Emperor of Steel

Chapter 634 - Downfall 2


“Your Majesty has won!”

“The Northern King defeated the Red Dragon King!”

Starting from the Symphonia Kingdom troops, shouts of joy began to spread throughout the allied forces.

In contrast to that, the Song Empire troops froze in shock.

Even Hwang Bo-kwang’s men, who were suspicious of Lee Yong-mu, couldn’t help but be shocked by the result of the battle.

It couldn’t be. The Red Dragon King lost.

“Commander, what should we do now?”

“What do you mean what!? Hurry up and do what I ordered!”

In the midst of the commotion, Yang-gwi sent the men, who froze, because of the result.

Meanwhile, Lee Yong-mu squeezed out every last bit of his energy and approached Luke to speak to him.

“Kuak! Congratulations… Huh.”

“No, it was an unfavorable fight.”

Had Lee Yong-mu fought with a weapon that was equivalent to Valiant, then the results wouldn’t be the same.

The spear wouldn’t have shattered when it collided with the Hyper Aura, or the spear wouldn’t have missed Luke’s heart even after being blocked.

“The thing in the last… the last move… Can you tell me about it?”

At Lee Yong-mu’s request, Luke nodded with a smile.

“If I’m going to name it, then I guess it’s called Clock Up Sword. I realized it after fighting you.”

The confrontation with Lee Yong-mu gave Luke a great understanding of the sword.

And one of that was the instant condensation of the Hyper Aura into a single point on the weapon.

However, the most decisive thing he managed to create was the last trick using the second half of the Gold Sword, the Clock Up Sword.

“Clock Up Sword… Parallel acceleration, kuek! The last one in the Gold Light God Sword.”

Lee Yong-mu looked at Luke and asked one final request.

His life was running out, and both his eyes were turning heavy.

“All the sins… were done by the higher-ups… Please, let the soldiers and the people… Have mercy on them.”


He closed his eyes. At one point, his entire body was wrapped in a warm energy.

‘This is weird. I thought that my body would feel cold right after losing so much blood.’

Was he dead and already in heaven?

Lee Yong-mu opened his eyes and saw Luke with a smile on his lips.

Warm energy was flowing from the right hand of the king.

“Th-that is…?”

“Divine power. Even I can use the power of a priest.”

Although Luke almost got stabbed in his chest, his Aether Globe was perfectly fine.

That was why he didn’t just heal himself but also Lee Yong-mu.

“Huh, I didn’t think that I would survive that…”

Lee Yong-mu stroked his head and chest, feeling surprised to see only a scar on his body.

He heard stories from the merchants of the North that the priests in the Northern Continent had the power of heaven and could exert abilities similar to the temples in the South.

However, it was his first time experiencing it.

Moreover, the person, who healed him, was an enemy whose life was at risk because of himself!

“Since my life was saved, I will one day try to repay the grace shown on me.”

When lee Yong-mu said that…

“Grace, huh? You don’t need to repay it later. Why not do it now?”

Luke pointed to the Song troops.

The artillery units had come ahead as if they were going to attack, and the rear was bustling with the cavalry units, getting ready to attack.

Lee Yong-mu, who was shocked for a while, replied, “If you promise to bury those who sinned, I will follow you.”

“Of course, I will.”

As Luke nodded, Lee Yong-mu looked around and picked up a spear.

It was the halberd that Shirley had dropped in the first battle. As his spear was broken, he needed a new weapon to replace it temporarily.

Lee Yong-mu struck the ground with the halberd and shouted at the Song Imperial troops.

“Stop everyone!”

Fearing his command, the Song Imperial Army stopped.

The Red Dragon King, who they thought would end up dead, was alive and standing.

The officers, who cried out for revenge because of Lee Yong-mu’s death, were shocked.

“There is no more reason to fight in here! Our true enemies are in the capital!”

At Lee Yong-mu’s cry, the Song Imperial troops froze.

No one in the troop was foolish enough to not know who the enemies Lee Yong-mu was referring to.

Of course, the first to notice was Commander Yong-gwi and Hwang Bo-kwang’s men.

“Lee Yong-mu! You want to betray the nation and rebel against the emperor!?”

“Shut up, bastard! Haven’t you guys committed treason! Do you think that I didn’t know how you men are trying to hurt His Majesty by using the assassins of Salmek!”

Lee Yong-mu thumped the halberd while shouting.

Each time he thumped it to the ground, the ground shook, and Lee Yong-mu’s cry echoed through the sky.

Yang-gwi had to hold himself strong because of his sweat and took out the wax doll from his sleeve.

He had to punish Lee Yong-mu as soon as possible.

If he didn’t do it, there was a chance that the troops of Song would turn against him.

“Lee Yong-mu! You ungrateful old man! You will pay the price for leaving us!”

Once he said that, Yang-gwi pushed a needle through the heart of the wax doll, and the light flashed over the inscription on the doll.

But that was the end.

Rather than Lee Yong-mu vomiting blood or falling to the ground, he was walking toward him.

Yang-gwi was flustered and stabbed the doll’s heart once again, yet nothing happened.

“Hahaha, you guys are stupid! Did you really think that I would pass my loyalty to you men that easily?”

Laughing, Lee Yong-mu took off his helmet and threw it away.

His shaved head appeared.

Before entering the Imperial palace, he had shaved his head, and in front of Jo Won-gyun and Hwang Bo-kwang, he cut off the horsehair wig he had worn in advance.

Lee Yong-mu’s shaved head was a huge shock to the entire Song Empire Army.

In the Southern Continent, especially the Song and Yemaek, a man’s hair was the pride of a man.

Therefore, no one thought that Lee Yong-mu, who had the right to be proud of being the best warrior in the Southern Continent would shave off his hair.

“Should I feel ashamed for correcting my nation! Sons of Song Empire! It isn’t too late now! Defeat the sinners and prove your loyalty!”

At the cry of Lee Yong-mu, appreciation rose from all over the Song troops.

“Wah! Let’s follow the General!”

“We can’t live as the dogs of Hwang Bo-kwang!”

Yang-gwi and the others tried to suppress the turmoil that was raging.

However, there were very few who trusted their words.

The situation turned irreversible as the rebels advanced.

Eventually, Yang-gwi and his men fled, and the 100,000 Song Imperial troops, who were dispatched to stop Jo Won-rak, ended up joining the rebels on Jo Won-rak’s side.

With that, the men of Hwang Bo-kwang, who once dominated the Empire, began to fall rapidly.