Emperor of Steel

Chapter 650 - Burning Island 3

When the Triton troops detonated the flares from the ground and retreated, the advanced Undead, which Nestar was waiting for, had appeared in front of Luke.

“Oh, they are quite the deserving ones.”

Luke, who took a closer look at the advanced Undead, said.

The Lich, who had dull, gloomy, and sickly energy radiating from his body, was wearing an old fashioned robe, almost as if it belonged to the days of Saymon.

On the other hand, the Death Knight, which was carrying two curved swords, was giving out a menacing aura.

“This Lich is made up of the body of Flaming, who was a famous safe 400 years ago, and the Death Knight is made up of the carcass of Yamatai’s most famous Musashi, who was notorious for his two swords!”

“Is that so?”

Despite the proud introduction, Luke didn’t seem very nervous, and Nestar, who saw that, was turning red with anger.

“The Lich’s framing was a 9th circle warlock, and the Death Knight’s framing was a Sword Emperor. They are the perfect match! As long as these two join hands, there is no chance for you!”

They have awakened ahead of their time, so they were inferior to all the things he was shouting out.

Yet, he had no doubts that his men would hit the neck of the arrogant man in front of him.

“They certainly look strong. If I go into a fight like this, it might be difficult to win.”

“Huhuhu. It is too late for you to regret this!”

Nestar, with a smile on his face, immediately used magic.

“Dark Javelin!”

Dozens of magical spears formed above his head and struck him like lightning.

“If this is the level…!”

It was terrifying to look at, but it was a dark magic attack that Luke had already experienced in his fight against Arsene.

He already knew how to deal with it, so he seemed rather laidback.

However, after avoiding one or two of them, it felt as if his entire body was wrapped in a thick web.

And it came into his view, a grey net, very similar to a spider’s web, hanging around him, and it was created by the Lich, Flaming.

It was the Dark Spider Web.


A bizarre voice rang from the lips of the Lich, Flaming, and the magi net around Luke began to become stronger.

Aiming for the gap, the Death Knight, Musashi, ran ahead.

‘He is fast!’

Luke was both shocked and surprised while he summoned his Gigant, Avenger, from his subspace bracelet.


The moment Avenger stopped Musashi’s sword attack, Musashi’s second sword flew to Luke, pushing past Avenger’s giant sword with a force behind him.

Luke pulled out Valiant while Avenger blocked Musashi and hurriedly stopped Musashi’s attack after widening the distance between them using Blink.

‘That was amazing! That quick sword just a second ago was of the same speed as Arch Duke Gregory and General Lee Yong-mu!’

And who were Arch Duke Gregory and Lee Yong-mu?

They were people who have already crossed the level of Sword Emperor.

If this Death Knight was on the same level as those two, Luke couldn’t help but take the battle more seriously.

When a Death Knight was made, the physical abilities were strengthened more than the time they were alive.

However, that didn’t mean that their skills would enhance too.

With his speed and fierce quick attacks with his sword, Musashi seemed to have excellent abilities even during the time when he was still alive, and Luke’s thoughts were right.

Musashi was a revered swordsman in the Yamatai Kingdom when it came to using two swords, and he was equivalent to a Sword Emperor.

But how would Musashi react once he knew that his body was being used by evil people? Would he be angry, or would he be happy to fight people even after his death?

‘Well, I don’t think now is the time to think about those things, right?’

He could feel that Nestar was gathering power from behind while the two Undead were attacking him.

‘Kukuku, Luke, will you be able to stop this?’

Nestar, who was showing dark and white magic from both his hands, fused them into one.

It was Chaos Strike, a dark magic attack of 8th circle.

Chaos Strike was a representation of an attack in the state where the universe was first created, and it held a terrifying momentum to it.


Nestar released the sphere of energy he had created toward the back of Luke, who was busy fighting with Musashi.

“Die, Luke de Rakan!”

“Huh, you are going to kill me with that Chaos Strike?”

Chaos Strike was powerful.

Although it was an 8th circle magic attack, one could make it as strong as a 9th circle depending on the magi that was infused into it.

However, the problem was that the creation of the dark magic attack was based on Saymon.

Luke, sensing the attack from behind, moved Avenger with a smile on his face.


In no time, Avenger appeared behind Luke and struck Chaos Strike with its giant sword.

“Wh-what was that? That Gigant doesn’t seem to have a rider in it. How is it even moving…?”

“I can control this Gigant even without a rider.”

As if to prove his words, Luke pulled out a piece of a Gaius Gigant, which he had in his subspace bracelet, and attacked the Lich, Flaming.

While fighting Musashi, Luke was controlling two other Gigants. Nestar wasn’t able to recover from what he was seeing.

‘How is he even…?’

Luke showed off his abilities.

Nestar felt startled for the first time since the battle started. However, he shook his head.

‘But if we can do our very best, we can kill him!’

Biting his teeth, he grabbed his heart and shouted at the Undead.

“Flaming! Musashi! Even if you are on the line of magi runaway, kill him! Get rid of him at all costs!”

For the Undead, magi was like a life force, which held one’s body. It was the same as the Ki energy that the Moorim clans in the Southern Continent talked about.

But to go to the level of runaway meant that there was no going back.


Ki ki ki ki!

Upon hearing the order from Nestar, Musashi and Flaming’s bodies turned dark red.

They released more than twice the power they were showcasing until then and began to run for Luke.

Gaius, which was dealing with Flaming, broke its armor and fell to the ground in one strike.

Nestar didn’t want to waste that chance.

He gathered all the magi in his body to deal with Avenger and Luke at the same time.

“Kuek! These ones…!”

Kwang! Bang! Pop! Pop!


Luke’s face went stiff by the tremendous dark magic that was being directed at him and the sword attacks.

Nestar smiled when he saw Luke.

Although Luke continued to block all the incoming attacks, he would be able to deal with an enormous attack when two people were coming at him.

‘We can do it! If we can keep attacking him like this, we can kill him!’

Although he would lose two advanced Undead, he thought that if he could kill Luke, then he would be able to create a lot more.

“Well, I guess this won’t work for me.”

When words flowed out of Luke’s mouth, he bounced off from Musashi’s sword. Nestar was convinced that he would win this battle.

In his mind, the picture of him holding the severed head of Luke with a wicked laugh on his face and praise from Arsene filled his heart.

“The battle on this ground will put my men in jeopardy… I will have to take special measures.”

‘What is he…?’

As Luke was curled up, Nestar began to turn nervous.

Before he could even understand things, a change happened on the battlefield.

It was because Luke who seemed to be on the defensive till now suddenly began to give out tremendous magic.

And that was…