Emperor of Steel

Chapter 628 - Red Dragon King Lee Yong-mu 3

“I have no face to show you. The talks failed.”

“No, what you did was enough.”

Even though he failed, Luke thought that Jo Won-rak’s attempt wasn’t bad.

Many soldiers saw Jo Won-rak going all alone to persuade the enemy General.

The soldiers were greatly moved by the appearance of their prince, and their agitation subdued a lot.

King Biryu too felt that his son-in-law was a lot more than what he showed.

“Well then, it looks like I need to take down that stubborn man first.”

“King Luke, you will come out?”

Asked Biryu.

There were several strong warriors in Yemaek.

There weren’t a lot of people who reached the Absolute Powerholder level, but there were men who were great zen users and martial arts specialists.

King Biryu himself considered himself as the strongest man in archery.

However, compared to the young king in front of him, everyone seemed inferior.

He watched the battle Luke had with Earner, and the energy in Luke’s body was a lot stronger than his own.

Well, it felt like Luke had an energy which was more than twice to his own.

“Obviously. I have been looking forward to this opportunity since I got here.”


Luke pulled the sword from his waist with a broad smile on his face.

It was when he was about to step outside. All of a sudden, an Orion Gigant jumped out and ran towards Lee Yong-mu.


“Seeing the stance, it is Shirley’s Gigant. She is someone who doesn’t know when to stand back, and went right in.”

Hwang Bo-sung shook his head and spoke with a frown on his face.

He turned to Luke and asked.

“Shall I call her back right away?”

“No, let’s watch what happens.”

Luke, who lost the chance to move first was flustered but decided to let her play.

He liked Shirley’s actions, which showed him her willingness to hold onto her confidence in the situation of crisis.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

“Yah, even if you don’t know how good you are, you won’t still be able to take on a Gigant with a bare body!”

Shirley confidently marched towards the man.

She rushed towards Lee Yong-mu, maximizing the power of her Hero-class Gigant, Orion.

She was thinking of getting some merit and turn into the best Spear Master in the world by taking down that man in front of her.

“Wohoo. An Iron Giant!”

A huge Gigant, with a battle axe in its hand, went towards Lee Yong-mu.

However, Lee yong-mu didn’t seem too flustered.

He held onto his spear and struck the Gigant’s battle axe with a terrifying speed.



Shirley’s Orion, which crossed with Lee Yong-mu, stumbled back.

Luke, who was watching the scene was shocked.

‘That was amazing! He used the power of the rushing opponent and pressed them down!’

Riding the Gigant would amplify the aura of the rider or the power through the core engine.

If they almost added tons of weight, so no one would be strong enough to move it with their bare body.

But, the man out there, he managed to press down the Gigant with just his body!

He saw that the man who was claimed to be the strongest in the Southern Continent wasn’t just all bark.

“Tch, so a destroyer class, huh?”

Shirley, who barely managed to get back the balance of the Gigant, went into the fight right away.

However, the Orion didn’t move.

Orion ended up getting its foot in the muddy area.

And as the Gigant stood still temporarily, the Gigant’s ankles seemed to get caught in the mud.

“Wh-what is this?!”

“Huhu. We weren’t just waiting until you guys came here.”

Until the enemy troops entered, Lee Yong-mu made his troops spill water and create muddy areas around them.

He was informed that the number of rebels was large, and the Black Demons of Yemaek and Gigant from the North were also coming their way.

Both of them needed a vast and solid land to move and work efficiently.

A number of tricks were done before, to stop them.

“No matter how terrifying the iron giant may seem, if you can’t move, it is nothing more than a chunk of metal waiting to be hit.”

Lee Yong-mu, who moved on his horse, swung his pear as he passed Orion.

With energy bursting from the tip of the spear, the iron joint of the Gigant’s leg broke and Orion sat in the mud.


The 100,000 of the Song Imperial troops cheered at Lee Yong-mu’s attack.

As their cheers grew, Shirley’s face flushed red.

“Uhhh! Coward! Coward!”

Shirley opened the hatch of the Gigant which turned worthless and ran at Lee Yong-mu with her halberd.

When a small girl with a heavy halberd was exuding intense energy, Lee Yong-mu seemed impressed.

“You know how to handle the spears well.”

Lee Yong-mu spoke fluent Rhodesian language.

However, Shirley wasn’t too surprised. There was something which was really shocking though.

Kang! Kang! Kang!

‘He-he is blocking all of the attacks with just the tip of his spear!’

Shirley was thrilled at the scene of Lee Yong-mu stopping her halberd’s attacks with just the tip of his spear.

He was taking down her best attacks with simple moves!

“It isn’t that uncommon to handle such spears in Kang Ho… won’t you surrender? I will make you my student.”

“Don’t kid around!”

Shirley’s halberd formed a hyper aura.

She wanted to break down the frustrating flow of the battle, but without her knowledge, she briefly entered the realm above the rank of a master.

However, Lee Yong-mu’s movements were faster.

He concentrated and stabbed the spear with lightning speed.



Shirley bounced back coughing up blood.

If she was hit in the right spot, she might have ended up dying right away.

Right then, Luke appeared in the air and caught her before she hit the ground.


He used recovery magic to heal Shirley’s magic injuries right away, and handed her over to Hwang Bo-sung who followed him.

‘I don’t get it, when did he?’

Looking at Lee Yong-mu, who was shocked, Luke spoke after bowing to the man.

“Thank you so much for watching out for tomboy.”

“It seemed like a waste to kill her.”

A while ago, Lee Yong-mu struck Shirley with the back of the spear and not the blade.

Which was why that she flew back instead of falling to the ground right away.

“But you appeared earlier than I thought.”

At Lee Yong-mu’s words, Luke pointed to Shirley who had fainted.

“I would have appeared faster if not for this.”

When the enemy troops arrived, Lee Yong-mu sensed a strange energy from the camp.

There were many strong men in the camp, but not once had he ever sensed something so strong like that.

One person’s energy.

A strong man hiding in the huge crowds, he felt the energy similar to a dormant volcano before it burst.

Same to the time when he confronted Yeon Ga-ram.

‘I heard that the Northern King dealt with that Earner… I didn’t know he would be this strong.’

When someone who looked similar to himself appeared, Lee Yong-mu couldn’t relax.

So he decided to launch the first attack.

“If you are confident, stop my attacks!”

Lee Yong-mu jumped off from his horse and went for Luke at a terrifying speed.

With energy gathered at the tip of the spear.

Swooong! Kwang!

Cloud of dust rose between the two people as if a bomb had exploded.

As the dust settled, people could see the two men taking steps back away from each other.


Neither Lee Yong-mu who attacked, nor Luke, who managed to stop it seemed in advantage.

Le Yong-mu was shocked seeing the Golden energy exuding from Luke’s body.

“Gold Light God Sword? Did you learn that sword skill?”

“No, this actually my own skill.”

The swordsman Yeon Ga-ram, who learned the Gold Light God sword.

His was the origin of the Gold sword.

With a smile, Luke quickly released the Gold sword.

The sharp trajectory in the air was pointed towards Lee Yong-mu.

It seemed as if the earth and the sky were shaking together because of the sword.

The Song Imperial army and the rebels group with the Yemaek troops were all watching it unfold with shock in their eyes.

“General Le-Lee Yong-mu is being pushed back!”

“Who the hell is that person there?”

People were shocked and admired him, but Luke was confused.

Because Lee Yong-mu was able to stop all his attacks.

It wasn’t that he was being pushed back, it was more like Lee Yong-mu was trying to study Luke’s skills.


The moment he realized it, Lee Yong-mu and Luke’s positions changed.

Along with that, a thin line of blood dripped from Luke’s forehead.

“This, thank god.”

“I feel the same too.”

Blood was flowing from Lee Yong-mu’s side too.

They constantly exchanged blows.

“It seems like you have done enough exploration in battle, so let’s get serious and go for some proper attacks.”

“I have been waiting for it.”

Energy which was strong as a storm rose from both of their bodies, the two people changed their postures and they were completely serious.

Kwang-Kwang! Kwang! Bang! Kang!

Luke, who defeated Arsene and became the strongest knight on the Rhodesia Continent, and Lee Yong-mu, the strongest zenith of the Southern Continent, their fight began in earnest.