Emperor of Steel

Chapter 655 - End of Hells Island 4

Rumble! Rumble!

It was when Luke was searching through Zehart’s memories.

Suddenly, the entire island shook violently.

The vibration was so much more stronger than an earthquake tremor which was felt a few moments back, even the knights and soldiers fell out of balance.

“Wha-what was that?”

“Another earthquake?”

It was when the soldiers were confused and tried to know the reason.


The pyramid which was being engulfed in the flames suddenly began to collapse to the ground with a huge roar.

It wasn’t just the structure but also the ground around them cracked like a broken glass.


“Your Majesty, please avoid it!”

At Count Reynard’s cry, Luke freed Zehart. All thanks to looking into his memories, he could see the cause for the earthquake.

“The island is sinking! Withdraw all the troops!”

“Sorry? The island is sinking?”

Shirley, who was near Luke asked with shock.

“Yes, sooner or later it is going to sink completely, so hurry up!”

“Damn it, withdraw the troops! All forces! Withdraw! Move the wounded men! Quickly!”

Reynard began to run around with Shirley and inform the other men.

At that time, a knight who heard the orders ran towards Luke and asked.

“Your Majesty, what are we supposed to do about the Gigants?”

Gigants were heavy and large, it would take quite some time to move them.

However, Luke seemed to come up with a plan.

“I will organize something about it, so don’t worry.”

“And the prisoners?”

“I have already found the important information so they are useless to us. Leave them alone, they’ll think of something for their well being.”

The earthquake stopped for a moment and then continued again.

Each time it started, the intensity was getting worse, and at one point, lava began to come out from the mountain peaks on the island after throwing out ash. In addition, the seawater was gushing up the cracks from the ground.

Just as Luke said, the island was indeed sinking.

“Do not panic! Everyone will escape safely from here!”

Luke, who was taking in all the Gigants, damaged or intact into the subspace bracelet, yelled.

He manifested teleport circles several times to transport the wounded troops onto the boat.

‘Ugh, I don’t know what kind of a guy did this, but it looks like he planned to sink everyone on the island, well, it won’t work as he planned.’

Luke never thought that it was the job of Nestar, whom he had killed.

However, because of Zehart’s memory, it was possible to know about the existence of the self-destruction magic circle located in the base of the island.

Originally, a self-destruct magic circle was set up to take down the enemy when the Veritas Magic Tower’s leader got hit.

‘If it worked normally, the best magic stones embedded in the magic circle would run havoc and cause a huge explosion, and the island should have sunk in an instant. But…’

The self-destruction magic circle seemed to have been activated at a level that was less than half of the original speed and power.

The reason for that was the arrogance and the corrupt nature of the Veritas Magic Tower warlocks.

Since there hadn’t been any kind of invasion in Thanatos island for a long time, the self-destruct magic turned less efficient, and the top-notch magic circles which were supposed to be placed in the magic circle were taken out for the purpose of making Arsene’s best undead.

In addition, Zehart pulled out the other remaining stones and secretly used them.

‘This is ridiculous. We are alive because of their carelessness and their corrupt nature…’

It wasn’t just something to take as a joke. This was a lesson worth learning.

No matter how strong the nation or an organization was, a crisis of vigilance will come over it.

And there was no guarantee that such a situation wouldn’t come into Symphonia Kingdom.

‘Once I return, I’ll have to inspect the ministers and all other working spheres in the nation. I don’t know where and how the new tax reform is being handed, and the corruption which might take place.’

From the other side of Auster’s deck, Luke watched the Thanatos island sink.

Crack! Rumble! Crack!

The dark island which shook for a while began to sink and was finally underwater.

With that, the gloomy haze around the island too began to disappear.

As the fog disappeared, a bright light shone everywhere. And in the bright light, Auster began to move at full speed towards the North of Symphonia Kingdom.