Emperor of Steel

Chapter 641 - End of the War 2

“Look very closely, brother. This is the Trinity Punch!”

Hwang Bo-kwang swung his left hand away from the heat to release the burning sensation that was wrapping his hand.


Blue sparks spread around his right fist, and a lighting bolt spread around Hwang Bo-sung’s body.

And it didn’t stop there. Large and small flashes began to spread everywhere.

Those, who were fighting, dropped their weapons and were shocked by the electricity.

“Wh-what was that?”

“Is that the Brain Keep Thunder Strike?”

Everyone stopped fighting for a moment and looked over at Hwang Bo-sung.

It was the same with Luke, who was defeating Wang-cheong, very comfortably.

“Oh my, it looks like he is going to do that.”

Luke knew what Hwang Bo-sung was planning to do.

It was because he watched Hwang Bo-sung train all the time, especially after the troops dispatched to the Southern Continent, even on the ship.


‘What the hell is Brain Keep? I heard even Hwang Bo-woong couldn’t even use it!’

Hwang Bo-kwang couldn’t help but feel confused.

Even if he meant to put aside the unknown skills, the problem was his own heat of the Extinct Fire Palm didn’t even pass through the current of lightning, which was generated by Hwang Bo-sung.

In simple words, it meant that his attacks didn’t even work.

“You! What the hell are you doing?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I am going to show you the Trinity Martial arts!”

Hwang Bo-sung saw Luke when he was fighting Arsene. Luke combined the lighting magic with the punch and used a skill similar to Trinity Punch.

That was the time when he saw the new martial arts of magic and punches.

‘It will be unreasonable for it to work perfectly for me.’

Maybe for Luke or Karen, it could have been an easy task.

However, Hwang Bo-sung, who never learned magic, could never create such skills.

Nevertheless, he didn’t give up and continued to practice.

In the Moorim clans of Kang Ho, there was a word called Manryu Return.

It meant that all rivers would flow and merge into the sea and so did the energy.

Hwang Bo-kwang realized that his brother wasn’t just using martial arts.

Just as one could create lighting, fire and ice could also be created by Zenith masters.

‘Maybe the fundamental principles of magic and martial arts are the same. Even if I can’t learn magic, I know the basics of it, so I might be able to further strengthen my martial arts?’

Hwang Bo-sung, who thought so, learned magic theory from the court wizard while training his Trinity Punch.

The area he was particularly interested in was the lighting magic.

Lightning magic was a method of creating artificial lightning by colliding the elements of nature with mana.

It was tough to summon lighting in the beginning. However, he eventually managed to create lighting with a small amount of mana.

However, the part where Hwang Bo-sung focused on his power was the nature of lighting.

According to the court wizard’s explanation, if an electric shock could be sent through a copper wire, it could become magnetic with enough force, and if the magnetic force could be created, one would be able to pull or push an object.

‘If it strengthens the pushing property, I can use it as an anti-attack, and if I can accelerate it, I may be able to land a stronger punch!’

In order to test that, an enormous Brain Keep power was needed.

Fortunately, Hwang Bo-sung managed to have enough Brain Keep power because of Auster.

With that, he went straight to experiment with his skills.

At first, it was nothing but utter failure, and he almost fell into a slump because of it.

Nevertheless, while continuing his training without stopping, he improved his concentration and stability.

And thus, he managed to complete the skill. A shield created by lighting that prevented attacks from the opponent by creating a magnetic field around the user.

In addition, he managed to strengthen the current power of the Trinity Punch.

“Look here, Brother! This is the real Trinity Martials Army!”


Hwang Bo-sung pushed his fist forward.

The energy at his fist gathered and accelerated. It exploded as it went toward Hwang Bo-kwang at a terrifying speed.

‘This, this…!’

Hwang Bo-kwang was startled and hurriedly raised his palm and tried to stop the punch.

However, the energy, which flew toward him like it wanted to destroy the entire ground, pushed him back.



Jo Won-gyun and the Hwang Bo clan’s warriors stepped back and watched the battle unfold with their eyes wide open.

Hwang Bo-kwang, who was confident that he had risen to the last level of Zenith, was in a horrible state after one punch!

“Cough! Couuugh!”

Blood flew out from Hwang Bo-kwang’s mouth. He groaned while trying to stand up.

“Sire, are you okay!”

The warriors of the Hwang Bo clan ran over to ask him about his health.

Luke, who was watching the battle of Hwang Bo-sung from behind, clicked his tongue as if he didn’t like something he just saw.

“Tch, Count Hwang Bo-sung, you still see him as your brother.”

If he really attacked the man with sincerity, Hwang Bo-kwang’s bones would have shattered the very moment the attack hit him.

But Hwang Bo-sung held his power back when he released his punch!

However, contrary to Luke’s thoughts, Hwang Bo-sung wasn’t looking at the man because he belonged to the same family or that he didn’t want to raise his hand against his brother.

He destroyed the pride of his half brother, who had been very arrogant for learning another clan’s martial arts, making sure that he would be seen by others as someone useless.

For a warrior, being hit like that was more severe than instant death.

“It is over, Brother. Accept your sins and pay the right price for your arrogance!”

“Uh! This motherfcking son of a btch!”

Hwang Bo-kwang, who barely managed to sit with the aid of his subordinates, was infuriated.

However, he couldn’t refute it. The entire war turned inside out.

The Eorim troops were smashed horribly by the Symphonia Kingdom’s army, and they were in no state to protect anyone, and most of the escorts of the Imperial Family were defeated by Reynard and Shirley.

Just as his half-brother said, everything was done.

“No… It isn’t over yet!”

Desperately denying the reality, Hwang Bo-kwang took out a talisman from his sleeve and threw it.

The moment he threw it, a light flashed through the talisman and Hwang Bo-kwang along with his men disappeared without a trace.

Jo Won-gyun’s face turned pale while hiding behind the wagon and watching the two fight.

It was because he never thought that his uncle, who also stood beside him and applauded him, would leave him and run away.

There was no one left to protect him.

Jo Won-gyun was desperately looking for an answer. He couldn’t recover from the shock he just witnessed.

“Tch, it must have been a similar skill to teleporting.”

Luke went out to the place where Hwang Bo-kwang teleported and examined the flow of energy.

To him, Hwang Bo-sung bowed down and felt bad.

“I am sorry, Master. I was caught off guard…”

“It is alright. He won’t be able to run away. The outcome of this war can’t be changed anymore.”

Luke turned his head and looked over at Jo Won-gyun.

He saw that Shirley had pulled out Jo Won-gyun from the wagon.

“It was obvious that Hwang Bo-kwang would escape. Even if we chose to not follow him, this is the end.”

Luke recalled the war with the Milton Kingdom.

King Mayers, who insisted on fighting without surrendering even after losing the war, was slaughtered by his own retainers and servants.

It was stated that the King of Milton had committed suicide.

However, Luke doubted it and later found out the truth from Count Reynard.

The state of this current war was almost similar to that.

The Hwang Bo clan would also do everything for them to survive, so Luke believed that the clan members would choose an appropriate solution.