Emperor of Steel

Chapter 618 - Transformation of Libiya Kingdom 1

Late at night.

Margareta, who was in charge of the diplomatic matters of the Libiya Kingdom, was unable to sleep.

It wasn’t because of the work given to her, nor the pleasures she had while having the lords and knights under her feet.

Going back and forth in her room, she was stuck in her own mind.

“Something seems weird.”

King Shaikan’s actions had changed.

A few days back, he was a king who was devoted to strengthening the military of his Kingdom as if he was planning to conquer not just the Baroque Empire but the entire Rhodesia Continent.

However, for some reason, the policies changed.

They focused on defending their borders by defeating the troops that invaded from Baroque.

And instead of reducing the number of troops, he was investing a lot in magic.

In addition, efforts were being made to increase foreign trade.

“Magic engineering is an industry for the future. And if the nation’s people are strong, the military power will grow by itself.”

Saying that, Shaikan began to devote himself to a lot of practice by staying in the training room of the royal palace, while he devoted himself to the internal affairs.

At first, the retainers were puzzled, but, they didn’t have the confidence to question their king.

It was because, ever since the founding of the nation until the current day, they had been engrossed a lot in the war.

As a result, public sentiment agitated and dissatisfaction began to sprout among the nobles too.

However, the king decided to take a break and let everyone catch their breath.

‘But there are people who oppose it.’

They were Mitchel and Wiens, as well as Count Ebra, Shaikan’s mother’s side’s retainers.

They argued that the Baroque Empire was suffering from financial difficulties to the extent that Emperor Rudolf had decided to dig the tombs of the ancestors to obtain wealth, and they insisted that it was the opportunity, which shouldn’t be left behind.

Even the military leaders such as Duke Butler agreed to their words.

However, Mitchel and Wiens, who were so persistent of going to war, suddenly withdrew their words a few days later.

After being called over by Shaikan, every time they were asked for their opinion on any matters, they would replay with formal words such as ‘we accept Your Majesty’s decision.’

And Duke Butler was no exception.

After having a person meet with Shaikan, he too began to withdraw his words and so did the military people who were below him.

Everyone had questions regarding it.

However, they came to the conclusion that Shaikan, who had a daunting personality and the power of the Dragons, might have influenced the retainers through persuading them.

Princess Margareta was the only one who didn’t think so.

“From what I know, this seems very much like Brainwashing magic…”

As a descendant of the Arachne Magic Tower, she knew when the opponent was using such magic.

As a result, she couldn’t help but fall into doubt when the attitude of the people changed overnight.

‘But His Majesty is a typical man. Even if he knew of such means, he would never resort to using them…?’

The usual Shaikan would have destroyed his opponent’s opinion by releasing his enormous energy in the throne room itself without any one-on-one meets.

It was something she knew as a fact as she had always been closely moving around Shaikan.

And, even if no one was aware, to brainwash someone like Duke Butler, who was at the level of a Sword Sage, one should have a great mastery of Mental magic.

One should at least be more than a 7th circle.

However, if anyone in the royal palace had such skills, Margareta would have been the first to know.

Anyway, the king’s behavior was what caused her doubts, but she couldn’t draw any definite conclusion.

‘I don’t know what happened, but maybe something changed in his heart… Maybe if I ask for a change in the position of my title, maybe my magic will work on him as there seems to be a change in him.’

Margareta’s sole ambition from the beginning was to dominate the Libiya Kingdom.

With her dazzling beauty and the magic of Arachne Magic Tower, she managed to wrap countless nobles and lords with her hands.

Although she had the nobles under her, it was impossible for her to control the kingdom.

King Shaikan had always been an overwhelming opponent for her.

When she wasn’t able to use her power, she tried to seduce them with magic, not knowing the power of Dragon’s blood in Shaikan.

And the result wasn’t so good.

It brought on the wrath of the king himself, and she almost lost her life in his hands.

‘Even now, thinking about it… I feel like I could die at any moment.’

Even though she lost all the trust she built up, Margareta didn’t give up.

Rather, her eyes found the opportunity.

‘Delusion magic would work if a gap got created in one’s heart, and then it will begin to work.’

Let it be a knight, priest, or wizard, there was no person, who was perfect enough to not be corrupted.

Even if the magic’s effect wouldn’t appear right away, it would work over time.

‘There is nothing that can’t be obtained. No matter how great the Dragon’s power is…’

Knock. Knock.

When Margareta was strengthening her will, she heard a knock on the door.

“What is it?”

The maid, who knocked on the door, entered the room and answered Margareta’s question.

“A guard from the royal palace has come and said there was an urgent message.”

“Urgent message? At this time?”

Margareta was puzzled, yet she went to the guard, who was waiting in the lobby.

The guard greeted her and told her the reason for his visit.

“What? His Majesty has asked for me?”

“Yes. He insisted on it.”

The confusion on Margareta’s face soon turned into desire.

‘He is calling me this late at night? Oh! Huhuhu! The magic I used the other day must be taking effect!’

She was wondering if it was a failure, but the effect just happened a little late.

She thought that maybe her magic managed to change the heart of the king.

‘I shouldn’t be wasting time thinking about it. I need to make use of this opportunity well…!’

Hurriedly, Margareta put on her makeup with a somewhat revealing dress and headed for the royal palace in her carriage.