Emperor of Steel

Chapter 620 - Transformation of Libiya Kingdom 3

The change in the movement of the Libiya Kingdom was known all over the continent.

The most flustered ones were the Volga Republic.

It was decided that they would invade the Baroque Empire along with the Libiya Kingdom, however, Shaikan seemed to have changed his plans.

They at least hoped that Shaikan would continue to support the peasant rebellion, but even took his hands out from it.

“Ahh! This is why the Baroque Imperial family should never be believed!”

President Vladimir Rekov burst into anger.

And with the Libiya Kingdom withdrawing their support, the activities of the peasant rebels were diminished greatly.

“Sire, now that this has happened, we need to get out of there.”

“That isn’t possible. The peasant rebels are like the shackles who will hold down Rudolf. We shouldn’t step back because the Libiya kingdom withdrew their support.”

Officials were split on the matter.

The one side of Volga Republic said that the burden was too large for their nation and if it backfired, then it would be scary.

The president wanted to continue the support of the peasant rebels.

In addition to them being the shackles which held Rudolf, there was another idea.

“Why did we build this nation? Why did we drive out the kings and the unclean nobles and set up a republican form of ruling which every other nation is scared of? Wasn’t it all to save the people who were being persecuted and create a land where dignified ideals could be achieved?”

Everyone nodded at their president’s words.

Although there was a status quo.

The nobles in the Volga Republic didn’t get the chance to step up to any other titles than the ones they possessed.

They didn’t have a chance to rise, but there were a few guarantees given to them.

“Turning our backs when they are all having a hard time. How would the people in the Baroque Imperial see us? Seeing us as the nobles, as the monarchs, they would think we abandoned them after using them. And if that happens, the flames of republican revolution wouldn’t spread anymore.”

President Vladimir’s words had great power.

He questioned about the spirit of revolution, and there was no one who had the courage to refute it.

Everyone in the room had all participated and worked through the republican revolution.

However, reality was a problem.

The finance minister, who was the most sensitive one regarding the problem opened his mouth.

“Sire, I apologize, but revolution costs a lot of money. Don’t forget that when we were in trouble, Bratt and the other fairies were the ones who supported us.”

“That isn’t something I can never forget. I have no intention of ignoring reality.”


“We need to find a new partner. There will be some nations who don’t like the stability of the Baroque Empire.”

At the words of the president, the foreign minister quickly found the candidate.

“Let’s have a meeting with the Symphonia Kingdom.”

The Treaty and Alliance with the Symphonia Kingdom during the days of Milton was kept secret.

Moreover, the King of Symphonia Kingdom, Luke de Rakan, was a man who had a huge dislike for the Baroque Imperial family.

So they expected help from Symphonia Kingdom.

However, with a magic communication, their expectations were missed.

“Sire, we received an answer that it would be difficult for the Symphonia Kingdom to take our side.”

“And the reason for it?”

“it was said that the damage they received during the last attack of the warlocks hasn’t completely recovered yet. Moreover, they are in a situation where they are trying to manage the warlocks…”

“Well, this means they are tied too?”

President Vladimir nodded his heads as he was convinced, but there was one thing he didn’t know.

It was Luke’s expedition to the Southern Continent.

In a situation where the King was absent, the retainers of the Symphonia Kingdom couldn’t take any actions.

However, if they let others know about the absence of their king, the enemies might try to attack the Kingdom.

“If Symphonia can’t help us, then the…”

“There is the Holy Arthenia Empire. The one right next to the Baroque Empire.”

At the words of the foreign minister, the president sighed.

“I know that, but… it is princess Reina. Well, will Pope Veronica accept our request?”

It was princess Reina, whom the Republicans had driven out of the nation, even though she was admired by the people.

They knew that she had no bad feelings against the Volga Republic, but they wondered if she would accept any request which would do a favor for the republicans.

In addition, there were rumors that the old retainers and supporters of the royal family of Volga, like Victor, who was the Volga Guard Knight, and Belik, the Firestorm were around the Pope.

“If they are around her, there would be a lot of people opposing it. No, Belik would come to Volga right away screaming to cut off Duke Dimitry’s neck.”

During the revolution, it was Duke Dimitry who fought the most against Belik.

And Belik was someone who held a grudge.

Because of the betrayal of Dimitry, who supported the republican revolution, Belik had lost his family, his nation and his fellow knights.

“But there is justification for the Holy Empire too.”

At the words of the foreign minister, the president’s eyes shone.


“Yes, didn’t the mad Rudolph rob the graves of the ancestors to gain riches? It was said that a few sanctuaries have seen blood because of it.”

Tombs of royal families and noble families were maintained by the sanctuaries.

The tombs of the Baroque Imperial family were maintained by the El Kassel denomination and several other denominations.

Emperor Rudolf’s knights didn’t just rob the sanctuaries, but also robbed the treasures and the offerings given to the god after killing the priests.

“This fact alone is enough to infuriate the Holy Empire. Moreover, such kind of robbery is a crime and strictly prohibited in their denomination.”

“Right! Let’s use that cause to instigate the Holy Empire. It would be okay to send our spies and sway the public opinion.”

“Yes, sire! I will send them the commands right away!”

The priest in the room bowed his head at the order of the president.

The door to the conference room opened, and a messenger hurried in.

“Sire! Viscount Rajat has sent a request to surrender to this nation.”


Viscount Rajat’s estate was one of the places closest to the Volga Republic and was located to the north of Irtis river, Vladimir had signed the agreement with Shaikan regarding this very estate.

Located at the basin and surrounded by mountains, the estate had huge farmlands, silver mines and copper mines, which was the highest income gaining estates in the north.

“It was said that, with the wealth that they possess, they are scared of getting attacked by the Emperor.”

“That is crazy. They are trying to rob the estates which are supposed to be protected?”

President Vladimir laughed at the report and soon turned suspicious.

“Is that really trustable or some kind of a scheme to destroy our army…?”

“We can trust it. The Ministry of Information said that the public sentiment of Viscount Rajat wasn’t that great, and the manor just confirmed it.”

“Then we need to quickly move.”

It wasn’t just about the wealth Viscount Rajat had, but also the military stance.

However, the place would be tough to take over.

It was because of the fortified and triple-layered walls around it, and the area around the estate was full of rugged mountains.

Volga had tried to invade Rajat a few years ago but gave up when they couldn’t move any further.

However, if they could manage to get Rajat into their hands, occupying the Northern Baroque would turn a lot easy than planned.

“The problem is. We are already targeting the borders of other estates and we don’t have enough troops to send to Rajat as we are supporting the peasant rebels in the Baroque Empire.”

Currently, all of the Volga Republic forces were invading the Baroque Empire.

Although the Libiya Kingdom and the rebels have slowed their actions, Volga has sent troops to fill in the gap, and it was clear that Volga didn’t have anymore spare troops.

“Then send the Crimson Knights and the Capital National Guards.”

“Eh? You want the Crimson Knights and the Capital National Guards?”

At the president’s words, everyone in the room was shocked.

Duke Dimitry strongly opposed it.

“Sire! The Crimson Knights are your newly formed knights, and the Capital National Guards are the last troops the nation had for protection.”

If the two forces were placed and the take over fails, the foundation of the Republic would be shaken.

President Vladimir understood the concerns of Dimitry.

“But if we don’t take advantage of his opportunity, we might regret not going for it.”

As Shaikan changed the policies, the alliance with Libiya was almost a lost cause for the Volga Republic.

Under such circumstances, they wanted to touch the Baroque Empire, rather, it was like their president couldn’t hold himself back.

He thought of it to be the chance to hit the Baroque Empire.

“Organize troops right away and send them to Rajat!”

“Understood, Sire!”

No one could speak back to the president who was stubborn.

Duke Dimitry immediately organized the reinforcements from the capital and led them directly to Rajat.