Emperor of Steel

Chapter 622 - Transition 1


The man called Savage Land in the Song and Yemaek nations was a war chief, who rule the Kitai, a nomadic race in the Southern Continent.

Although he ruled the vast grasslands and thought of him to be the emperor, the land was barren with very few people to rule over.

This was why, like his predecessor, he invaded the Song Empire and Yemaek and looted them.

When the opportunity came, he decided to take over the fertile land of the Song Empire and Yemaek and wanted to build a great empire by enslaving the people currently living there.

“Now, once the Song and Yemaek fight, the opportunity will arise for us. The day when both of them turn exhausted, it will be the time for Kitai!”

While instructing the border chiefs to keep an eye on the war of the two nations, he sent his son across the eastern sea as the ambassador to the Yamatai Kingdom.

Yamatai also had the ambition to escape from their narrow island and advance to the large continent.

So, Elluradi formed an alliance with them.

If the Yamatai pirates hit the backs of Yemaek and Song while they were in a tough war, they could win with ease.

He issued an emergency order in Karakorum, the capital, to begin the war preparations.

“I was told that the Song Empire was attacking the Yu-dong castle. What happened?”

The servant answered the question from Elluradi with a doubtful expression.

“Just before the fall, it was said that King Biryu entered with the Black Demon Unit and defeated them.”

“But, if Yu-dong castle was pushed that horribly, shouldn’t the Yemaek troops have taken a lot of damage?”

“Yes, War chief. It was because the Song Empire was told to have used the Kangshi…”

“Kangshi? You are talking about the Kangshi?”

The word made Elluradi’s eyes flash.

It wasn’t because he was shocked by the Song Empire breaking a taboo, but it was because he wasn’t aware that such things were happening.

“That was why the border forts and castles were captured. However, it is difficult as the Yemaek has brought in troops from the Northern Continent.”


“Yes, according to the spies, many soldiers with blonde and brown hair with northern clothing were seen in large groups in Yu-dong Estate.”

“Well, I see that Biryu has called over the northerners from across the sea.”

“According to the other report, it was said that they came over on a huge ship, which was like an island.”

Elluradi frowned at the report.

The northerners practiced curious skills, and they used steel giants as weapons.

When he was young, Elluradi had seen a steel giant that was being secretly brought into the Song Empire.

The stell giants he saw were a lot older, and their movements were very dull.

However, it exhibited tremendous fighting power, enough to smash down hundreds of elite cavalry horsemen.

He heard that the northerners mobilized dozens or maybe hundreds of such steel giants for their own wars.

‘The northerners, who came to support Yemaek, would have surely brought in their steel dolls.’

Elluradi’s predictions were on point.

Shortly thereafter, he sent the chiefs to the border and asked to bring in the approximate size of Symphonia’s expeditionary.

However, what surprised Elluradi the most was that the heavy steel giants were moving at a speed that matched the movement of the Black Demon Unit.

‘Then, their speed is also that great? Such turnover. Well, how long will they…’

It was when he was thinking about the siege and was lost in his thoughts…

“War chief! We have a huge problem, War chief!”

A man came in, running.

“What is it? What is all this fuss?”

“It was said that the Song Army put the Kangshi into play!”

“Huh, I already got that news.”

The Song Family of the Song Empire, who were believed to live their lives based on their culture and preached about following all the laws of nature, displayed such hypocritical behavior.

Just that information was enough to criticize and ridicule them. However, Elluradi thought that something good would happen once the Kangshi were involved.

Kangshi didn’t need food or sleep and were way stronger than living soldiers.

“Was there a lot of damage taken in by the Yemaek Army? Jo Won-gyun, that child is leaning toward such dark methods…”

His words got cut off by the man.

“That isn’t right, War chief! It was said that the Song Army has released the Kangshi into our land!”

“Wh-what?! Did you verify it?”

“The border chief considered it to be a rumor at first, but it was said that the Song Army crossed into our border at night and released dozens of coffins.”

The border chief visited the scene after he got in the reports from the hunters, who witnessed the situation and found coffins with open lids lying on the ground.

The coffins were empty. However, it was impossible to know which direction the Kangshi were headed to.

‘Why did the Song Army leave their Kangshi into our land…? No, they couldn’t have guessed.’

Obviously, it was a situation where they wanted to avoid letting the Kitai be involved in their fight with Yemaek.

Yet, it was true that Kitai’s War chief was looking for an opportunity to invade both regions.

It wouldn’t be able to stop the tens of thousands of Kitai nomadic warriors with just a dozen Kangshi, but if the reports of Kangshi spread, it would create an ugly public sentiment.

Moreover, if it was the Song Army’s intention to attack them in surprise, Elluradi’s own life could be in danger.

“Hurry up and find those Kangshi and destroy them! Move it! Mobilize all the available soldiers and find them!”

“Yes, War chief!”

After the orders were given, Elluradi struck his table with irritation on his face.


“Those mean bastard! Can they even call themselves civilized people after doing all this?”

He was furious because he had missed the golden opportunity to establish a great empire.

However, Elluradi wasn’t aware.

The number of coffins that were released into Kitai’s land was over a hundred in number, and the same thing had happened to Yamatai.

And most importantly, it wasn’t the Song Empire who did it.