Emperor of Steel

Chapter 668 - Prince of Ruined Nation 4

The headquarters of the Blood Hawk Knights located outside the capital of Brandon.

Not long ago, there were barracks and training centers of about 20 buildings and newly created barracks.

Kang! Cang! clang!

Two men were in a battle with dozens of knights watching.

It was a confrontation between a knight and a southern continent man with dark hair and dark eyes, the knight wore the armor which had the emblem of the 1st squad of Symphonia on the chest.

The warrior from the southern continent was wearing light gloves and used a sword with quick moves.

On the other hand, the knight of the 1st squad was armed with two swords, they were both facing each other with seriousness.

“Cloud Dragon word! Type 3: Falling Leaves!”

The sword skill of the knight from a Southern Continent man, the knight with the two swords made a cross to defend.

“Ugh! Can’t stop it! Tower Sword!”

The knight created the Aura shield that caused a collision between the two, and a strong sound burst out.

Kwang! Kwang!

The practice battle between the two was held between the Blood Hawk Knights and the Rakan Knights every week.

Initially, it was started as a friendship battle between the knights, however, both sides ended up putting more pride in their skills, and the battle turned fierce.

The battle, which took place for about 10 minutes, ended up with victory on the southern continent knight’s side.

“Kuek! We lost again!”

“Haha! Is this 5 to 2? Well, their individual power is greater than ours!”

Gyochon, who watched the Rakan knights talk about their loss, seemed elated.

Gyochon was one of the few people in the Blood Hawk Knights who was fluent in the Rhodesia language and had a very snarky personality.

Not only did he get acquainted with the Rakan knights who came for battles, but also tried to work well with the knights.

Gyochon, who was showing outstanding adaptability, arrived in the Symphonia Kingdom with other warriors from the Southern Continent a month back and was organized into a knights group.

They were given an official name of ‘Blood Hawk Knights’, they were given their own armors and weapons with a crest of a red hawk and were given training and missions.

They still weren’t given any Gigant training as they were supplied with enough Gigants, but their physical training and swordsmanship training was a lot greater than the Symphonia Knights.

It was because everyone in the group was already a warrior from Kang Ho.

“Oh, but in a group battle we won, so we are 4 to 4…”

“Kuk, that is…”

Gyochon, who was looking triumphant, went frowning when he heard the Rakan Knights member Fab’s refute.

It was because he was right.

Kang Ho Moorim clans also had great teams for battles, like the Shaolin group 100 years back.

However, the Blood Hawk Knights, mostly had small and medium groups or individuals without any contacts, so such teamwork couldn’t be learned.

Which was why every team battle would end up in their defeat.

No matter what anyone said, the knights of the Northern Continent have been training together for a very long time, so they knew each other very well, and they were quick learners.

Gyochon, who wanted to tease Fab, looked around and asked.

“By the way, there are fewer Rakan Knights here. What is happening?”

“That… not long ago, the 1st squad army was dispatched.”

“Dispatched? To where? Is there a war?”

Gyochon seemed shocked.

It was because the Blood Hawk Knights didn’t even know about the outside situation.

They were being given the information about the situation and the current trends of the Rhodesia Continent during the training period.

And as a result of that, they were told about the Grenada Kingdom setting up a fleet to invade the Symphonia Kingdom.

However, it wasn’t just that.

“Shh, this is a secret okay? Monsters have appeared on the west side of the Kingdom on a very large scale. It seemed that it would be difficult for just the 2nd squad army of the Unicorn Knights for the west to deal with it. So many from the 1st volunteered.”

“Really? Then, aren’t we supposed to be dispatched too?”

“That is His Majesty’s decision about us being dispatched.”

At Fab’s words, Gyochon sighed.

Living with a sword and dying by the sword was a man’s life, but to go to a strange continent and not being put into war felt wrong.

“In this way, let go of rebuilding my clan, I won’t get married and just die.”

“If you don’t want to end up like that, then start practicing.”

Right when the two of them were having a conversation.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell on the unit’s watchtower began to ring.

“Th-this is…?”

“A signal for the army! Stop the practice and gather at the parade ground!”

The senior knight yelled and asked the men to stop the practice.

Rakan Knights immediately returned to their camp, and the Blood Hawk Knights stopped everything and gathered.

When all the members gathered, Hwang Bo-sung appeared on the platform.

As the commander of the Guard Knights, he was temporarily serving as the Blood Hawk Knight’s commander.

“Did we finally get an order to move?”

At the appearance of Hwang Bo-sung, lieutenant Kwak In-hyuk, who was standing in the front row asked.

Born in a medium-sized clan, he was a master Iron Palm, a fist master Like Hwang Bo-sung.

“Yes. It was said that the Grenada pirates have finally set sail.”

“Then, we won’t be able to avoid war.”

Kwak In-hyuk, who said that, asked with curiosity.

“By the way, I heard that monsters have appeared in the west as well, and we felt a little threatened.”

“Well, we go south. According to His Majesty’s words, you will be given a special mission in the navy.”

If the King, who was the strongest and won over the Red Dragon King said so, there had to be a reason.

Hwang Bo-sung, who took a glance at the people, gave orders.

“In an hour be prepared to dispatch and assemble here on the ground. As this is the first time, make sure that you aren’t too negligent. Do you understand my words?”


The knights who performed military exercises scattered at once to prepare.

‘Huh, I think that it will be a pleasant operation for some reason!’

Hwang Bo-sung smiled.

Through the magical communication from Luke, he heard the operation which the Blood Hawk Knights would be given.

There was a huge difference in the navy power of Grenada and the Symphonia Kingdom, almost around 5 to 1.

To overcome that difference, Luke made certain preparations.

And Blood Hawk was a part of that.

Hwang Bo-sung had never heard of such an operation, but he didn’t doubt the success that would come from using his men.