Emperor of Steel

Chapter 661 - Pirate Kingdom's Taunt 2

“Kukuku, Our Majesty is so pitiful.”

“I thought that he would end up bowing down to his wife, but he didn’t realize that it would be to such an extent.”

Outside the door, Prime Minister Hans and Sebastian, who were listening to Luke and Reina’s conversation, looked at each other and laughed.

How would the people react when they see the scary king, who was the utmost authority in Symphonia and a respected man in the Southern Continent, acted in front of his wife?

Maybe a hero, who was perfect in everyone’s eyes, wasn’t much different from a normal person.

Unlike the two of them who were smiling, Arch Duke Gregory shook his head and sighed.

In fact, he had recently scolded Reina regarding Karen’s education.

The reason was that he thought that children should be taught swordsmanship from a very young age.

Gregory had been very curious about Karen, who ended up displaying enormous capabilities when they first met.

And when he saw her creating an aura from a branch, he wanted to advise her but got caught by Reina.

‘But, is princess Reina really a child?’

No matter how much of a genius the child was, would it be possible for a child younger than 7 years old to create an aura?

She had to be at least a Sword Expert, and Gregory couldn’t believe that the child had stood through severe training with her delicate body.

‘By any chance, is this the Body-Change that is known in the Southern Continent? Or was the blood of any kind of fairy’s race got mixed with a human that slowed down the aging of the child?’

It was when Gregory was trying to think of a plausible reason, the atmosphere inside the king’s office changed dramatically. Luke and Reina, who were in a one-sided couple fight, began to calm down.

“I am glad to see that you came back safely. You don’t know how worried I am about you.”

“I did contact you frequently through magic communication, why?”

“It is a woman’s feeling, and a woman can never be relieved unless she sees her family in person.”


Luke nodded and did something to soothe Reina.

“I know that you have been very worried and stressed because of me. I hope you are just a little more patient in the future. The Baroque Empire is unlikely to last that long, and we have found out where Arsene is hiding.”

Luke’s words made Karen and Reina’s eyes shine.

Karen was happy because she had come to the current time because her world had been destroyed by Arsene, and she went against the norms of time to change that future.

“Is the end finally coming close?”

At Reina’s question, Luke nodded his head.

“I went to the Southern Continent to do that. I got valuable information about it.”

“Ah, I hope that day comes very soon. So I won’t be having to feel this nervous anymore.”

Reina took off the crown that was on her head and looked into the blue eyes of the man.

“And that time, I can withdraw from my position as the pope and stay with you every moment of my life, right?”

“Obviously. But… have you considered a candidate?”

If she suddenly withdrew from being the pope, the El Kassel denomination would be overturned. It was because the position of the pope was both important and absolute in the empire.

Luke, who asked the question, took a look at Karen.

Immediately after his return to Symphonia, the Ministry of Information handed over a report that contained articles about her.

It looked like there had been many stories within the Holy Empire about the sudden acceptance of a daughter under the pope.

It was said that she had brought in her secret daughter, that it was a blood relative of another Volga royal family, or that she was another angel sent from heaven.

Surprisingly, there didn’t seem to be many negative reactions. Maybe Reina and Karen’s abilities played a part in it.

Finding out the temples and sanctuaries, digging out the hidden golden ingots, treating the sick children with Divine power, it wasn’t like people were thinking about the next pope.

But Reina didn’t seem to want Karen to take the same heavy burden as her.

“I am considering Priest Luther as the next in line. As he is a priest, he speaks well and is active in communicating with the people. In addition, there are very few people who are hostile to him because he isn’t shy, and he listens to the opinion of the people around him.”

“Priest Luther, huh… He is surely a good person.”

Luke’s expression seemed like he understood it.

Reina asked him, “Is there something bothering you?”

“No, it isn’t anything like that.”

A while ago, Luke had a little frown on his face.

It was because he recollected the story of the time and space where Karen was born. According to that story, Reina surrendered the position to Luther and moved to Jason estate after Luke was defeated by Hiros.

But that wasn’t the problem. The thing was, Reina, who had been residing in Jason estate, died young without seeing much in life.

‘She pointed out Luther all of a sudden, that I thought of it. I will never let the same thing happen again.’

He defeated Hiros and defeated Arsene.

So there wouldn’t be a tragic thing like her dying. Well, Luke had no intention of letting that happen.

“The reason I came to Symphonia was to have fun with my family.”

“Okay. I will put off all of my schedules today.”

At Reina’s request, Luke nodded.

It was as she said, just Luke, Reina, and Karen.

It had been months since the family had gathered in one place.

So it felt like it would be better to have a good time rather than worrying about things, which wouldn’t happen right away.

The day after having a good time with Luke, Reina and Karen returned to the Holy Empire.

Reina wanted to spend a few more days with him.

However, since the Holy Imperial Palace couldn’t be left alone for long, she didn’t try to stay long.

Luke went to the long-distance teleport gate to see them off.

Immediately after returning to the palace, he heard the news.

“Your Majesty, it was said that the King of Grenada is dead.”

“What was that? Did you verify it?”

“Yes, it has been confirmed through several guilds.”

At the report of the intelligence chief, Hudson, Luke frowned.

Fernando de Salizar, the next in line to be the King of Grenada Kingdom, was a stubborn one.

He was held captive in the last war when Luke was the king, and it was very likely that once he attained the throne, the southern sea of Symphonia would turn noisy.

“I need to hold a cabinet meeting. Notify every military commander right away.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

A storm would come into the southern sea, terrifying enough to end the pleasant breeze.

To prepare for the storm that might blow away the Symphonia Kingdom, Luke began to take measures.