Emperor of Steel

Chapter 648 - Burning Island 1

Thanatos Island.

The island which was a raging hell with all the blasts and heat waves running in all the directions.

Bang! Bang! Kwang! Bang!


“Kuak! My legs!”

Veritas warlocks and the Grain merchants screamed through the fire.

“Stay calm! Calm down and take out the undead from the warehouses and the burning ships!”

“What are the warlocks even doing! Hurry up and use the defense magic!”

At the pier, the warlocks and the merchants did try to respond to the shelling.

However, at the most, every time they gathered wizards and tried to use shield magic, they were often interrupted by magic attacks that flew in from somewhere.

Moreover, the power of the shelling was too high to block.

With each shelling, a large ship and a warehouse would go down.

There didn’t seem like using Shield magic would even stop it.

As a result, the damage increased rapidly and people began to get hurt.

Even if they ran away in the moment’s fear, they weren’t even sure where they were supposed to hide as they were in an island with nowhere to go.

“Where the hell is the attack coming from?”

“What about Meister Nestar? It would be a lot easier for him to stop this kind of shelling with just his hand!”

When elders of the tower and leaders were rapidly looking for Nestar.

A grey light appeared in the sky and made all the shells bounce off from the pier!

“Wah! This is a wild shield!”

“Sir Nestar has come!”

Just as they all said.

Nestar, wearing a colorful robe, appeared behind the grey smoke.

He stared into the sea.

“Those men! How dare they attack this place?!”

The Hell Island had been the secret hideout of the Veritas Magic tower.

Among them, the Thanatos Island, which was used as the base, was the second home of Veritas.

And some random men dared to enter their own sea!

“They might have been the ones who killed Albert! I’ll show them the taste of death!”

Magi flashed and a dozen of giant dark spheres were created around Nestar.

It was the dark magic ‘Dark Moon’, an 8th circle magic which was quite stronger than a 9th magic circle attack.

It was when he was about to release the dark sphere in the direction of the shelling.


His body picked up an energy.

Nestar, who felt the powerful energy canceled the magic attack.

It was because he couldn’t give out a gap when he was aiming for releasing such a strong attack.

“Who are you?!”

As he sent a magic communication with his mind, the answer entered his ears.

-Who am I, curious much? If you want to see my face, come over here.

“You bastard!”

Nestar grumbled.

Even though he didn’t know what kind of person the enemy was, he was challenging Nestar in his own home place!

However, if we fought at the pier, the damage for the Vertias would increase.

In addition, there would be a huge delay until support came over from the pyramid, so he moved to the place where the message was sent.

“Huh? where are you going Sir Nestar?”

“Please help up!”

The merchants and the Magic Tower wizards screamed from below, but none of their screams went into Nestar’s ears.

Eventually, they were all eaten by the flames around them.

Luke, who was flying in the air with fly magic, smiled when the guy had taken the bait.

It was a pity that his opponent wasn’t Arsene, but he seemed to be a Meister, so he assumed that taking the man down would cause great damage.

‘If we destroy the secret base of Veritas Magic Tower, Arsene who is hiding somewhere will end up crawling out!’

The next time he would meet him, Luke decided to smash him to the extent where resurrection wouldn’t work.

But to do that, he would have to break the Life Vessel which was hidden somewhere.

Otherwise, the fight would keep on repeating.

‘I need to find a clue about the Life Vessel. I hope this guy knows where…’

It was when Luke was filled with expectations.

A light flashed, and Nestar appeared.

Nestar managed to recognize Luke.

“Yo-you are… Luke de Rakan?!”

As the other person recognized him, Luke bit his lip.

“You know me?”

“Obviously I do! How can I not know someone who defeated our ancestor?”

Veritas Magic Tower had been investigating a lot of things about Luke. He had emerged as the greatest enemy of the Magic Tower.

Thanks to that, Luke was quickly recognized because of his portrait they had created in the tower.

“You must be in the Symphonia Kingdom, how can you be here…?”

Nestar believed that the shelling was all because of the Holy Arthenia Empire’s fleet.

So he assumed the one who called him was Arch Duke Gregory, the Sword Sage of Holy Empire.

But, it ended up being Luke de Rakan!

“I stopped by after returning from the Southern Continent, and heard that the remnants of the Veritas Magic tower were hiding in here.”

“What was that? Then your men killed Albert the other day!”

‘Albert? The current Meister is dead?’

At Nestar’s angry face, Luke was rather puzzled.

He didn’t hear anything about that from Belfair.

‘Huh, looks like he ended up taking down a huge fish.’

Luke thought that he should grant Belfair a huge prize once he returned.

“I’ll kill you and take vengeance for my son!”

“Hu hu hu, you will kill me? Arsene himself couldn’t beat me.”

“Kuek! It is a mistake if you think that our ancestor couldn’t take you down, I’ll take you down!”

Nestar yelled at Luke who was making fun of him.

It was the truth that his strength was inferior to Arsene.

Unlike the ancestor who knew both white and dark magic, he was only 9th circle in dark and 8th circle in white.

Of course, he was one of the best in the continent, but winning in a one-on-one battle with Luke was impossible.

But he believed he could.

The advanced level undead in the pyramid.

A few days ago, two advanced undead were finished and were connected to him.

If he called for them, they would run for him right away.

He could feel them moving.

Once he calls for them, they wouldn’t need a second to reach him.

“Kukuku, you will realize that you called for your death sooner. When you disappear, our ancestor will be very pleased.”

The advanced Undead were monsters equal to the guardians which Arsene had created in the past.

The corpses belonged to those who received fame for being the strongest in the North and Southern continents hundreds of years back, and the amount of sacrifices that went into creating them was incomparable.

‘Well, if completed properly, Lich will be 9th circle warlocks, the Death Knight will be close to Sword Emperor, but it is a pity.’

The death of Albert still lingered around Nestar.

But that didn’t mean he turned into a slave for alcohol and forgot his duties.

Zehart and the elders weren’t aware, but he prepared for the most unfavorable situations, and awakened two advanced undead.

All because of the concern that someone else would die an outrageous death like Albert.

And what he did was a complete violation of Arsene’s instructions.

If the Undead were awakened suddenly, the Undead would turn incapable of exerting its full ability.

‘It can’t be helped. First of all, I need to live through this and even see the rage on my ancestor’s face.’

And he believed that if Luke was removed, his ancestor would forgive him for violating his orders.

As Nestar was in thought, Luke glanced at the pyramid and asked.

“Huh! Well, you believe in those two rotten corpses? Fine then, I will wait for them to arrive.”

“Kuek! Your arrogance will be the biggest flaw! A mistake you can never change!”

Nestar wanted to run towards Luke right away.

However, he waited.

He knew that Luke wasn’t an opponent who could be taken alone.

While they would be awakened, the advanced undead won’t be very strong, but they would still be over the level of Sword Sage.

If Nestar could cooperate with them, they might end up taking Luke’s life.

‘Wait a little more, Luke! I will make sure that you regret coming here!’