Emperor of Steel

Chapter 647 - Veritas Magic Tower Steps on Tail 4

“Phew-! God damn!”

After watching the loading work at the pier, Nestar returned back to the pyramid and sighed while drinking a glass of alcohol.

After the death of Albert, he ended up drinking every day.

Arsene had asked for the body to be sent, saying that he would save it, yet, his words didn’t seem that comforting for him.

For a warlock, resurrection meant turning into a Lich.

Moreover, if it wasn’t like turning into a Lich by staying alive, he was going to be revived for the dead, all the consciousness and memories of his life wouldn’t stay intact.

It would be very similar to making a doll which had Albert’s power.

“How preciously I raised him… kuek!”

Arsene and some of the other elders regarded Albert as an incompetent man who couldn’t prevent the fall of the Magic Tower.

However, Nestar didn’t treat him like that.

He thought that one day, the dark magic and its research would be out into the world.

He was planning on taking over the continent before the truth went out, however, things went horribly wrong.

And he couldn’t regard it as Albert’s fault.

In fact, even Arsene’s plans too went out of order once or twice.

“Grandpa, please stop drinking.”

As Nestar picked up a new bottle, the young warlocks next to him nagged.

The warlock, Zehart was Albert’s son, Nestar’s grandson.

He was 5th level in white magic, but considering his young age, he couldn’t be termed as very proficient.

All because he was brought up by giving all kinds of elixirs to improve his magic power and special guidance as the son of Meister.

He was surely gifted with magic, but he had no passion for it.

He was interested in being in a favorable position on the foundations established by his predecessors.

Yet, he was very interested in making money, so he was able to develop a company that was one of the best in the continent in a very short period of time.

“Too much drinking isn’t very good for your health.”

“You’re being noisy. If I die, I’ll just end up turning into a Lich.”

Replied by Nestar while pouring whiskey into his glass.

“By the way, what about the thing I asked you to look into?”

“You mean the assassin who killed my father? We collected all the information which was coming out of the ports from the merchants, however, there didn’t seem to be any favorable results.”

During that incident, there were no ships passing around the Hell islands, and no wooden drifts were said to have picked up around the sea.

“He probably died in the sea while he was fleeing after fighting his father with his strength. Otherwise, the injury ended up turning severe and he turned into a food of the monsters.”

“Huh, well it could be. Your father isn’t the one to die without taking down the enemy.”

When Nestar had a bitter smile on his face, Zehart spoke.

“But I am not sure if it is accurate. If our land had been infiltrated, it means that men have figured out where we are.”


As Nestar raised his eyes, Zehart flinched for a moment and continued.

“I remember telling this last time too… it isn’t too late now, so why don’t we check through the Hell Islands and be more cautious?”

“Huh, while we are preparing to leave?!”

Nestar, who yelled at Zehart’s request raised his voice by lowering the glass.

“We are loading all the ships right now, however, now you want to stop the loading and ask our men to hid the rats which might or might not be hiding? If they really are here, it is better to move quickly.”

“But, we might never know…”

“Even then! It is your huge flaw for being so cautious! You need to know how to make bold decisions for your age…”


Nestar was nagging his grandson.

However, his words ended up turning buried by the huge band behind them.

In an instant, Nestar pushed away from the alcohol and jumped over to the window to look at the spot.

“What the hell is going on?”

Bang! Bang! Kwang!

As if waiting for his words, a heavy sound burst again, and this time flame soared over the pier.

Ships began to sink and the port broke, people who were wrapped in the flames jumped into the water to escape the flames and the black smoke.

Rain of flames and smoke covered the heads of those who were trapped on the pier.

“Ho-how is this even happening…?!”

“Someone who knows about this place is attacking it.”

At Zehart’s words, Nestar took a step forward.

“Who in their right mind would even do that?! Who are those men who dare to do this?!”

Zehart sighed.

It seemed to be the assassin who stepped away from the island after killing his father and managed to bring in more of his men.

Was his grandfather really going to act oblivious even after knowing why all this was happening?

He seemed to have lost his reason and turned cold after losing his son.

“As far as I know, there are only three nations that have such a capable fleet of creating havoc. Grenada, Hoy Empire, and the Castia Kingdom.”

Recently, the news about the Symphonia Kingdom was also making an effort to increase the navy power.

But currently, he didn’t think that a nation that was currently growing in terms of the Navy would come all the way to a faraway island.

Because Luke’s mission to the Southern Continent was kept a secret, and the existence of Auster was confidential, so Zehart didn’t even think about them.

“Ah! Then it has to be the Holy Empire. They are the ones who have always kept their eyes lit to catch the warlocks!”

As Nestar was grunting through his teeth, Zehart quickly spoke.

“For now, we need to get out of the Sea of Reapers.”

They could fight on the island.

However, there was only one entrance to the Sea of Reaper, and if that get’s blocked by the warlocks, then the enemy could be taken down.

“Huh, you want to run away? I will kill all the men with my own hands!”

Nestar spoke and flew towards the pier despite Zehart’s words.

Zehart couldn’t help but sigh at it.

“He has completely lost it.”

Zehart too had lost his family, so he knew how Nestar was feeling.

He too felt resentful at the death of his father, and he despised the followers of God.

However, it was his opinion that a person in the position such as his grandfather shouldn’t drown himself in grief.

There was still a lot of undead which weren’t moved over to the new area.

Moreover, if their leader runs out for vengeance in a situation where the enemy just attacked them, aren’t the subordinates bound to die?

“Sire Zehart, the former Meister…”

“Where is Nestar?”

“We are in a huge mess right now! There is a massive mana disturbance going on, and the communication magic isn’t working!”

As the elders were all speaking out the problems at once, Zehart sighed.

He hesitated for a moment, and perceives what to say, but then gave out the answer to the elders.

“Grandfather went to the pier. He wanted to meet with the enemy, and ordered each one to bring in their undead and disciples.”

“Understood, we’ll get on it.”

Having sent out the elders with a message, Zehart headed to the North with a little treasure and documents.

There was a cave covered with rocks on the northern shore, and there was always a ship standing by.

It was a ship which he had prepared several years ago to escape from any emergency situation.

‘By now, everything will be under the attack. There was only shelling till now, but there could be a massive fleet waiting to land soon.’

It was obvious that if they were the Holy Empire, they would go for an all-out war to annihilate the warlocks.

With the unfinished undead and a large number of the undead moved on the first fleet, the current island didn’t have enough power to endure the Divine power.

‘Shouldn’t I get out of here and let my ancestor know what happened here?’

He was trying to reason and not feel guilty for leaving behind his grandfather and the other people of the Magic Tower.

All the men he left behind were people who always nagged at him for lacking enthusiasm regarding magic and laughed behind the back of a young child.

“Because I am self-taught, I will be able to get out of here on my own. I will not lose.”

Zehart turned towards the pier and laughed.

Looking at it once, he quickly continued to move to the north.