Emperor of Steel

Chapter 651 - Burning Island 4  

The Symphonia Kingdom army, who landed at the pier, with the second wave was fighting fierce battles with the undead.

As soon as the shelling was done, the Death Knight and Lich who ran at the pier were hit.

Reynard and Shirley, each boarding their own Orion, commanded their troops from behind.

“Riders do not back down! Unite, unite into a group of three, and spread around!”

“The artillery attacks the enemies in the back, and the infantry interferes only when necessary, so others can retreat to Auster quickly!”

The low-level Death Knights had the power of a Sword Master, and the Lich would be around 7th circle.

No matter how many made up the group, it would be useless for a normal Knight to go one-on-one against a Death Knight.

Which was why they came up with the three-member team.

“Damn it, these undead seem to be a lot more than what we imagined, right?”

“I know. If it wasn’t for the Holy Water which His Majesty has given us, the damage they take would not increase.”

When they were informed that Thanatos island was a warlock’s lair, they were all expecting undead.

However, they never really assumed that the undead would be in huge numbers, and that their individual power would be that strong.

With this level of power, it seemed like they could take down an entire kingdom.

“But, if we retreat like this, Your Majesty would be very disappointed in us, right?”

At Shirley’s question, Reynard answered with a troubled smile.

“Of course, he will. And for us Lycan warriors, going ahead is the only option.”


Count Reynard, used the core engine to enhance the aura.

A sharp and heavy sound began to resonate.

With the core engine running on full power, he ran ahead.

“You poor men who can’t even die after getting a proper death! With my hands, I will give you eternal rest!”

Reynard ran ahead and threw the giant sword at the Death Knight in front of him.




The Death Knight blocked the sword with their weapons, but their entire bodies began to scream.

Unlike the other knights, Count Reynard was an Advanced Sword Master.

In addition, the power of the Gigantic Aura amplified through the core engine of the Hero class Gigant, and the Holy water which was used on the Death Knights, made them sensitive to the attack.

And the same with Shirley.

As the holy water was used, she cut off the throat of the Death Knight and Lich with her halberd.

“Damn it, control the intermediate undead and kill those two!”

A high ranking elder, who was watching the fight between the Gigants and the undead from behind, raged and yelled.

The warlocks next to him moved the intermediate Death Knight and Lich to attack the two.

As a result, Count Reynard and Shirley had to end their streak.

Unlike the lower level, the intermediate undead were powerful enough to win or lose even if the opponent was in a Gigant.


“These monsters!”

“Be careful, Shirley! They are faster than us!”

Reynard, who warned Shirley, stopped the intermediate Death Knight’s sword from attacking the ankle joint of Orion.


When he was attacked by the Death Knight, terrifying sounds of the sword clashing could be heard, shock waves spread in all directions.

Reynard trembled, he felt the vibration enter the cockpit.

“This is a f*cking monster!”

No matter how great a Sword Master he was, the Death Knight couldn’t just beat a strong Knight who was inside a Gigant, that too, a hero class one.

However, the intermediate Death Knight was able to do it.


Reynard controlled Orion and kicked the intermediate Death Knight.

However, the Death Knight quickly avoided the attack and jumped out, making Orion lose its balance for a moment.

If Reynard hadn’t gotten back his balance, the arm of his Gigant would have been cut off because of the counterattack from the Death Knight.

While the two Gigants were blocked by the Death Knight, the Lich launched an 8th circle attack at the Gigants.

“Uhk! That is!”

“Damn it! Avoid it!”

It was Hellfire!

The fierce fireball hit the two Gigants which were fighting the undead at the forefront.



“Sa-save me!”

The shield magic which was engraved on the Gigants was destroyed by Hellfire and the thick shield and gloves melted.

In an instant, three Gigants were completely destroyed and five were broken.

A whopping number of 15 Gigants were damaged.

Riders, were able to understand why an archmage wasn’t supposed to be let loose on the battlefield.

“Kuakk! Good job! Kill the rest of them too!”

At the cry of the elder, the Lich started to cast wide-area magic.

The faces of the riders who saw the Lich preparing to attack, turned dark.

They had to at least bring back Shirley and Reynard who were in battle with the Death Knights and the Lich was there ready to attack them.


Two eight magic circle, Hellfire, began to cast by the Lich.

At that moment, the attack was done and ready to be released towards the Gigants.


The sun seemed to rise high in the dark sky.

A sun made of a Divine Power!