Chapter 64: The Outbreak of War 1

Luke, who accepted Sebastian as his slave, later used the fly magic to fly away from mountain ranges which had a tunnel construction underway.

In the vacant lot, his designated knight, Philip was devoted to his fencing practice.

“Is your practice going well?”

“Ah, young Lord, you have come?”

Philip raised his sword and turned straight to Luke.

Soon he turned disappointed.

“You are empty-handed? Aren’t you going to stop me?”

“Is it important to stop? Aren’t you curious as to what the army is doing?”

“It isn’t that I’m not curious. Instead, I was promised that I would be thought Gold Sword.”

Philip was Luke’s designated knight.

It was a position which needed him to follow and watched over the Lord at all times, but couldn’t do it.

It was because Luke had kept him away and far from every secret.

So Philip even wrote poems when he was feeling bored, he even followed Luke at times.

‘Brainwashing with dark magic is very simple… I’d feel very sorry to make such an expert knight into a dumb being.’

A few days ago, Luke made a compromise with Philip.

If Philip didn’t care as to what the young Lord was doing, then Luke promised to teach him Gold Sword.

“Go, Gold Sword?”

“Yeah, choose whether you’d take it or not.”

If Philip rejected the offer of Luke’s at that time, Luke intended to brainwash him.

But Philip asked just one thing.

He was frivolous and stupid, yet he still was a knight at heart.

There was no way he would refuse the proposal of getting thought of the Gold Sword legend of the Warrior of Rakan that kept on flowing from 500 years ago.

After the compromise, Philip pretended to follow Luke whenever he went out of the manor. And in the report, he said, ‘I watched the young Lord practice swordsmanship and gave me orders’.

Each time the report came back, as usual, Rogers got slightly suspicious.

And the fencing skills of Luke didn’t seem to have improved much from the time he had practiced with him either.

“Well, I’m honestly very curious… after the young Lord has deviated, I just felt glad if you wouldn’t do bad, but now I believe that you would never do any evil thing.”


“Yeah, even if you discover the Devil King’s art and are learning it secretly, I believe that the young Lord is strong-willed to achieve a lot.”

At those words of Philip, Luke smiled.

He felt a little bad, but decided and took it as a joke.

“Then, what if I make you a Death Knight?”

“Then, I beg you to make me much stronger than the normal ones. If I am being made to do that, then shouldn’t that much be done for my case?”

“Wah, hearing that makes me…”

Luke struck Philip on his shoulder and pulled the sword from his waist. The Gold Sword, the thing he promised Philip.

“Kay, let’s see how much you have changed?”

“That was what I have been doing here. If you’re feeling so proud, then you won’t be able to notice your nose getting hurt.”

Two allies were ready to fight with each other like enemies for the purpose of practice.

Luke had learned how to make an aura immediately after creating a Magi aura when doing practice with Rogers.

And the Gold Sword quickly shone.

Mana, the core and the most difficult part of the Gold Sword were too easy for him.

There was no one in the world who you follow his pace, a 9 circle Archwizard.

Kang! Kkang!?

Every time the sounds rose, the aura spread out.

Even when their skin got cut and their clothes were getting torn, they went into the practice and showed no signs of slowing down.

After the practice had lasted for 20 minutes, it was Philip who had brought the sword to Luke’s neck.

“You’re still stronger.”

“I know nothing other than to use the sword.”

The fencing skills of Luke were growing fast, and he had learned it in a very short time.

Philip, from the time when he was 5 years old, was learning swordsmanship for over 20 years, and he displayed the talent to go past an intermediate expert.

Then he won the sword match?

That was ridiculous.

Philip hadn’t considered himself a winner.

He knew that Luke hadn’t run out of power.

He knew that the young Lord had been learning magic from Mute, and accordingly he might have 1 or 2 magic circles.

That much was enough to use in battle.

Philip knew that if Luke would have used the magic like the simple Flash, then he would have surely touched Philip’s neck.

Luke told Philip for an hour, all that Rogers had thought him.

“Then, should we head back?”

“Yeah. It isn’t nice to overwork.”

The two of them returned to the manor on the horse that they had with them.

But the atmosphere of the manor wasn’t that normal.

The maids all seemed to be very nervous, and the knights with their full armors were very busy.

With that sight, Luke anticipated something had happened but decided to ask something for confirmation,

“What happened?”

At his question, the high priest Maron, who was passing by, stopped and responded,

“You have come back.”

“I did come…”

“A messenger had come from the Imperial Court a while ago, and the parchment he handed over stated that the permission had been given by the emperor and the council for the war.”

At last, the request of Count Monarch had been accepted.

Luke, was already prepared for it and he calmly responded to Maron,

“The retainers?”

“Everyone is in the office room waiting for the young Lord’s arrival. Please go there.”

Luke hurried to the meeting room.

His heart was pounding, but he was fearless. His clenched fist was hot, but his head was as cold as ever.

‘Wait a while Monarch. I’ll make sure that dread will knock upon your door!’