Emperor of Steel

Chapter 653 - End of Hells Island 2  




The Divine sun was shining brightly in the cloudy and gloomy island.

The light from the sun was enough to lit up the entire Thanatos Island.

Dark smoke began to emanate from the Undead bodies, which were exposed to the Divine light.

The Death Knights, who were previously knocking down the Gigants, were all over the ground, groaning in pain. The Liches, who were busy casting magic, fell to the ground as the fire began to rise on their bodies.

The light didn’t melt their bodies as the Holy Water did, but since the Undead wasn’t able to move around properly, the light did weaken their bodies considerably.

If was a flustering situation. However, the warlocks, who were controlling the undead, couldn’t help but feel helpless.

It wasn’t just the Undead that were affected by the Divine light.

“Achk! My eyes!”

“Agh! Ugh! It is hot! Save me! Help me!”

The warlocks, who used magi to fight against the Symphonia troops, were blinded by the light.

Just like a fire that burned an oiled wick, the Divine light was burning everyone with magi, causing serious damage to the black circle on their heart.

Many of the warlocks began to cough out blood because of their organs getting burnt in the inside.

“How did this even happen?”

Shirley and Reynard, who saw the intermediate Death Knight struggling with pain, were confused.

“Huhu, well, it looks like His Majesty has used that skill, which he kept hidden.”

“That skill which he kept hidden? Ugh, if he had such a thing, he should have used it sooner!”

“Well, let’s talk about it later! Now, prioritize by taking out these trash in front of us.”

Saying that, Reynard struck his giant sword at the intermediate Death knight who made him suffer.

Unlike the other low ranking Death Knights, the intermediate one was relatively intact, yet he couldn’t stop the raging attack of Reynard. Maybe the light affected his movements.


It was almost as if he was ready to die, the sword went and struck the neck of the Death Knight.

“All! Get rid of the warlocks!”


At the order of Count Reynard, the riders, who were all stiff because they got scared of the Lich’s Hellfire, began to scream and slaughter the undead and the warlocks together.

The Divine light of the sun, which suddenly rose in the sky, didn’t just weaken the Undead and the warlocks, but it also seemed to boost the energy of the knights.

Like how the way the battle on the ground turned around like a lie, the battle in the sky reversed in the favor of Luke as well.

“Kuak, what the hell is that…?”

The moment Luke unleashed his magic, Nestar hurried and manifested a shield with magi.

Even as a dark shield was unfolded with 9th circle magic, it wasn’t able to fully block the light of the sun as it was in close proximity.

And that was the same case for the advanced Undead.

The two high-ranking undead, who were meant to be the cards to take down Luke, suffered a serious blow as they were burning up to the state where their dark bones were exposed.

As the distance closed in, the damage became more severe than the low or intermediate Undead.

“Kuak! What the hell did you do?! What have you done?!”

At Nestar’s question, Luke answered with a wicked smile on his face.

“Well, it wasn’t such a great trick. Well, it can be said that I leveled up the Holy Light of a priest to extra-large size.”

“That is a lie! This power makes no sense!”

The Undead, which Arsene and himself had prepared for a long time after giving great care to it, were getting defeated so helplessly!

Although he did get the information that Luke knew how to use Divine power, he didn’t think that it would be at this level.

Even the so-called miracle of the Holy Pope of Arthenia Empire couldn’t have done such a scene.

“Well, of course, as you said, this power makes no sense. Well, it surely is impossible to convert all the Aether in my body into Divine power.”

“What did you say? Aether?”

Nestar was shocked at the existence of Aether.

Whether he showed his shock or not, Luke continued to talk, “But, I have tools to amplify my power, be it aura, magi, mana or Divine power.”

“N-no no way…!”

Nestar stared at the sun, which was floating in the sky, even if it meant enduring the pain as it burned his eyes.

A giant with its two arms outstretched toward the sun.

It was Luke’s Hero class Gigant, Avenger, which he was fighting till then.

“No way, you amplified the Divine energy with the core engine?”

“Yes, and I added a little magic to accelerate the core engine too.”

Accelerating the use of magic would always almost lead to runaway.

If Luke’s power wasn’t handled in the right away, Avenger wouldn’t have been shinning like the sun but would have caused a huge explosion.

If that was the case, the entire Hells Island would have been wiped out.

“I-it can’t be, for such a power to exist…”

“I was also equally surprised. However, it turned out to be a lot more powerful than I thought.”

If Karen had seen the artificial sun, she would have called it the Holy Soleil.

The Divine power or divine magic was theoretically made by the wizards of the Arthenia Magic Tower in the space-time that disappeared to defeat the Undead army.

Luke, who created that, didn’t know anything about Holy Soleil.

He had struggled a lot because of Earner in the Song Empire, so during his free time, he thought of a way to effectively destroy the Undead.

Of course, there was some difference between the sun he came up with and Holy Soleil.

Luke created a similar effect by accelerating Avenger’s core engine to the max instead of using magic to amplify the Divine power.

“Huhu! Should we finish this up?”

Luke held his Holy Sword Valiant to the sky and flew toward Nestar.

If he managed to kill Nestar, then the two advanced Undead, which were nothing but his puppets, would automatically stop moving.

“Flaming! Musashi! Stop that man!”

Nestar, with a strong voice, yelled at his men.

The black circle on his heart was cracked, and he wasn’t confident enough to block Luke’s attacks.

He needed time to recover magi and recreate his half-broken black circle.

“Huh, I knew you would do that!”

Snorting, Luke unfolded the Clock-up sword, the last trick he learned in the second half of the Gold Sword.


His body ended up turning several times faster and managed to pass the Undead in an instant.

For Nestar’s eyes, it was almost as if the time around him had slowed down.

Luke, after passing through the advanced Undead, pierced Nestar’s heart with a golden aura and Divine power.



Before Nestar could even do anything, the golden aura passed through his heart.

“Th-this can’t be happening…!”

Nestar looked down at his chest with an unbelievable expression.


From the part where the sword pierced, his body began to turn black and then turn into ash.

“Goodbye, Veritas Magic tower’s former Meister.”

When Luke pulled back Valiant, Nestar’s body crashed into the sea below.

The advanced Undead he was using plunged to the ground.

The heart and the black circle were smashed because of the gold aura and Divine power. Even the demon himself wouldn’t be able to stand in front of it.

However, things were done.

Nestar’s face crashed into the sea with a terrifying sound.

‘I can’t die here! I shouldn’t die alone!’

Thanatos Island had a device in preparation for the end of the Veritas Magic Tower.

It was a kind of self-destructing magic circle that he could activate just before he died. Nestar pit out the spell that would start the self-destructing magic circle.

‘I am going to take you to the other side with me, Luke de Rakan!’

The final attack was then secretly activated.