Emperor of Steel

Chapter 629 - Move of Hells Island 1

“Faster, faster, load the Undead onto the transport ships!”

“We need to move the first batch by today!”

“Be careful! If you drop even one of the coffins into the sea, you people know what will happen!”

Thanatos Islands, the foggy archipelago of hell.

Black coffins inside the wagons were being moved into a large ship, which was on the pier.

They were the Undead that Arsene made.

“Phew, really. I wondered something wrong would happen if our ancestor would have gone missing,” above a pyramid, one of the two people who was looking at the shipments being moved said.

The man was the former Meister of the Veritas Magic Tower, Nestar.

Four months ago, Arsene had left for the Symphonia Kingdom, saying that he had to kill Luke right away, but he then lost contact with his men.

Chatan and 5 intermediate Undead were sent along to assist Arsene. However, he lost contact with Chatan, and the entire Veritas Magic Tower turned over with the news.

They had all assumed that with the 5 Undead and Arsene, not just Luke, but the entire Symphonia Kingdom would be under their hands.

But they lost contact with both of them!

Accordingly, at the tower, he ordered the investigation by his men, who had infiltrated the continent, and a few days later, they were told of the news that Arsene looked like he had died after his battle with Luke.

The report left the Veritas in a spire of confusion.

It was because they couldn’t figure out whether to take revenge for their ancestor or send someone over to the Symphonia Kingdom to find any traces left behind by their ancestor.

“But, even I was flustered and shocked at that time.”

Albert responded to Nestar’s words.

Their founder, Arsene, a Lich, even if he was killed by Luke, that didn’t mean that Arsene was dead.

A Lich could rise once again as long as its life vessel wasn’t destroyed.

Nevertheless, Arsene’s defeat was so shocking that Nestar and the other leaders of the Veritas Magic Tower were left confused.

‘The ancestor had mastered white and dark magic and climbed up to the 9th circle. The strongest man with no rival on the continent. He could sweep out the top ten magic towers with just a snap of his fingers. Still, he ended up losing to Luke?’

If that was the case, then the entire analysis of Veritas Magic Tower on Luke was completely wrong.

And there was another reason why the leaders were flustered.

A Lich could resurrect where its life vessel was present. However, no one knew where Arsene’s life vessel was.

So they had to wait till Arsene himself contacted them.

One day had passed and then the next day… And then two months had passed, but Arsene still didn’t contact them.

They couldn’t help but worry.

“But I couldn’t even think about laying down the groundwork in an unexpected place.”

“Kuek, That is right.”

At Albert’s words, Nestar smiled.

While waiting anxiously about the news, Arsene resurrected and returned.

Arsene came and shared his plans.

He went right after Shaikan, the king of Libiya Kingdom!

They did think that it was a great idea, but Nestar was deeply concerned.

Perhaps, maybe Arsene was in the middle of his resurrection. Arsene seemed weaker than before.

Would he be able to defeat the Dragonian, Shaikan, who inherited the power of dragons… Nestar couldn’t even rest in peace even after sending a few warlocks and Albert along with him.

Around a month ago, he received a magic communication from Libiya Kingdom.

Shaikan appeared in the magic communication.

Seeing Shaikan, Nestar felt that Arsene got caught. However, surprisingly, his ancestor managed to take over the body of the Dragonian.

The joy and surprise he felt that time was insurmountable!

“Why do you think the ancestor decided to use the Libiya Kingdom to be our base?”

“Well, I do think that we have our own strengths and weaknesses. Honestly, the Hell Islands are good for hiding, but this place has too many restrictions. It isn’t easy to collect the materials needed to make an Undead army. Instead, the Libiya Kingdom was located on the Rhodesia Continent, so we get to hide our identity and be active at the same time.”

In addition, if the entire Libiya Kingdom could be made into an Undead area, the power they could have would be greater than making the entire population of the Southern Continent into the Undead.

A dagger aimed near the heart would be deadlier than a farther one.

Whatever the case was, Arsene decided to move the secret base of Veritas Magic Tower with that thought, and the work was in full swing.

Half of the Undead and warlocks, who were currently working on the first phase of transporting the Undead, were asked to ship the Undead to the place, and with a month’s gap, the second batch would be shipped.

However, while talking with Albert, Nestar’s eyes wriggled.

Suddenly, he turned and shot a dark bullet into the forest.

Swoosh! Puk!

Nestar opened his mouth shortly after the dark bullet disappeared through the lush trees.

“It looks like a rat is hiding on our island.”

“A rat?”

Albert’s eyes frowned.

It was because no spy had ever infiltrated the Hell Islands in the last 200 years.

“People are moving in and out of this place. It seems like information has been leaked out. Track him and catch him now!”


Receiving the order, Albert immediately flew using Fly magic and went toward the place where he was hearing the groans.

However, he only saw blood marks, and no spy appeared in the place where the dark bullet hit.

“It seems like the rat’s ability is a lot better than I thought, but he can never escape from Hell Islands!”

The moment he began to chant the Tracking magic, Albert’s eyes began to glow in blue.

Being with monsters such as Arsene and Nestar, he managed to reach the 8th magic circle.

He built confidence over the years to find and annihilate any number of spies that infiltrated the tower.


He flew again and began to follow the footsteps of the intruders, which got revealed because of the Tracking magic.