Emperor of Steel

Chapter 662 - Pirate Kingdom's Taunt 3

All of a sudden, the king, Drake, had died.

There was less than a month for Count Fernando de Salizar to win and take over the throne as the new king.

It happened so fast that not many people in London, the capital of Grenada, even know about the inauguration of the new king.

“Ohohoho! Your Majesty, that is rough.”

In the king’s office located inside the royal palace.

On the knees of the new king, Fernando, was a red-haired woman dressed in erotic clothes.

Fernando, hugging her waist strongly, stroked her thighs that were exposed through her dress’ slits.

“Huhuhu. All of this is thanks to you, Princess Margareta.”

Fernando recalled what happened the last month.

Originally, King Drake had been suffering from a chronic disease and was in bad health.

However, it wasn’t serious enough for him to die.

One day, the king died and suddenly, Fernando ascended to the throne.

The people accepted it pretty easily, but Grenada’s throne wasn’t an easy place to take. It was true that Fernando was the son-in-law of Drake, but it wasn’t like he didn’t have any competitors.

His strongest contender, Arch Duke John, was the former king’s aide.

Arch Duke John, who joined the navy force at the same time as Admiral Nathan, accused Fernando’s misjudgment on why they lost the war and the loss of countless lives of sailors, and the great loss of treasures to free him from Symphonia.

Because of such criticism, it was made known to everyone that he wasn’t suitable to be the next king, and wildfire rose among the politicians and the military officials, even the local lords joined in.

In fact, King Drake would rather have his daughter stay as the queen, and it wouldn’t matter if the man was Fernando or not, and he asked his servants to see what kind of man Arch Duke was.

When his position seemed shaken, an envoy of the Libiya Kingdom had come to Grenada.

Margareta, Libiya Kingdom’s delegation representative.

After secretly visiting the mansion of Fernando, she offered to make him the king.

And actually, she helped actively to make Fernando ascend the throne.

She used Enchanting magic to seduce the nobles of the Arch Duke and those who are anti-Fernando, including Nathan, and helped in getting rid of powerful contenders. Also, she trapped Arch Duke John.

‘The reason why King Drake died suddenly was because of the duke.’

There was no evidence, but that happened.

“Hohoho. I wouldn’t hold back anything for you, Your Majesty. Just asking, would you listen to what I ask for?”

When she asked with smiling eyes, Fernando replied, grunting through her teeth, “Of course! Luke, the King of Symphonia, is an opponent who brought an indelible shame to me as well as you. Don’t worry. I’ll never leave you alone, and I will make sure to treat your grudges as mine.”

After being captured by the Symphonia Kingdom and released, how long had he suffered?

Duke Nathan and the other navy personnel spoke about Fernando being incompetent. Drake would often see him as someone incompetent.

‘Not just that, even my wife began to act coldly toward me! Compared to that, princess Margareta is…’

Over the past month, his relationship with Margareta had developed into a romantic one.

Although in the beginning, he only saw her as a political partner. His heart got pulled toward her gradually.

Otherwise, his grudge against Luke wouldn’t have been so honest and driven, and Margareta tried to capture the man using her Enchanting magic like the other nobles she trapped.

It was natural that he heard titled for such a woman.

Moreover, the beauty of Margareta couldn’t be compared to Grenada’s women.

“How about spending some time with me, in the sense of being my companion?”

At Fernando’s request, Margareta replied with a shy face, “… I am embarrassed, but I love Your Majesty so…”

“Uahhh! Sooner or later, I will drive out that pig-like queen and make you my queen, so wait a little more.”

Fernando hugged her and went into another room that was attached to the office.

Looking at his departing face, Margareta mocked him.

‘Stupid man, I thought I would have to be wary because he is a Sword Master, but he is just like a dog in heat.’

Fernando de Salizar, he was surely handsome, almost like a young lion of the Grenada Kingdom. Also, he was known to be a great swordsman.

But what was really great about him was he was attracted to her, and he was turned into a slave.

Moreover, unlike the other nobles, she didn’t use magic or drugs.

All she had to do was flirt with him and whisper a basic spell in his ears, and he began to wag his tail for her.

Fernando himself seemed to regard it as love, but it was a play for Margareta.

‘He is a kid. Could he be any special? Compared to him, that old man Nathan was very stubborn.’

Duke Nathan, the navy admiral and Advanced Sword Master, wasn’t tempted by Margareta.

In the end, she was able to barely hold him back with drugs.

Margareta did a great job in seducing Nathan, as he was, in fact, the head of the Grenada Military, and he was the most important thing.

The Enchanting magic she used on him would make it impossible for Nathan to violate Margareta’s orders.

‘Ohhoho! If I successfully complete the mission, will I have a chance of being held in His Majesty’s arms?’

Even if her soul had been taken over, she was still a young woman, who wanted to conquer the continent, and she was stubborn as hell.

Of course, she had sexual desires going on, and her goal was to become the queen alongside Shaikan and not for Fernando.

To that end, Margareta planned to perform her mission as well as possible.