Emperor of Steel

Chapter 621 - Transformation of Libiya Kingdom 4

Dimitry would come!

The northern army of the Baroque Empire, who had been holding back the offensive stance of the Volga Republic, was turned upside down because of some intelligence report.

It was because if Dimitry joined the front lines in battle, then the war would go to the Republicans as he was known as the strongest swordsman of the Volga Republic, being in the Sword Sage level.

“Damn it. When would the reinforcements mentioned by His Majesty even arrive? It is more important to stop those Republicans than the rebels!”

The lieutenant, who listened to the grunting and annoyed question of Count Omar, the commander of the Northern Army, answered, “Just a while back, we received the magic communication from the Imperial Palace, and they said that they were going to send 3 Sword Masters of the SS knights, and they asked us to hold on a little longer.”

“Three Sword Masters? They won’t even be able to stop Duke Dimitry!”

Even ten Sword Masters wouldn’t be able to stop a Sword Sage.

However, that didn’t mean that the power of the Northern Army was that low compared to the Volga Republic.

Fortunately, the current offensive stance of Volga was a mess. Otherwise, Volga would have managed to invade the northern regions, and many estates might have been stolen.

“Your Majesty said that if we can stop them for a week, then all the rebels would be wiped out by then.”

“Eh! Well, we can’t help it.”

If one didn’t have teeth to bite, they would have to catch things using their gums.

Omar, who had an expression that said that he couldn’t help it, decided to stop Duke Dimitry with all his might.

Being put on the first line of the army, he was always ready to prepare for the offensive against the Republic.

However, the moment they were prepared, something happened.

Viscount Rajat, who was supposed to back him, decided to back out.

Because of that, the forts near the estates of Viscount Rajat were attacked relentlessly.

Bang! Bang!

“Do not back down! Stop those Republicans!”

“Just a little more. Endure a little more and His Majesty will come to support! Hold till the end!”

“Long Live the Baroque Empire!”

The voices in the forts sounded continuous.

But it didn’t last long.

Once the Crimson Knights, the best elite group in the Volga Republic, and the Capital Guards participated in the war and the betrayal of Rajat was known, everything seemed painful.

Eventually, before three days, the walls of each fort collapsed and the Gigants of the Volga Army invaded and the Northern Army, which could no longer stand, lifted the white flag.

Thus, the Volga Army, who had claimed the area around the Rajat estates, entered the regions.

The people of the estate, who didn’t know what was happening, were scared of seeing the Volga troops.

It was because there was no law in Volga, which spoke about committing murder or looting the places.

However, after seeing Vladimir’s decree and the tax exemption clause, they quickly began to turn consistently.

The Volga Republic was delighted with it, but the Baroque Empire was in pain.

The border wars with the Volga Republic was a natural thing for them, but they never assumed that the Northern troops would collapse in an instant.

The city of Blatter, where Rudolf’s family was staying.

The emperor and the other high ranking nobles were all gathered in the office of the manor.

For some reason, the atmosphere was terrifying, it was because of the shocking news from the North.

The Northern troops, which given the task of blocking the Volga Republic, were defeated, and the entire front line collapsed.

“How the hell did this happen?”

A cold question came from Emperor Rudolf’s mouth instead of fiery questions and killings in the room.

However, Count Voltas and the other nobles in the room hoped that Rudolf screaming out loud was a better situation for them.

It was because every time Emperor Rudolf would try to be calm, he would release a huge amount of energy.

The energy was so harsh that no official in the room could stand on their own feet. People fainted, not being able to hold themselves up.

“Didn’t you hear me asking what happened? Do you need me to ask the question once again?”

When words as cold as ice came out, Count Voltas decided to answer, “According to the knowledge I have, Dimitry had participated in the war and the elite men from Volga had come, but it was said that the decisive move was the betrayal of Viscount Rajat.”

“Viscount Rajat was a traitor? What was his reason for betrayal? Did the Volga men try to blackmail him?”

“It is embarrassing to say… It was said that the exploitation of central forces was too severe.”


Rudolf couldn’t understand.

It was because the finances were out, and they even had to dig out the Imperial Tombs, but they never exploited the estates on the borders.

Rather, they even provided food and military personnel to those living in the borders.

‘But all of this happened… It must have been because of those corrupt rats in the middle, taking away everything.’

Corruption had been prevailing in the empire for a very long time.

In the past, Rudolf often turned away his eye on the nobles, even after knowing that they committed crimes.

In some cases, the nobles, who committed infidelity, were his close friends, so he used to leave them alone, and at a later time, he used their crimes for purging.

In fact, the nobles, who opposed Rudolf, were always caught and purged.

However, it only applied when the nation was peaceful.

As the empire was currently divided into three parts, the organization was losing the balance in the war, and corrupt nobles were running wild as they didn’t have anyone over their head.

Since the Imperial family and the nobles were too busy concentrating elsewhere, they further exploited the local estates and took care of the resources.

That was one of the reasons why the peasants’ rebellion didn’t come to an end.

‘I was stupid.’

With his head down, Rudolf thought and asked Voltas, the head of the Imperial Intelligence Agency.


“Yes, Your Majesty. What is it?”

“Get a detailed understanding of the situation. And all those who have been involved in the incident must be captured.”

Rudolf had no intention of ending things hastily.

He was planning to take down all the rats, who were eating away his nation, and punish them all.

That way, he would be able to establish some kind of disciplinary acts and also fight the enemies on the outside.

However, it was unclear if the purging would take place according to Rudolf’s plan.

He was the cause of everything that had happened until then.

As long as the war and the repression continued, people, who were being pushed to their limits, would rise up, and that would include those who turned their backs on the Imperial Family.

The only people left for Rudolf to rule were the rats he would punish, and the men that already succumbed to fear.

The great end hadn’t come yet, but the great Baroque Empire, which stood for hundreds of years, was already crumbling like a sandcastle.