Emperor of Steel

Chapter 619 - Transformation of Libiya Kingdom 2

Da-dak! Da-dak!

Except for a few magic lights lit for security reasons, the palace was immersed in deep darkness.

The carriage of princess Margareta stopped in front of the palace.

She headed right for the King’s office, which was guided by the guard knight.

She knew where the office was, but Margareta decided to move slowly.

At the end of the night, she was going to be the winner.

The guard knight, who stopped at the door, looked back and spoke.

“You can go in. I was ordered only to bring you here.”

‘Hohoho. Seeing the guards being asked to stay behind the door, I guess my spell really did work on him.’

With a small smile, Margareta opened the door and entered the office.


Shaikan was seated behind the mahogany desk.

She politely greeted the King and asked.

“Your Majesty, you called for me?”

“Sit down first.”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

Margareta approached the chair Shaikan pointed to and sat down.

Of course, she didn’t forget to reveal her white thighs through the slits in the dress.

Noticing her thighs, Shaikan just looked back at her face and said.

“There was a reason why I had to call you here, in such a late night.”

“A reason to call for me?”

Margareta thought that her magic was working on Shaikan’s heart, and she was close to achieving her dream.

His eyes seemed like they were glowing with lust under the magic light.

However, she pretended not to notice his desire.

Because she thought that playing with a man’s heart only made Shaikan want her more.

Shaikan gulped and spoke.

“I want you to be a faithful person to me.”

“Huhuhu. Even now, I am being a faithful person to you, aren’t I?”

Margareta laughed while covering her mouth with the back of her hand.

‘Hehehe. The look in his eye and his body seems so sweet. Now, only if I pretend not to understand what he is saying…’

When she was thinking of a plan to trick him.


Shaikan approached Margareta and took her hand, and pulled her into a hug.

“Ah wait, Your Majesty… you are being too rough…!”

The moment when Margareta was trying to show off her charms, a red flash appeared in the eyes of Shaikan.

With strange magic patterns forming on the pupil, each time a circle added in his eyes, Margareta could feel the mana in her body get sucked out and her mind felt lost.

‘Wh-what is this? This is dangerous!’

The moment she was about to lose consciousness, Margareta sensed she would be in trouble and pushed herself out of Shaikan’s arms.

“Yo-Your Majesty! What was that magic just now?”

The voice of Margareta was filled with doubt and caution.

It was because the magic she witnessed Shaikan perform was powerful and weird when compared to the delusion magic she was learning.

And if it was something she couldn’t understand, it could be the dark magic which was forbidden on the continent, however, she couldn’t understand why Shaikan would be learning it.

“What did you even do to me? If this fact gets known to the continent….”

Clap clap!

Unconcerned about Margareta’s words, Shaikan clapped his hands.

Among those who appeared in the office were Duke Butler, Mitchel, and Wiens.

“W-why are you all here…?”

Margareta couldn’t understand what was happening.

It was a huge doubt for her why those men were asked to stay at the royal palace in such late hours, and more suspicious that they came into the room when she was supposed to be with the King all alone.

Something wrong must have happened.

The moment she took a step back, Shaikan, with a sly smile on his face, spoke to the men.

“Stop the bitch from running away.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The three men ran towards the entrance of the office and the window, almost like the military dogs, and blocked all escape routes.

“Move! I am asking you to step back!”

Margareta, who was late in escaping, cast delusion magic on Duke Butler who was stopping her escape.

However, Duke Butler didn’t move.

“Sorry, but your magic doesn’t work on them.”

At Shaikan’s words from behind, Margareta began to feel scared.

“What on earth is happening here? Why did you have to touch the forbidden dark magic even after holding the great power of the God Dragon?!”

“Like you, I want to get the entire nation into my hands.”

“Huh? what is that…?”

Margareta shook her head as if she didn’t understand, but Shaikan had no intention of breaking down the information for her.

He reached out his right hand towards Margareta and began to memorize the spell.

“Dark Attract!”

As the words ended, Margareta’s body dragged away only to get caught in the hands of Shaikan.

“Kuek! Why are you doing this, Your Majesty? Your Majesty, this is already your own nation!”

“Kuaah! You don’t need to think about anything. I need you to give me the mana in your body and then turn into my faithful servant.”


What was Shaikan even talking about?

Confused, Margareta could feel the huge amount of magic in Shaikan’s body, Magi which she was unable to detect.

It wasn’t the level of magic that could be accumulated over a short period of learning the Magi.

Which made her realize one thing.

“Yo-you aren’t Shaikan!”

The opponent clearly had the same face and body as Shaikan.

However, even after awakening the power of the Dragonian, Shaikan was never able to become a wizard.

And becoming a warlock was much farther away.

And he didn’t use any magic, but the man in front of Margareta possessed a terrifying amount of Magi which could turn her dead in a matter of seconds.

“Kukuku. Now, do you understand reality? But it is too late now, way too late. All that is left is to make you into my faithful servant.”

Shaikan, who laughed wickedly, well, Arsene, activated the brainwash magic.

“Kyahhh! Ack! Ughhhhh!”

Margareta screamed on top of her lungs with the pain of her mind melting away.

In order to counter Shaikan’s brainwashing magic, she began to memorize spells and magic, but she wasn’t able to overpower Arsene’s magic.

Arsene’s brainwashing magic was based on the 9th magic circle.

And just a moment back, the mana in her body was taken away, a part of Margareta’s soul was absorbed by Arsene.

The moment the soul gets taken away, the brainwashing magic turned complete.

As soon as he let go of her neck, Margareta fell to the floor.

Arsene smiled and spoke.


“Yes, my master!”

Margareta had a hazy look in her eyes.

“I tried to pull out all the mana in your body, but I think that you might be quite useful to me, so I left a little inside your body. Do you resent me?”

“No, master. I would never think that.”

“Kuekk. If you are serious, then bend down like a dog and lick my shoes.”

At Arsene’s orders, Margareta began to lick his shoes without any hesitation.

If she said anything about her being the princess of a nation, Arsene would have surely killed her.

“You seem to be brainwashed well. There will be more guests in a while, so go back and wait with the other men till then.”

“Yes, master.”

At Arsene’s instructions, Margareta went back into the office with the other three men.

“Kuakk! Kuaakkkk!”

Looking up at the ceiling, Arsene burst out laughing like a maniac.

Arsene had taken over the body of Shaikan over a month back.

It took him about two weeks’ time to completely drive out the soul of Shaikan and take over his body.

Arsene took over everything with his Magi, including Shakan’s Dragonian powers—the aura.

Of course, to learn the swordsmanship which Shaikan had, that was going to take a lot more time and so would understanding the Dragonian power and its potential.

However, even at his current level of control over the body, Arsene would have no problem controlling the Libiya Kingdom.

Once he managed to gain control over the body, he focused on brainwashing the main aspects of the Kingdom, changing the direction of the state affairs to his own liking.

It was his intention to call for the warlocks of the Veritas Magic Tower after brainwashing the main officials in the Kingdom and then take control of it.

His first target were the cousins of Shaikan, Mitchel and Wiens.

As an excuse for a private meeting, he brainwashed them by calling them to the royal palace.

The second was Duke Butler, who wasn’t an easy subject.

As he was someone with the power and level of a Sword Sage, the brainwashing magic wasn’t that effective.

Because of that, the brainwashing turned into a failure and Butler went wild.

However, Arsene was quite a warlock.

With Black Bind, he pulled out Butler’s aura, and then eventually, when it felt like Butler had been robbed of enough power, he then succeeded in brainwashing him the second time.

After a while, only a few more people including Count Felipe had to be taken down, and then the Libiya Kingdom would be in his hands.

‘Kakakakak! I should have done this from the beginning! Then it would have been very easy to manage the Tower and rely on the wizards!’

Arsene regretted having to work in secret for the past 500 years.

He thought that controlling the nation by himself would be cumbersome, so he had been manipulating the nation by staying behind the scene.

However, now that he had taken power, it didn’t seem like it was too bad.

He thought that having taken control of the nation, whether an Empire or a Kingdom, would have helped his plan on world domination.

‘Maybe it is because of having a strong body under me. Otherwise, it might be because I lost and gained more power.’

Perhaps, the second one was right.

Before that, for hundreds of years, he never thought that he had changed.

“Huh! that Luke, he managed to remind me of some good things. Just wait for a little while. I will pay off my debt along with the interest!”

Arsene, looked over at the side of Symphonia Kingdom, pledging his desire to take Luke down while grinding his teeth.