Emperor of Steel

Chapter 633 - Downfall 1


“What is it, Your Majesty?”

When King Biryu was looking serious, Jo Won-rak frowned and asked, “Are you not happy with how the fight is proceeding?”

“No, it is because of the movement of the Song Empire. It seems suspicious.”

Biryu, who had excellent skills in the continent, had sharp eyes too.

His eyesight was far superior compared to other experts, so it was rumored that King Biryu could even look at the stars in broad daylight.

Honestly, it was not that great, but the level of movement in the enemy camp was clear enough.

“It looks like they are going to strike us in surprise.”

“Are you sure?”

“Isn’t it good to be prepared.”

When Biryu said that, a messenger rushed to him.

Looking at the flag on him, he was dispatched with the Symphonia Kingdom’s army.

“What is it?”

At Biryu’s question, the messenger hurriedly knelt on one knee and answered, “Your Majesty, the Symphonia Army has stated that the movement behind the Song Army turned busy.”

While Luke was between the fight with Lee Yong-mu, the war mages of the Symphonia Army were keeping an eye on the Song troops with Fly magic.

Hwang Bo-kwang’s men didn’t know that the opponent was keeping an eye on them.

It was because they were too involved in the betrayal of Lee Yong-mu and the initiation of the surprise attack that they ignored the movements of the wizards around them.

“I knew it. They were planning for a surprise attack. Immediately, put all the troops on the artillery range and deploy the defense troops and the rear troops to respond to the cavalry attacks of the enemy!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The rebel troops and even the Yemaek troops began to move.

No matter how much attention they were paying on Luke and Lee Yong-mu, the troops of Yemaek couldn’t help but notice the changes.

After exchanging blows, they took a step back to catch their breath.

“While we were in battle, something seems to have happened in the camp.”

At Luke’s question, Lee Yong-mu looked ahead and clicked his tongue.

“Tch, it seems that my camp’s heads are turning impatient.”

Lee Yong-mu was so busy fighting Luke that he didn’t see the movement of those in his own camp.

However, now, even the opposite side was preparing for the surprise attack. He understood that his camp was planning to do something without any orders from him.

“Red Dragon King, what are you going to do? When a full-fledged battle occurs, we will have to return back to your camp. It is a pity that our confrontation will end halfway.”

“I still think that there’s little time left for us to complete it, don’t you think?”

Luke turned to Lee Yong-mu as he heard regret in his voice.

“Do you think we will see the end within what little time is left of us?”

The fight between the two people was tight.

Until then, they have been fighting for an hour, and they wanted the battle to end with just a few more strikes. Was that even possible?

“Then, would you like to go back like this and regret it?”

At Lee Yong-mu’s subtle provocation, Luke burst into laughter.

When he saw that the man was confident enough to bring the end of the battle, his spirits began to rise.

‘It is stupid to fall for an opponent’s provocation.’

His sober brain was trying to warn him.

However, Luke’s body had no intention of following it.

He fought numerous enemies in the past as well as the present.

With the desire to create a world where people could live with equal rights, he always fought tough enemies. Those, who were stronger than himself, like Arsene.

He still had numerous fights ahead of himself. Fights he wasn’t supposed to lose at any cost.

Unlike his other fights that had a lot at stake, this current confrontation was very enjoyable.

Even though he knew that losing the battle over there would put his life in jeopardy, he didn’t want to avoid the battle for some reason, even though the chance to withdraw was right ahead of him.

That was how much he liked the man in front of him, the warrior called Lee Yong-mu, the Red Dragon King.

He definitely wanted to see the end of it and wanted to be the one to win.

It was his will and his ambition upon being a knight, not as a wizard.

“Fine, let’s finish this.”

“Huhuhu, I knew you would come through.”

Lee Yong-mu smiled with joy and grabbed his spear.

At the same time, Luke changed his posture and concentrated all his aura by activating the Aether globe.

‘I am already well aware of Lee Yong-mu’s skills. Now is the time to break it.’

Luke thought that the spear of Lee Yong-mu was a real storm to deal with.

Sometimes, the spear was as flexible as the wind, and sometimes, it was as strong as hail and thunderstorms.

The scary thing was how accurately the spear would move and attack its target as if there was magic around it, controlling its movements.

If the opponent wasn’t careful enough, he could die in a single blow from that terrifying spear.

‘In front of that storm, even hot flames will go out so will the large trees. There is one way to overcome such a storm! Only one!’

To jump into it without any hesitation.

To dance along with the storm and pierce the heart of the dragon that crouched in the wind!

That was the only conclusion Luke could come at.

Bang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

Luke jumped in boldly at the spear.

Knowing that the tip of Lee Yong-mu’s spear would aim for his vital points like his neck and heart, Luke swung his sword to avoid Lee Yong-mu’s attacks.

‘Kuak! He is taking a defensive move to attack?’

‘This fight won’t end unless we put our bodies on the line!’

The two people exchanged words with their eyes, and they fought again without hesitation.

Cang! Cang! Caeng! Bang!

Along with the spear, a white trajectory struck the air countless times.

At that moment, a red mist rose and surrounded them both.

It was a phenomenon that got created by the drops of blood that fell around them and was mixed with the air.

The eyes of both side’s troops, who were preparing for the surprise attack, focused on the battle once again.

“Look over there! They are fighting more intensely than before!”

“That is all blood!”

Speaking of the fight, the battle of the two men seemed like a dragon and a giant storm.

However, even though it seemed like a fight for life or death, the two men seemed to move elegantly.

“What are you doing?! Hurry up and prepare to attack!”

The troops of the Song Empire went out and prepared to attack.

Nevertheless, as the movements slowed down, the men of Hwang Bo-kwang yelled at them.

“You slugs! Hurry up, hurry up!”

“If you won’t follow my command, I will slash your throats!”

While the men were yelling at them, the battle between the dragon and the storm in the bloody fog reached its peak.

“This is the end!”

Cang! Puak!

Valiant went for Lee Yong-mu, and the spear went for Luke’s chest.

“Ah! That is…!”

“Your Majesty!”

Including Hwang Bo-sung, the knights of the Symphonia Kingdom, who were watching the fight, went pale.

It was because the worst possible result just happened in front of them.

But then…


Lee Yong-mu’s spear broke into pieces.

With that, Luke, who was holding Valiant, pushed toward Lee Yong-mu.

“This will be the last one!”


In the swift movement that no one else could see, Lee yong-mu saw Luke’s movements.

Yet, he wasn’t able to move.

It wasn’t just the spear that got shattered.

It was because he could feel his body move a lot slower than Luke.

‘Well, this is surely my…’

The swordsman, Yeon Ga-ram, the only days he fought with ambition.

It was a similar feeling to the day he was defeated by a swordsman named Yeon Ga-ram.

Although, not exactly the same, Lee Yong-mu smiled with satisfaction, seeing that he would fall for the Gold Light God Sword, which he used to feel inspired by.

At that moment, his entire vision was filled with a gold light.

Pung! Swooosh!

With a terrifying noise, the golden sword pierced Lee Yong-mu. Clear blood rose from him.


Blood flowed out of Lee Yong-mu’s chest.


The tip of the spear, which was stuck in Luke’s heart, got pushed out, and the wound began to heal.

“Hu! Hu!”

Luke kept healing himself in the speed of light.

He chocked because of the aftermath of the battle. Clenching his teeth, he raised the sword to the sky.

The fight between the Southern Red Dragon and the Northern Giant ended with the victory on the Giant’s side.