Chapter 63: Demon Sebastian 5

After that, Luke had done three more summonings the next day.

If he could he wanted to do it several times a day.

However, as he was busy with these and those and it was hard to collect the materials that were needed for the Summoning Magic Circle, he had to wait until he got them all.

Anyhow, with the three summons, he had summoned three demons and overpowered them.

He had acquired Petro Light, which would turn his opponent into stone, and the Sonic Wave ability that could move or shock things with sound waves.

The Build Up ability was higher because it could absorb the power of a guy with similar abilities to the Demon Volk—the first demon Luke had summoned.

‘Now I only have materials to summon just one more. No, well, since I have the time, should I just do it today and get rid of it?’

Thinking hard, Luke decided to summon a demon for the fifth time.


The Summoning Magic Circle shone with roaring sounds that shook the heavens and earth. A large monster resembling a saber-toothed tiger appeared.

“Kwaaang?! I am a higher demon in the Devildom, Warrior Sebastian! If you don’t kneel down right away, then I’ll feed on you!”

The summoned demon had creepy sharp teeth and claws. Additionally, it had black wings similar to a crow on its back.

With a black patch on its right eye and standing 10 meters tall, the demon looked intimidating.

‘Uhm, is it an animal type demon this time?’

In Devildom, only two-legged humanoid demons didn’t live.

There were various demons including the higher demons that resembled the Saber Tiger.

“Human, what are you doing? Kneel before me, quickly!”

As Luke was looking at him nervously, Sebastian shouted.

However, Luke suddenly laughed at him. Seeing that, Sebastian couldn’t help but feel confused.

“This guy! How dare you look at a high demon and laugh? I will cut off your stomach and chew on your intestines… Kaaak!”

The demon went on the floor as he was hit by Luke’s magic, Blitz.

But, when he was on the floor, the demon’s body began to change.

Its 10-meter size suddenly reduced to 30 centimeters. Its teeth and claws, which looked fierce and sharp, disappeared.

The demon’s once intimidating form changed to a fluffy-haired cat.

With boots and gloves, the demon was now wearing a leather belt across its waist. Large and small pockets were hanging from the demon’s belt and also two small daggers.

“Uh, how did my body…?”

Sebastian, who saw his transformation, asked while trembling.

Luke smiled and said,

“Your transformation was clumsy. I don’t know if the form is perfect, but there was no momentum in it.”

Strong things had strong momentum.

Whether it be an illusion or the real thing, that momentum could be felt.

However, Sebastian talked a lot, and Luke didn’t feel any momentum from him.

In addition, Luke drew a magic circle to summon a lower demon. There was no reason for a higher demon to pop out suddenly.

“First, let’s fight and see.”

Luke stomped his feet and approached Sebastian.

“Hu, human, no, teacher! Confucius! There had been a misunderstanding. Let’s talk it out!”

“I have nothing to talk about with you.”

“Please don’t say that! You look like a gentleman. Why are you doing this? Can’t you just think about saving one poor cat?”

Sebastian spoke with the most pitiable expression possible, but Luke’s cold expression hadn’t changed, not one bit.

“I’m going to hit you anyway and then absorb your Magi and abilities.”


Sebastian’s mouth went wide with shock.

Sebastian decided to respond to the summoning because he wanted to eat something, but he was the one who was going to get eaten.

There were a few words going around that the lower demons were being summoned on Earth. And this was the guy!

“Well, Confucius. You can’t take that much Magi from demons or rather the resuscitated demons in the lower class since they don’t have much, to begin with.”

“It seems like you’re telling me that you have.”

“Well, there could be some, but it would be better to have a living one than revived ones! Because I am the greatest Thief Sebastian of the Devildom!”

“Is he the thief Sebastian?”

When Luke tried to unleash the Black Bind magic with huge disappointment, Sebastian fell on the floor and begged him non-stop.

“Wait! I will do anything just please spare me! I swear on allegiance! No, I will give you my soul!”

At the cry of Sebastian, Luke was rather confused.

Using normal summoning spells, the demons were like swords and the warlocks were like autumn leaves.

Therefore, the side which was most likely to beg for mercy was the Warlocks. The souls which always fall into the hands of the demons.

However, right then, a demon was saying that it would offer its soul!

‘Wah! This guy looks interesting.’

That could be one, but on the other hand, Luke thought that the guy could be of some help.

In the ugly world of the Devildom and its survival, the fact that a weak and pity looking cat was still alive meant that he surely had something extraordinary in him.

‘He said thief, right? If he is able to steal and hide well, he might be useful in spying on the duke.’

In any case, it seemed like summoning the Saber Tiger worked out well.

Luke looked at Sebastian with strict and judging eyes. He then said,

“Will you really give me your soul?”

“Yes, I will give you my soul. From today on, I—Sebastian—is your servant!”

“Oh, then I guess I’ll save you.”

Luke performed a ritual sacrifice with Sebastian.

Since the parties had to be changed, it was necessary to modify the pattern with a ritual, and it wasn’t that difficult for Luke who had the knowledge of the 9 Circle dark magic.

“Demon Sebastian, from this very day your soul belongs to Luke. Your life and death lie in my hands, so don’t even dream of rebelling!”

After the ritual, Sebastian’s neck was marked with an L-shaped stigma which symbolized Luke’s name.

‘I am a slave! Me, who is a demon, is a slave to a human!’

It was indeed something worth crying about, but after seeing the cold look of his master, Sebastian smiled.

“I will do well under you, master!”

“No, come forward with all your sincerity and earnestness.”

Luke accepted the Demon, the best one out of all the demons he revived, Sebastian.