Emperor of Steel

Chapter 643 - End of the War 4

After finishing the battle, Luke leisurely headed over to Luoyang, to meet a group of people.

The group of Hwang Bo clan led by Jin-cheon.

They were on their way to convey what happened in the capital to the Hwang Bo clan, but they ended up encountering them before even reaching the clan.

Luke heard everything that happened to Hwang Bo-kwang and his group of men.

“So that was what happened.”

“Well, it’s all because of the great help that the second lord gave us.”

Hwang Bo-yun, who was active in the capital, was constantly sending information to the elders of the clan and Jin-cheon.

Among the information, there was a news article that said that Hwang Bo-sung was still alive.

Upon hearing that, Jin-cheon contacted the former chief, and informed him of the fact.

Naturally, Hwang Bo-in was in shock.

Hwang Bo-in was raging in fury when he realized that the son’s disappearance was the conspiracy of Hwang Bo-kwang, who took his brother to the Northern continent and claimed the brother disappeared.

He immediately summoned the elders of the Hwang Bo clan and took their permission to regain the title of chief which he had passed down to his son.

However, it wasn’t easy to drive out the followers of Hwang Bo-kwang who didn’t let him take the position.

That was when he saw an opportunity arise, the news about the rebels reaching higher numbers than the army was informed, and he immediately created a huge discussion.

He sent Jin-cheon over to another elder in Luoyang to persuade him, to take control of the Hwang Bo clan in secret.

“When the clan control was almost done, Hwang Bo-kwang entered.”

“What happened to Hwang Bo-kwang?”

“They said that the warriors took him out. After a while, we might have to meet him at the Imperial Palace.”

‘Huh, did they take over everything?’

Luke couldn’t help but laugh.

He heard that when Hwang Bo-kwang took power, everyone around the clan trembled at him, however, the position seemed to have changed rather quickly!

However, he had no intention of blaming the opportunistic behavior of the men.

If these men didn’t cooperate, there might have been more blood spilled to catch Hwang Bo-kwang.

“Well, good work done. I will tell the leader of the rebel army about your contributions.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Jin-cheon bowed down, and Luke pointed to Hwang Bo-sung who was next to him.

“And you seem to be familiar with our Commander of the Guard Knight, however, for some moments he will leave that title, so please talk among yourselves.”

When Luke moved out of the tent, Hwang Bo-sung and Jin-cheon shared their joy of meeting each other.

“Uncle Jin-cheon…”

“I always believed that you were alive somewhere, 3rd Lord.”

The two men held their hands and shed tears.

Luke glanced at it, from outside the tent and smiled at the heartwarming scene but soon was troubled.

‘What to do if Count Hwang Bo-sung decides to remain in here?’

Hwang Bo-sung was a Fist Sage and was the warrior of the Symphonia Kingdom.

If he wanted out of the post, Luke would suffer a significant loss.

‘But it would be impossible to hold onto him.’

Even if he held him captive, his mind would wander around his clan.

Which was why Luke decided that he would respect Hwang Bo-sung’s choice, even if it would affect him.

After a while, Luke asked the man after he was done talking and walked out of the camp.

“Count Hwang Bo-sung, what are you going to do now?”

What he meant was he would still follow me, or stay back at your clan.

Hwang Bo-sung answered if he didn’t need any time to think.

“I will go as the sword and shield of Your Majesty. I never intend to leave Your Majesty’s side.”

Hwang Bo-sung didn’t think that being the Fist Sage was the end of its martial arts.

Just as he managed to create a new skill that surpassed the previous master, he believed that he would be able to create new martial arts techniques that would surpass the other skills.

For that, he had to stay next to Luke, the man who was proficient in sword and magic.

He wanted to learn more things from his King.

“Haha, thank god.”

Luke felt at ease when he heard the answer of Hwang Bo-sung.

“Instead, I have a request.”


“Yes, give me permission to see my father.”

Hwang Bo-sung left the Hwang Bo clan unwillingly in the past.

As a result, he couldn’t even say his goodbyes to his father, relatives, or anyone who loved him.

Therefore, Hwang Bo-sung wanted to meet his father and give him a proper goodbye. If not, he wasn’t sure when he would even come back to the Southern Continent.

At the request of Hwang Bo-sung, Luke nodded.

“You don’t need my permission to do that. And while going to the Hwang Bo clan, take down the talismans that Hwang Bo-kwang might have. It will be annoying if that man escapes again.”


After receiving the order from Luke, Hwang Bo-sung took a few men and went to Hwang Bo clan with Jin-cheon and the others.

“Your Majesty, are we going over to Daeryang?”

Count Reynard went close to him and asked.

“Yes, Hwang Bo-kwang will be taken over by Hwang Bo-sung, so I think we can just return back to the capital.”

Luke was done with all the tasks he was given, such as capturing Jo Won-gyun.

Therefore, there was no reason to head over to Luoyang.

At that, Reynard ordered the Symphonia troops to retreat and turn for the capital.

The day to return home wasn’t that far away.