Chapter 62: Demon Sebastian 4


Kwang Kwang!

In the basement of the mountain range between the Nair river and the plains of northern Rakan.

Dozens of golems and hundreds of monsters were digging hard.

They were building the underground channels according to Luke’s directions.

The stone golems were punching down the hard rocks. The wood golems and the other monsters were using large shovels and sacks to carry the debris out.

‘Huhuhu! The people would probably be surprised if the underground waterway from the river gets dug like this, right?’

Luke was watching from behind and smiled.

He was going to draw the water and then say that he had found groundwater.

There was one reason for the effort and the excuse he was using.

If the water came up suddenly, people would surely think that it was strange.

The best way to spoof them was to show that water from the ground had naturally been found.

‘If I gain more power in the future, I can put the golems to work openly maybe?’

Luke had no plans to do things secretively like he was currently doing.

But since the trust that his retainers had on him was weak, he didn’t want to reveal his strength.

Whatever was the situation, Luke was trying to solve the water problem, which had been the biggest obstacle for the land, he left the golems and the monsters to work and went to the corner of the mountain.

He looked around to see if anyone was around there and then began to draw a series of magic circles on the ground.

‘Since I have some strength, I can start a new practice.’

New practice.

The same kind of practice that he had done in his days as a warlock.

Summon demons, fight demons and take away the powers of the demons.

He decided to start practicing because he had to build up a little more power for the upcoming war.

“I’ll create a magic circle for summoning and then…”

Luke did dark magic using the sword that was dangling on his waist. He squeezed his hand until his blood flowed out of it.

Normally warlocks use beasts or other humans’ blood to perform a summoning, but Luke and the other warlocks who did Darkness didn’t opt for that.

Luke thought that it was morally wrong to sacrifice another being for their own strength.

‘A wizard’s blood has to be there as an offering when summoning. Sufficient spirit needs to be instilled with mana and Magi.’

Demons normally like blood and one’s spirit.

When Luke’s blood dropped on the Demon Summoning Circle, the glimmering light from the circle began to react almost immediately.


Once the magic circle disappeared, a dark subspace opened. An ugly demon with a thick muscular body and a huge horn protruding from its head was standing there.

“Kukuk, human! What is it that you want? Whatever is it that you want, you need to give me your soul for it!”

The Demon Volk spoke with a lot of pride to Luke who seemed like a warlock.

Normally, the warlocks fall on to the floor trembling. However, the human in front of him was different.

“What do I want, huh? I want the abilities that you have and your Magi.”


At that very moment, Volk had a ridiculous look on his face.

What on earth was the man even thinking asking a demon its abilities and Magic when the demon did nothing wrong?

As he was still confused at what he had been asked, Luke began to show his skill.



Luke used lightning magic, and the Demon Volk screamed out of pain.

“This… this warlock would be too cold for me to even eat!”

With anger clearly showing on his face, he hurried over to Luke with arms wide open.

Puong! Pung!

The demon’s clenched fists cracked the floor causing the floor to burst out.

Luke had avoided the attack from the demon and with one hand he used magic and his sword in the other.

‘Kaaak! What is this guy?’

As his attack failed, Volk became frustrated.

His attacks were so good that he was even praised by Experts back where he came from, but the warlock in front of him had escaped his attack.

In addition, Luke was using magic as well as a sword to attack him—a demon.

“Who… who the hell are you?”

Volk asked Luke to identify himself, and Luke responded.

“Me? I don’t know if you have ever heard about me before, but I am Saymon, who had summoned demons 500 years ago.”

“Say, Saymon!”

Volk immediately remembered the rumors that he heard in the Devildom long ago.

Occasionally, the summons to the land increased and the higher demons liked it.

It was because they could enjoy killing and destroying lands.

The problem was that none of the higher demons who had gone to the human world had ever made it back alive.

The demons were all later shocked by the fact that they were summoned by a warlock.

“There is a human warlock who hunts demons and their Magi! If he summons you, don’t respond!”

And after some time, they finally knew who this warlock was.

It was the Warlock Saymon!

“Ha, but you don’t look like a man who is over 500 years old?”

“Kekeke, I had a situation and changed my body. Now, should we talk about your ability and Magi?”

Luke, who thought that his opponent was weak, began to cast Black Bind to absorb his opponent’s Magi.


Volk tried to avoid it.

However, he had spent too much time fighting Luke, and eventually got caught in the vines which came from the ground.

“Ah, no! this is like violating the Summoning Principles between demons and warlocks…”

Fluttering and staggering, Volk soon gave up and his Magi and abilities were taken by Luke.

“Phew, it isn’t easy to deal with lower demons.”

Luke wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

He unilaterally squeezed Volk but learned that the 5 and 6 magic circle didn’t run as smoothly as he expected.

“Well, the more I use it, the better it might get.”

Thinking, he closed his eyes and looked at Volk’s abilities.

“Let’s see…”

Normally, apart from the Magi, the demons had good abilities that could be used.

Luke analyzed the Magi that he had absorbed and interpreted the magic ability within it as a magic formula and imprinted it on his brain.

Once he was done interpreting and imprinting the Magi, his body responded to the Magi.


As his whole body started to overflow with power, his clothes became tighter.

At the same time, the force began to increase three times as the original one. His skin was becoming tougher and hard enough to even bounce off a knife.

“The ‘Build-up’ ability used to strengthen one’s body. As a lower-level combat demon, I have no choice but to be satisfied.”

Compared to the higher demons whom he had beaten in the past, the young Luke didn’t seem to be troubled with his first catch.

If the ability could be used well, it would be very useful, and for a guy who had the desire to gain strength as he had none, it was everything.

“Well, if I need other abilities, I can always summon other demons.”

Luke supervised the construction of the groundwater and returned back to the manor.