Chapter 65: The Outbreak of War 2

“Kaahhaha! At last, the approval has been achieved.”

Count Monarch, who saw the parchment sent by the messenger of the Imperial Council, burst into laughter.

The parchment paper clearly, marked the seal of the emperor, who had accepted to the war.

“Are we going out finally?”

A sturdy knight in full armor spoke.

He was the right hand of Count Monarch, Superior Expert knight, Cain. He was also the knight General of the Monarch.

“Yes. Finally, I can repay the shame that was brought upon me the last time!”

If the Count could act now, he wanted to sneak into the Rakan Viscount and kill the unpleasant people and get back his princess.

But he had endured his desire, as Goth kept on insisting that he shouldn’t move until he had obtained a official approval from the Emperor and the Council.

‘Yaah! How dare he try to deceive me and then run away after killing my soldiers? After this battle, I will reclaim the princess!’

Count Monarch’s affection for Reina had currently gone to obsession.

And that was why he was so angry.

Shaking his head, Goth spoke,

“But Your majesty, how can the ones from the Rakan Viscount even take down our Scorpion Cavalry?”

Everyone had been under the impression that the Rakan Viscount killed the Scorpion Cavalry as they chased after the refugees.

However, the problem was that the Rakan never had the power to exterminate the entire cavalry without letting one of them live.

“Are you still thinking about that? Is there another way? Probably he would have used a Gigant.”

“We don’t know if the 3 Gigants in the Rakan Viscount can even move.”

The Gigants were so important that territories kept their eyes toward each other.

Even then, the spies in the Rakan territory were watching for the Gigants, it was almost impossible for one to sneak inside.

“And there is another, the entire Rakan territory is under construction. I don’t think that they aren’t aware of the fact that we had applied for the war, but even then, they are working on such a short time to know that they’ll have to prepare for the war.”

In the eyes of the calm and cool Goth, the actions of Rakan made no sense.

Either they believed that they were going to win the war or they had already given up.

There was no way they were thinking of the latter, which meant there was something in the corner that they weren’t aware of.

“This is just a guess, the nobles might have helped the Rakan. If that isn’t the case, then the annihilation of the shadow knights and the Scorpion Cavalry can’t be explained.”

The Shadow Knights were sent to assassinate Luke, and that has been known.

Their remains were found under the broken Gigants of a cliff.

At first glance, it seemed like a crash from the ground that collapsed.

But it was very strange as there was no reason for one to deliberately take a Gigant on to the cliff.

In addition, the spy had stated that the Rakan Viscount had the trailer that the Shadow Knights had used.

This meant that the Shadow Knights had indeed collided with the Rakan.

“Without any answers to the questions, premature attacks will turn dangerous. So…”

The words of Goth made Cain annoyed.

“So what? Are you saying that we should accept defeat?”

“That isn’t what I am trying to say. However, I feel like we need to find out more than just to attack.”

For Goth, Cain was a difficult man to deal with.

His power was superior, and even his simple ignorance, it was hard to get a theory into the head.

“Whatever they do, we just need to crush and overpower them, that is it. Are you thinking that we would lose?”

“Ah, no.”

They had the power that could never be lost.

The number of Gigants alone made a huge difference; 20 and the knights that no one had.

The number of knights, including the Expert, exceeded over 200, and the soldiers were over 10,000.

With that much power, they wouldn’t be pushed even if they went against Marquis Mayers.

“Tch, use that head for good things and be done with it!”

“It isn’t that I have a lot of concerns, but I just want to be careful.”

“Then you want to miss out on the chance that is right before your eyes? Ah, this desk bastard…”

The ridicule of Cain hurt Goth, however, he had no choice but to shut up.

“Dismissal! His majesty, please give me your orders. I’m going to go to the Rakan and take their necks down.”

With a confident expression, Count Monarch nodded his head.

“I permit you.”

“Hahaha! Thank you so much!”

Cain who had been very restless jumped out of his seat and left the office.

The army was assembled outside the city of Lamer.

Upon receiving the report that the war had been permitted, Luke immediately entered the office room which had all the retainers in there.

“Monarch is expected to have mobilized around 42 Gigants, 80 Knights, and 5,000 soldiers.”

There was no way the Count would mobilize the entire power before the security of his territory.

It was because a minimum number of troops were needed to be around the noble lords for security.

Count Monarch had five more cities in addition to Lamer, and more than seven fortresses that guarded the borders of the estates with nobles.

“They are still high.”

Despite the defense force, it was still going to be hard for the Rakan to fight.

Luke’s words countered Rogers.

“But we are better at morale and training.”

“Uhm, it is.”

In the duration, when they knew they would have to go for a war, Luke appreciated how hard the knights were preparing.

Clearly. In terms of the objective power, Rakan’s force was low.

“What is our operation? You aren’t just thinking of being stuck here in the manor, right?”

“Of course not. Rather, we are going to surprise the enemy from the canyon beyond the boundaries.”

The Yottern Canyon, which Rogers pointed to, was a straight path from Count Monarch to Rakan.

Two carriages could barely pass, with hills on the left and right sides, which was why it was perfect for ambush.

“What if they don’t use that?”

There wasn’t a route that the Count could use to come to Rakan.

If that was ambushed, and they come from the other route, then Rakan wouldn’t be able to properly organize their forces.

“Of course that could be, but this time their commander is Cain. From our reports, he is a rough and impatient figure who is very shallow in his thoughts. So maybe they will plan to get here in the shortest time possible.”

The Yottern Canyon, was in Monarch region.

And even if taken by surprise, they would have to take them down with 3 Gigants.

“However, not 3 but 10 Gigants we have.”

They originally had 3 units and 5 including the ones in the warehouse, 1 from Brandon, and 1 from the princess.

Even if the direct battle was difficult, if the surprise was done properly, then victory could be theirs.

“Not bad.”

Luke nodded his head.

However, Luke could see a lot of loopholes due to the wars he had done in the past.

‘If they see the ambush?’

If some of them were discreet and discovered the ambush, it would turn very troublesome for Rakan.

And if it wasn’t just large numbers of Gigants, but high-quality performance too?

Many riders had hands-on experience in the Gigant Arena for the Gigant fights. In addition, the knight commander was the best of the best.

‘Whatever the situation, I might have to go?’

If he had to be in the war, his power shouldn’t be revealed.

Unlike the Volga refugees he saved the last time, there were many different eyes which would witness him.

Not just the soldiers of the two territories, but the spies sent from the other estates would watch the war too.

So, he had to fly away after doing anything.

No, it would be hard to be suspected as a dark wizard.

Anyhow, for him to participate in the camp had to be left entirely to the retainers, so he thought he shouldn’t be involved.

‘I got a load of work done which was completely invisible to these eyes, kkk!’

With a meaningful smile, he soon ordered the troops to participate.