vanguard were also strong, but with the sheer number of the undead, they wouldn’t have much work to do.

In addition, if people fought with the undead and get bitten, they would get infected, so the more the people fought the undead, the more the number of undead would increase.

Arsene was convinced that the new world would come close.

“If that is the report, then go back.”

Arsene, who laughed, gave orders to former elder Zemerton.

However, Zemerton hesitated as if he had more to say.

“What else is there?”

“Actually, Zehart has been acting suspiciously for a while.”


“Yes, he hasn’t come into the nation yet. He was selling merchant items for cash. In addition, he is monopolizing the right to supply the food and also the weapons to the Libiya Kingdom, which the nobles and merchants were complaining about.”

The only person who had come back from Hells island was Zehart.

Currently, he was one of the few in the bloodline of Arsene. It could be said that he was the only direct descendant of Arsene.

Therefore, it was hard to blame the kid for amassing wealth and earning some money during the chaos that was ensuing in the Libiya Kingdom.

However, because of that, the dissatisfaction of the nobles, the merchants, and the superiors were spreading, and it was something that needed to be reported to Arsene.

Until another year, till the undead production was done, he had to hold onto the nobles.

“Well, it looks like he is a luxurious person. Even if it is so, let him keep doing what he’s doing for a year. Leave him alone.”

Arsene knew that Zehart was obsessed with wealth more than magic.

He didn’t like it, but he didn’t stop the kid because he was the last one from his bloodline.

However, Arsene at that time didn’t realize that the kid would start leaching off the Libiya Kingdom.