Emperor of Steel

Chapter 652 - End of Hells Island 1

Holy Arthenia Imperial palace.

The Holy palace was known to be the most beautiful and has the most beautiful garden with full blooming flowers.

In that beautiful garden, Reina and Karen sat for their tea.

After taking her in as their adopted daughter, Reina was trying to spend time with Karen whenever her schedule allowed her.

As was the tea time, and the conversations with Karen were a lot more fun than she thought. It was because Karen’s knowledge was so wide that she couldn’t be considered as any child.

So was the current conversation.

The first time she came up with a story which spoke about the properties of the divine power, and the contents of the conversation just kept on turning deeper.

“The Fusion Power?”

Karen nodded at Reina’s question.

“Yes. Aura, mana, Divine Power, and the Magi are different in power, but it isn’t like they are forever incompatible.”

The current people knew that the different powers when placed together would always repel.

And that was true to some extent.

Except for Luke, the reason that no one had been prospering or even trying to be a Rune Knight for all the years was because aura and mana would collide with each other in the body.

The Divine power didn’t go well with Magi, and Magi was opposite to Mana.

And such powers could be combined into one?

To respond to Reina’s question, Karen continued to explain by moving her eyes around cutely.

“Of course, it is impossible in a general manner. But it is possible by creating something called an Aether Globe.”

“Aether Globe? What is that?”

“My mother too had Aether which could be used and changed when needed into mana and magi…”

When Karen was speaking out, she suddenly stopped her excitement and spoke in a normal tone.

Among what she told was Holly Soleil, a perfect example of the fusion of power.

Holy Soleil.

It was left as a theory in the spacetime from where Karen had disappeared, it was something which meant that a sun would form when the Divine power and magic power were reached to a limit.

The nemesis for the Undead.

‘If I could have only created that, the future wouldn’t have collapsed in such a way.’

When Karen seemed to have a sad expression.

Reina asked.

“How does Karen even know that?”

How could a five-year-old girl child know something which even the Meister of the Holy Imperial Magic Tower and the Arch Duke Gregory, the Sword Sage of the Emperor didn’t know?

‘Sh*t! Did I go too far?’

Karen had been talking a lot in recent times, and she enjoyed being with her mother, and as time passed, she was speaking stuff she wasn’t supposed to.

‘What should I do? What am I supposed to say and cover…’

If she wasn’t accurate in her answer, the truth would have to come out.

And as she didn’t find the right answer, she decided to act with her secret weapon.

Acting like she didn’t know, using her cute innocent puppy eyes.

“I heard it from dad.”

“From him?”

“Yes, eh he he!”

Karen’s innocent smile led to Reina getting deceived.

She succeeded in covering up a problem, but it ended weird for her.

‘That man is really…!’

It was Reina’s thoughts that children had to be treated like children.

No matter how great or a genius the child is, it didn’t mean that the 5-year-old girl could be taught difficult magic terms which even the adults were unaware of!

“No wonder you never play with kids and always went into the library and looked at all those books.”

“Well, that was because…”

“Because dad told you to study, right? That was what he told you?”

Well, Luke never did that.

The reason why Karen didn’t play with the kids called over to the palace was because those kids were very far from her mental age.

It wasn’t like she would willingly go and build sandcastles and tag just because she was in a small kid’s body.

Moreover, the Holy palace library was full of rare books which were lost in the future where she lived.

“I told you that early education wasn’t needed… later, when I talk to your dad, I will have to yell at him!”

Karen was hoping that nothing bad would happen during that time, as Reina was ready to put a sword to Luke’s neck.

‘I am sorry, dad. I couldn’t help it, I had to live.’

She didn’t want Reina to know the tragic future she had come from. And now that the time and space disappeared, it would hurt Reina a lot more.

So Karen diverted the topic.

“But, when is dad going to come home?”


Luke had led the Symphonia Kingdom on an expedition to the Southern Continent. it was to protect the Southern Continent from the evil Lich, Arsene.

“Song Empire’s capital has already been captured?”

“Yes, the last magical communication said that he would return after finishing with the cleanup. It was even the time for him to contact me, but I didn’t get any connection from his side.”

“Isn’t it possible that he got caught in another case?”

“Well, it can’t be…”

Reina was unsure, but it didn’t seem possible for Luke who would be driving back to do what she was thinking.

She was worried that he immediately got caught in another problem and got hurt.

Even if he was a very strong person in Rhodesia Continent, he couldn’t possibly handle ten skilled players at once.

‘It was said that there are many strong martial arts users in the Southern Continent…’

Clasping her hands, she put a smile on her lips.

Reina prayed for Luke’s safe return to El Kassel.