Emperor of Steel

Chapter 640 - End of the War 1

“Out-outside! What the hell is happening here?! Didn’t you men check and say there was no ambush! But now Iron Giants are surrounding us!”

Jo Won-gyun, who saw the armored Giants boasting tremendous power like the mythical monsters, screamed like a child throwing tantrums.

Hwang Bo-kwang looked at his terrified nephew and said, “Do not worry. Any enemy can be defeated by the elite members of the Eorim and the Hwang Bo clan.”

Although they were caught in the ambush, Hwang Bo-kwang wasn’t too worried.

There were only 30,000 elite Eorim troops.

And among those of the Eorim and the Hwang Bo clan family, there were those who reached the height of Zenith, which they believed could easily defeat the Iron Giants.

He knew that if the elite men went out, they would take in some damage, but believed that they could overcome the ambush.

However, his thoughts changed from the moment when the powerful men began to appear among the feet of the Eorim leaders and the Hwang Bo clan.

When the elite members seemed to be in a tough spot, the lead nor the rear troops could hold the defense, and they were helplessly beaten by the Iron Giants.

When the head and rear of the troops were blocked, the troops which entered the Red Pine Forest were caught in the middle, not being able to do anything.

‘Tch, they are like sticky rice! It is so annoying but I can’t even do anything!’

Hwang Bo-kwang, got off the lead wagon to direct his troops. It was also because he was a Fist Master.

He knew all kinds of skills, and he was proud of being an expert when it came to poison, and learning all the secret forbidden skills.

But, he was shocked at the man who appeared before him.

Hwang Bo-kwang’s eyes widened in shock looking at the man.

“Yo-you are… Hwang Bo-sung?”

Around 7 years back, his half brother had fallen into the trap he carefully designed.

Even though he managed to run away, Hwang Bo-kwang thought that his brother would have met with death because of the poison given to him. And if he was alive, he assumed the man to come back to the clan and seek revenge.

However, till the very moment, there was no news about Hwang Bo-sung’s movement, no one who even resembled him was discovered.

But he suddenly appeared as his enemy!

“Brother, it has been so long.”


Frightened, Hwang Bo-kwang glared at Hwang Bo-sung, who seemed to have his eyes fixed on him.

It was shocking how his brother managed to overcome the poison and curse placed on his body, but the energy rising from his younger brother’s body seemed a lot stronger than before.

“Who are you?”

“Protect the advisor!”

Unlike the warriors of the Hwang Bo clan who recognized Hwang Bo-sung and went stiff, the other escorts of the Eorim rushed to protect their king’s uncle.

Listening to their words, Hwang Bo-sung made a fist and punched the air.

With a roar, the trajectory of the punch moved ahead.

All the escorts who got caught in the punch bounced back and fell to the ground.

‘Th-this can’t be!’

‘Isn’t that very similar to the skill which our creator Hwang Bo-woong used 300 years back!’

The complexion of the Hwang Bo clan warriors went pale.

So far, countless of the descendants of the clan have tried to learn the martial arts move of their chief, however, no one was ever able to recreate the Trinity Punch in the perfect manner.

The only one who didn’t seem too shaken was Hwang Bo-kwang.

“You seem to have completed the Trinity Punch.”

“Well, in one way, it was all thanks to my brother’s attempt.”

“Huh, if you really think so, you shouldn’t have come in front of me again!”

Hwang Bo-kwang’s image disappeared from Hwang Bo-sung’s sight.

Hwang Bo-sung who didn’t want Hwang Bo-kwang to deceive his sight turned around hastily and punched his fist into the air.



Hwang Bo-kwang tore the air behind him and revealed himself.

A groan escaped from Hwang Bo-sung’s mouth as his fist was met with a palm. It was because the palm of Hwang Bo-kwang was burning hot like a furnace.

“Th-that is…!”

Hwang Bo-sung was in shock when he saw the palm of Hwang Bo-kwang.

“You must have heard about it. The God who has the ability to burn the sky, the ‘Extinct Fire Palm’.”

“Wasn’t that a fictional story said to children?”

“Kuah ah ah! Even though I thought it was a story, but it existed for real. The deepest part of the Imperial palace knew it!”

Hwang Bo-kwang, who burst into a lively face, rushed towards Hwang Bo-sung, and began to punch indiscriminately.

Pop! Pop!

It was also said that a constant attack of punches could even dissolve the fighting spirit of the man if used correctly.

There was also a legend that the God’s warrior Heechang had even defeated Geum-gang, who was said to have the hardest body in the world.

As such, the moment Hwang Bo-sung’s fist came in contact with his brother’s hand, his entire fist began to give out white smoke.

“Hahaha! How is that? This is the skill of God’s warriors!”

“Yeah! Isn’t the Hwang Bo clan embarrassed by looking at you, brother? Abandoning the ancestor’s skills while taking on a new skill, it is like an affair.”

“Huh?! What do you mean about being embarrassed? Time is changing! The era of the Trinity punch is gone! In the future, I will make the entire Hwang Bo clan change into the name of Hwang Bo-kwang, and the whole world will learn the extinct skill of Extinct Fire Palm!”

Hwang Bo-sung frowned at Hwang Bo-kwang’s words.

‘He doesn’t seem to understand that there is another sky above the one we see, the truth is always hidden where we can’t see.’

Hwang Bo-sung clenched his fists.

If his brother wasn’t aware of the facts, he wanted to personally teach it to him.

The Trinity Martial arts was the strongest form of Moorim arts, and was not secondary when compared to any other arts!