Emperor of Steel

Chapter 632 - Clash Between Red Dragon King and Luke 3

Lee Yong-mu and Luke were enjoying their duel, but those who were watching it weren’t so much. It was because the morale of the armies on both sides was at stake.

However, the rebels, generals, and even King Biryu were watching patiently.

But that wasn’t the case for those in the Song Empire camp.

In particular, those who worked for Hwang Bo-kwang.

“Damn it, does Lee Yong-mu not have the heart to fight properly?!”

Yang-gwi, who was given the position of the commander for the current battle, burst into anger while watching the fight of Lee Yong-mu.

At first, it seemed like he was seriously fighting with his Ki, however, as time extended it seemed like his Ki was slowing down.

Of course, it was just his misunderstanding, both Luke and Lee Yong-mu were in the middle of the battle exchanging their fierce blows while carefully controlling their weapons.

However, it was hard for Yang-gwi, who was a former civilian to recognize how the battle went.

The lieutenant who listened to him explained it.

“It might look like they are playing, but General Lee Yong-mu and the opponent are showing a very high level of skills.”

“Huh, you call that high-level skills?! Even if that was the case, they fight with no commitment and passion!”

Lee Yong-mu was revered as the strongest warrior in the Southern Continent.

In addition, he was always used for ambushes and assassinations in every war.

However, in the current one-on-one confrontation, he was dragging time.

“What do you think? Do you really think that I am wrong?”

The complexion of those who were dispatched by Hwang Bo-kwang changed at the question of Yang-gwi.

“If the Red Dragon King is fighting with this spirit, then as the commander said… there is a possibility that he is siding with Jo Won-rak.”


Yang-gwi argued that if the Red Dragon King was really using his full skills, he would have already cut off the Northern Continent King with a single strike.

“Uhm, then it is a huge problem for us.”

“If he really sided with Jo Won-rak, do you think that there is any way for us to take an upper hand?”

It wasn’t just one of the two generals who admired Lee Yong-mu.

And it was no different because there were 100,000 soldiers who had the same admiration for him.

Not just the Imperial army would fall for Lee Yong-mu’s words, but there was a possible chance for the army to turn into rebels.

When the people’s complexion went pale, Yang-gwi’s lips formed a huge smile.

“Do you really think that our advisor released that old monster without any measures? He prepared a way to subdue that old man and sent that one.”

Having said that, he took out a wax doll from his sleeve.

The doll, which had spells engraved on it, was a technique used to control or assassinate the humans with magic. And inside the doll was a hair strand of Lee Yong-mu, who had offered it as a proof of loyalty to the regent.

“The impact on the doll is supposed to be passed to the real subject. No matter how strong he is, he won’t be able to live once his heart or brain is crushed.”

Meanwhile, Yang-gwi stabbed the doll with a needle.

Of course, he had no intention of killing Lee Yong-mu right away. It was intended to be used once Lee Yong-mu’s attempt of betrayal turned clear.

“Honestly, this doll has no use, Lee Yong-mu’s family members are currently staying in the residence in the capital. Considering that they would be hostages under us, Lee Yong-mu wouldn’t make such a move.”

At the words of Yang-gwi, the men under Hwang Bo-kwang sighed in relief.

“I am relieved to hear that. But, I have a question.”


“Yes, if he is already siding with Jo Won-rak, is there any reason to go ahead like this? There could have been a more easy and safe way than this, right?”

This was what the man meant.

While the two troops were confronting here, the enemy’s troops could advance secretly and hit the capital.

That was the most likely opinion, but Yang-gwi shook his head.

He too was concerned about that, so he had already released scouts to all the regions to monitor the movement of the enemies.

As a result, he knew that the enemy people didn’t even split from the main troops.

And the rebels in the enemy troops weren’t in the war to defeat the regent or take over the throne, they were to defeat those who used the Kangshi.

And the enemy didn’t seem to divide into multiple forces.

“Then what the hell are…”

When Yang-gwi and the other person were in doubt, the lieutenant next to them who listened to the conversation opened his mouth.

“Commander, I don’t know what this is, but if the Red Dragon King decides to sides with the enemy, should we strike first?”

“You mean to strike first?”

“Yes, if we attack from his side, wouldn’t those people of the other army think that Lee Yong-mu cheated on them?”

Surely the enemy commander could think of it to be an accidental situation.

However, the people who suffered the damage because of the attack wouldn’t consider it, and if they were attacked with a massive attack that blew up many of their allies, they would fight back.

And if it turned into a mess, the Imperial army could go ahead with their place.

In addition, if the Song Imperial army decided to strike, the enemy would surely be in confusion to respond right away.

“Fine, lieutenant, prepare for a surprise attack. We must move quietly so that neither Lee Yong-mu nor the enemy notices us.”

“Yes, but what about those who don’t follow the orders…?”

At the lieutenant’s concerns, Yang-gwi smiled.

“Is there anything to worry about? If you say that it was a plan that Lee Yong-mu had devised beforehand, they will follow us without any doubt.”

“Kukkk, understood.”

The men of Hwang Bo-kwang didn’t know that Lee Yong-mu and Luke were fighting purely out of respect for each other.

And as was ordered—100,000 Song Imperial troops began to move for the surprise attack.