Emperor of Steel

Chapter 663 - Pirate Kingdom's Taunt 4

P”Everyone hasten to prepare for our departure!”

“Spread out the sails, and start running the magic steam engine!”

“The lazy men will be made to starve for today, to be prepared for the consequences!”

Rondo was the capital of the largest port city of Grenada Kingdom.

From early in the morning, battleships were being gathered on the pier of Rondo and began to move.

It was because the order for the movement was issued from the royal palace.

Hundreds of naval battleships and twice the number of pirate ships had left the port and began to line up the shore.

Half water and half ships on the shore.

Looking at that, Fernando stood on the mast of the flagship Barbarossa with a triumphant expression.

“Wait a little more, Luke! I will repay what you gave me last year!”

For the coming New Year, Fernando issued a total mobilization of 100 battleships a month ago.

But it wasn’t a large number, so Fernando summoned a fleet from the high ranking nobles.

His promise to Margareta was one reason, but as soon as he became the King, he thought that his face had been defaced because of the past defeat, and decided to go for an all-out-war to show the nobles his true power.

This was an opportunity intended to completely devastate the coastal areas of the Symphonia Kingdom.

The Symphonia Kingdom had depended mostly on the trade in the port cities for their finances, people will be killed, civil riots and rebellion would be infested in various places.

No matter how powerful the Gigant troops were, if the cities were rioting from the inside, the city would end up destroyed.

By then, taking down Luke’s throat would be very simple.

“Your Majesty, the entire fleet has aligned.”

Duke Nathan approached and reported.

Fernando looked at him with a cold expression. It was because Nathan was a representative figure who criticized Fernando and supported Arch Duke John.

‘If the chief commander of the Great Fleet wasn’t needed, it would have removed him right away…’

Regaining his composure, he asked.

“What is the size of the entire fleet?”

He had heard about it, but he wanted confirmation on the number.

Nathan replied to his question.

“Three ships of the same class of Hyredin which was stolen by the Symphonia, 86 sailing ships equipped with a magic steam engine, including the new sailing ships and 900 of various ships.”

In addition to that, there were around 1,300 ships which were in charge of transporting troops and supplying food and weapons.

After losing the last war, the Grenada Kingdom put great effort into their navy power.

Among them, the most elaborate efforts were to build the follow-up ships similar to Hyredin and develop new sailboats.

The large battleships were named after famous pirates, Barbarossa, Edward, and Jolly Roger, who were the strongest in the world.

The newly developed sailboats were firing ships, which had 100 canons in them.

In addition, the number of existing flagship and sailing ships had increased.

‘Woohoo, with this much power, no matter how many of those Symphonia men try to touch me, they will die!’

He knew that the Symphonia Kingdom had been improving its navy power.

However, no matter how much they trained, Fernando judged that they would be able to handle Grenada’s power, as it was a traditional navy based kingdom.

‘It isn’t the navy’s ability. We have sailors who are great with sea battle. The difference in experience is something that the Symphonia will never be able to follow.’

One more advantage of Grenada had was the private fleet owned by the lords.

Although the size and equipment of the ships were less than pirate ships, they weren’t ships which could just be ignored.

With a happy smile, thinking that he would overpower the Symphonia Kingdom, Fernando gazed at the pier.

There, his beloved Margareta was waving her handkerchief.

‘I will bring Luke’s head as your gift.’

Determined, he spoke to Duke Nathan.

“It is safe to say that the expedition might be life or death. So tell everyone to be on alert.”


After completing the inspection, Fernando ordered the entire fleet’s dispatch.

And from the 1st fleet of the Navy, all the ships started to head towards the northwest, for the Symphonia Kingdom.