Emperor of Steel

Chapter 635 - Downfall 3

The turnover of the Red Dragon King’s stance was quickly known in huge numbers.

Unsurprisingly, the Song Imperial palace who heard the news was overturned.

“What? Lee Yong-mu asked the troops along with him to surrender over to Jo Won-rak?”

“That is right. It is said that after being defeated in the confrontation with the Northern King, he suddenly spoke to the soldiers and expressed his disgust for the current ruling.”

At the report of the servant, the officials who were in the throne room got up and began to talk about Lee Yong-mu’s actions.

“We were deceived by Lee Yong-mu!”

“Right. He had no intention of stopping the Yemaek troops at all, he only wanted to talk with Jo Won-rak!”

“We need to punish the traitor right away!”

Jo Won-gyun, was frowning at all the requests the officials had asked them.

“We need to punish Lee Yong-mu who couldn’t be taken down from the cursed doll… any ideas?”

“Well, of course by mobilizing the Eorim troops…”


Jo Won-gyun strongly struck the armrest in the chair he was sitting on.

With a sharp voice, he yelled.

“Eorim troops are the last troops left to protect the Imperial family! But you want to mobilize that troops? Then who will protect the capital and the Imperial palace?”

Eorim unit was created by gathering orphans all over the nation and putting them into intensive training and made them loyal to the Imperial family.

It was a total of 100,000 members.

Because of them, the Song Empire was able to stand tall for thousands of years, it was the last shield which protected the Imperial family.

Jo Won-gyun, and Hwang Bo-kwang who decided to devour the Song Empire, took control of the Eorim heads.

And such a group to be dispatched?

Didn’t that mean that the Imperial family would be unprotected?

“If not the Eorim, there is no one who can stop Lee Yong-mu and the Yemaek troops.”

The minister’s words had meaning.

According to the recent information, the Yemaek troops alone were around 100,000.

In addition, the rebels who followed Jo Won-rak and the troops of Lee Yong-mu were close to being 300,000.

In order to win over such a large army, there would be no favorable end if the enemy reached the capital.

Among the central troops, around 100,000 elite soldiers followed Lee Yong-mu and joined the enemy army, and the remaining 200,000 in the capital were all novice and recent recruits.

Not only did they lack training, but the troops gathered all over the capital and nearby areas wouldn’t reach the Imperial palace in time.

‘F*ck! This is all because of that disgusting old man!’

Jo Won-gyun, grinded his teeth and gave out orders.

“There will be a large number of family members of Lee Yong-mu. Grab them and take them to the wall.”

“Won’t they be executed?”

“The execution will be postponed until a later time, once we take that man as our hostage.”

It was a very mean trick, but the Imperial palace was in a sticky situation.

Immediately, Eorim troops left the Imperial palace and attacked Lee Yong-mu’s home.

However, they couldn’t do their mission.

The entire home was empty.

“We found a tunnel on one side of the wall. It looks like they have escaped.”

Jo Won-gyun was getting irritated at the report of Eorim troops.

It seemed like Lee Yong-mu was ready from the very beginning, he was intentionally thinking of betraying the Imperial palace, so he dug a tunnel to move the family to safety.

“They can’t get out of our grasp just yet. Search through the capital and find them!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

After the General of Eorim went out of the room, Jo Won-gyun began to panic.

Nothing was going along to his plans.

“Damn! Damn! Damn it…!”

Hwang Bo-kwang, who was watching Jo Won-gyun panic, opened his mouth.

“Sire, I feel like we need to use Daeryang.”

“Huh? You mean to change it?”

As Jo Won-gyun looked up startled, Hwang Bo-kwang nodded.

“That is right. With our current troops holding the capital would be tough. So, it would be better to collect the current power and destroy the current one to gain time to move away to the west.”

“Then, the sentiment of people in the capital would turn for Jo Won-rak!”

It wasn’t like Jo Won-gyun didn’t think about shifting the capital.

However, he decided to use it when the situation was worst for him, and there was a reason for not going with it.

The capital had political capitals and economic stability and was in the center of the Song Empire.

In addition, as there were many people who came Daeryang for study admissions, the public sentiment in Daeryang would influence the people of the Song Empire.

For that reason, even in the past, in any civil war, the king would try to enter the capital.

“If we move and leave at once, Jo Won-rak won’t stay silent. It is obvious that he will try win over the public favor of those in Daeyrang by all the means.”

And there was another problem which Jo Won-gyun was concerned about.

The presence of the Emperor.

The Emperor had been kidnapped by someone else, and they seemed to be hiding the presence of the Emperor.

“As you said, if we leave, that would happen. However, we can do enough if we act in advance.”


Hwang Bo-kwang had a smile on his mouth as he approached Jo Won-gyun.

And whispered what he thought in secret.

Hearing the explanation, Jo Won-gyun, who was startled for a second, smiled sneakily.

“Kukuku. If we follow as you said, we can wash away all our worries at once.”

“Yes. And the enemies will bite and fight with each other.”

Hwang Bo-kwang’s plan was something Jo Won-gyun would have never thought of.

Normal people would never think of it. Well, it was because such things weren’t meant to be thought of.

However, Jo Won-gyun, who had lost his sight because of his desire for power, laughed and accepted the operation.